Super Gene - Chapter 422: Evolution

Chapter 422: Evolution

Chapter 422: Evolution

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If Han Sen could not take the black crystal out, then the black crystal could only be kept in his room in Steel Armor Shelter.

However, after Han Sen evolved, once he teleported out of G.o.d’s Sanctuary, he would appear in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary the next time he teleported back. In other words, First G.o.d’s Sanctuary would have nothing to do with him, and the room at Steel Armor Shelter would no longer belong to him.

There was no way Han Sen would let go of such a treasure. Watching the archer crow that had just became a sacred-blood creature, Han Sen kept thinking.

If he were to take away the black crystal, Han Sen could only think of one possibility, which was to swallow it, like eating the meat or life essence.

Although he might not succeed, that was the only way left.

However, Han Sen was not sure whether the black crystal would harm his body after he swallowed it. Although it was beneficial to creatures, it did not mean it was the same case for humans.

The plants in G.o.d’s Sanctuary were the same way. Eating those plants might be helpful to super creatures like the turtle, but it might have strong side effects on humans. If one were to try the plants out, one would very likely die from them. Even if something was not harmful in the first place, there could be too much of a good thing.

The black crystal could make a super creature easily, which meant it had immense energy inside. Han Sen’s body was not strong enough at the moment, so if the energy of the black crystal exploded after he swallowed it, maybe he would die as well.

It was impossible for him to give it up, while the only possible method was very risky. Even Han Sen was usually quite decisive, he became hesitant this time.

Han Sen looked at the archer crow. There was no need for him to wait for the bird to evolve into a super creature anymore. It would be pointless for him to do that, and he did not have time for waiting either.

Han Sen killed the sacred-blood archer crow and cooked it. After eating the creature, he had filled up the last three sacred geno points, maxing out on his sacred geno points as well.

Ordinary, primitive, mutant, sacred-blood, super, all five types of geno points were eventually maxed out. He might be the first person in human history who had maxed out on all the geno points for real.

Han Sen could clearly feel the immense power in his body. He was certain that all aspects of his fitness were over thirty. Once he evolved in the evolution pool, his fitness would have another leap.

"Should I eat it or not?" Han Sen took the black crystal in his hand, unable to decide.

After a long while, Han Sen still put the black crystal away. Even if he were to eat it, he would do that after he revolved. At least he would be much stronger and more capable to cope with any accident.

There was a detailed description of evolution process on the Skynet. The process itself was basically risk-free, so Han Sen was not really worried. He wanted to finish evolution before registering at Daphne so that he could become a sacred-blood aristocrat in the Alliance immediately, which would give him a lot of benefits the commoners did not have.

These days, Han Sen had been searching for more information about Shura on the Skynet. According to the research in the Alliance, it was not only difficult for Shura to survive in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, they could not gain geno points like human either. Even after eating the meat of creatures, their bodies would not become stronger like human.

In addition, Shura could not use a beast soul either.

If Shura wanted to enhance their fitness, they could only do so by practicing Shura martial art, and there was no other way. However, human could use G.o.d’s Sanctuary to improve their genes.

In that aspect, Zero was similar to Shura because she had no interest in life essence.

However, judging by Zero’s appearance, she was 100% human. Han Sen regarded her and could not see Shura in her.

"Forget about it. After I enter Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, I will no longer see her, so whatever." Han Sen walked out of his room and entered the Evolution Palace in Steel Armor Shelter.

In the Evolution Palace that looked like an ancient temple, there was a deep rectangular pond located in the center of the palace. A mysterious statue of beast head was guarding the pool from each corner, spouting liquid that was almost transparent from their mouths.

Without hesitation, Han Sen took off all of his clothes off and walked into the pool, immersing his body in the lukewarm liquid in the evolution pool.

In the liquid, Han Sen felt he had become an embryo. He felt like an unborn baby, all of his body cells developing joyfully, bringing him to a rebirth.

The feeling was hard to describe. There was no heat or coldness, and no stimulations. The growth was so natural that it felt a part of his own growth. It felt like p.u.b.erty again, but it was not a real p.u.b.erty.

The growth was inside out. In the liquid, he did not feel suffocated at all, but extremely comfortable.

The newborn strength grew in his muscles, bones, veins, and cells, making him feel like he could destroy the whole world with just one punch.

Han Sen understood that it was a hallucination brought by the rapid growth of strength. However, the feeling was fascinating.

All of his spores were open. The waste and dirt seemed to have left his body, making Han Sen feel more and more light and relaxed.

The impurities of his body fell deep down the pool. Han Sen felt like he was a sacred soul that had reborn with all his sins purified.

The feeling was so wonderful that Han Sen almost moaned out loud.

No wonder so many people are pursuing evolution of the body. The feeling of evolution is magnificent. It is almost like a rebirth, making the old body s.h.i.+ne with youth again. Han Sen thought.

However, he knew it was not finished yet. He had to wait until he heard the voice, which would tell him this evolution was successful.

In addition, Han Sen wanted to enjoy this fantastic feeling for a while longer. It was as good as having s.e.x with the woman he loved, but it was a completely different feeling.

It was more like a person who had been sick for a long time was suddenly cured. All the pains and sickness went away in a moment. The cleanse was so thorough that one might even cry.

Han Sen did not cry, but he totally enjoyed it.

"Evolution successful. Status of evolver gained. 100 years added to lifespan. Super body king spirit gained."

Han Sen:

Super body — king spirit

Status: evolver

Lifespan: 300

Requirement for next revolution: 100 geno points

Geno points gained: 0