Super Gene - Chapter 423: Black Crystal

Chapter 423: Black Crystal

Chapter 423: Black Crystal

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Han Sen was dumbstruck by the two words "king spirit." There were many evolvers among humans. In fact, the majority of humans were evolvers. Unevolved persons were usually between sixteen and thirty years old, while the majority of humans between 20 to 300 years old were evolvers. Most people would stay in this status their whole life, and only a few could become surpa.s.ser.

It was not because average evolvers could not gain 100 geno points, but because Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary was too dangerous. If one’s fitness index was too low, it was very likely for one to die in Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

There had been so many lessons that most people would rather stay in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary all their life, which made evolvers the majority among human.

There were hundreds or even thousands of billions of revolvers. However, among all of them, including those who had evolved with their sacred geno points maxed out, Han Sen had never heard their gained body had a name.

An evolver with mutant geno points maxed out would gain a mutant body, while an evolver with sacred geno points maxed out would gain a sacred body. There was no other name to it.

However, after Han Sen super body, there was a name, which was "king spirit." The two words made Han Sen feel surprised and excited, not knowing what it meant.

He checked the introduction of super body "king spirit," which was so concise that it was just one sentence.

King spirit: king rules the world; all spirits shall bow.

The simple sentence suddenly made Han Sen change his look, because he thought of many things all of a sudden.

Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary was vastly different from the first. There were no natural human shelters for humans to rest inside. There was nothing around the teleport devices. Other than that, humans needed to fight on their own for everything.

Creatures in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary were more organized than in the first. And there were many spirit shelters ruled by spirits.

Spirits were different from creatures. Most of them looked similar to humans. They could be male or female, but their body was not made of flesh. Unless their spirit stones were destroyed, they were basically immortal.

As long as the spirit stones were there, a spirit could always be reborn in the spirit stone even if he or she was killed.

In addition, spirits had the ability to control creatures. As long as there was a spirit shelter, most of the creatures in the region would be attached to the spirit and form a creature troop.

Of course, advanced creatures would not be controlled by less advanced spirits. The status and ability of spirits determined their ability to control creatures.

Under the control of spirits, there had been many incidents of creatures attacking human shelters. If humans were not strong enough, it was normal for them to be killed in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

One must truly kill a spirit by going into the spirit shelter and crus.h.i.+ng the spirit stone. Of course, one could also take owners.h.i.+p of the spirit stone and gain the allegiance of spirits.

However, spirits rarely showed obedience to humans. The more advanced the spirits were, the harder it would be for humans to gain their allegiance. Most of the spirits would rather detonate their own spirit stones before they bowed to humans. Therefore, not a lot of people had spirits in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Spirits were different from beast souls. Beast souls were merely tools that needed to be controlled by humans. However, spirits had their own thoughts and intelligence and could fulfill tasks on their own. In addition, the spirits that had shown allegiance to humans would lose the ability to control creatures while gain the ability to use beast souls like humans. In addition, once the spirits swore allegiance, their life and death would be determined by their masters.

Many humans thought of the owners.h.i.+p of spirits something to brag about and something to symbolize their social status. If the "spirit" in "king spirit" referred to the same spirit, did it mean Han Sen could ask any spirit to give him allegiance? That would be an incredible ability.

However, it was just Han Sen’s own guess. He still had no idea whether it was true. He had to find out when he went to Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary and saw a spirit.

Although Han Sen was happy, he was not too excited because he was still worried about the black crystal.

Han Sen wanted to teleport to the Alliance right away to test his current fitness. However, before solving the issue of the black crystal, he could not go out yet.

After leaving the evolution pool, Han Sen felt the air seemed to have become heavy. The impurities started to enter his body like dusts.

Han Sen suddenly understood why evolvers could not stay in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary for long. After the evolution, one’s body became so pure like spring water. The longer an evolver stayed in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, the more impurities would enter his body, making his body more and more dirty.

If the impurities were a small amount, his body could reject them. However, if an evolver stayed too long, his pure body could never be recovered.

Han Sen was unwilling to stay in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary for too long. He had finished all the business he should attend to. At this point, he had only one last thing to do.

After returning to his room, Han Sen held the black crystal in his hand. After long while, he gritted his teeth and put the black crystal into his mouth.

Han Sen was standing in the teleport device. Once anything happened, he would teleport immediately back to the Alliance. Since Qin Xuan was the stationmaster of the teleport station, he would seek her help immediately. There was a medical team in the teleport station who might be able to save him.

Of course, that was the worst-case scenario. Even if someone found out about the black crystal, it would still be better than death.

However, the scenarios Han Sen was imagining did not happened. He swallowed the black crystal as if he had swallowed an ordinary stone, feeding nothing.

There was no heat or coolness or swelling. It was almost like the black crystal had no use at all.

Han Sen did not dare to be careless. There were many radioactive minerals in the universe that might affect the functions of one’s body in the long run. One might get severely sick or even die.

Han Sen took a deep breath and looked around in the room. Making sure that he had nothing left except for Zero, Han Sen smiled to Zero who was regarding him with wide eyes and teleported out of Steel Armor Shelter.

Zero followed Han Sen out, but Han Sen paid her no mind. He ran to the self-service scanner at the teleport station, swipe the card for a scan, and then scanned his own body.

After seeing the holographic image in the scanner, Han Sen was dazed. He scanned a couple times more and the result was the same. There was no black crystal in his body.

"Maybe I still failed to bring the black crystal with me?" Han Sen became extremely disappointed. In the past, many people teleported immediately after swallowing the meat of an entire creature, wis.h.i.+ng to bring the meat to the Alliance. However, although they were teleported back to the Alliance, the undigested meat was still left in the shelter. Han Sen thought the black crystal was also left in his own room at Steel Armor Shelter.

However, Han Sen immediately felt something was wrong. He had been paying attention to his own body and did not look at his mind. Feeling disappointed, he no longer paid special attention to his body and felt something unusual in his mind.