Super Gene - Chapter 418: Tattoo

Chapter 418: Tattoo

Chapter 418: Tattoo

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In his room at Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen felt a strong headache as he looked at Zero who was sitting opposite him.

Back to the day when they were in the cave, Zero insisted on following him in silence. She would walk as Han Sen did and stop when he stopped. When Han Sen could something, she would eat it without apologies. When Han Sen asked her something, she would just nod or shake her head.

Han Sen fished no information out of her and had to accept this tail.

Han Sen even tried to run away on the back of the golden growler during the middle of the night while she was sleeping. However, after riding the golden growler nonstop for more than half a day, as he started to cook lunch, Zero was already waiting next to his pot with her eyes wide.

Han Sen had thought of all kinds of methods, trying to get rid of her. In his eyes, she was a huge time bomb, which he could not keep around himself. However, after using all he got, he failed to lose her.

The only possible way to get rid of her must be violence. However, thinking of the way she left a hole in the super pet armor and golden rock worm king, Han Sen dismissed the idea immediately.

Han Sen took Zero back to the shelter. His original thought was to export the crisis. There were so many people in Steel Armor Shelter, so Zero might focus her attention on someone else and follow that person instead. He could maybe call the police for that person and let the Alliance step in.

However, Zero did not follow anyone else other than him. She would go wherever Han Sen went like a tag-along.

She did not seem to be completely dumb. At least when Han Sen went to the bathroom, Zero would not follow him.

In the end, Han Sen had to take her back to his room in Steel Armor Shelter and watch her with a headache.

He had found out nothing about her. Before leaving the cave, he had checked on Zero’s belongings, which were just ordinary man-made products. There was no way he could tell where she came from and why she would follow himself by examining those things.

"We are already in the shelter, so you can teleport back home yourself," Han Sen said to Zero helplessly. Zero looked back at Han Sen and blinked her dark eyes, "I’m hungry."

Han Sen couldn’t help holding his forehead, feeling like he had found himself a lot of trouble.

"Little sister, I’m telling you, I will evolve and leave First G.o.d’s Sanctuary very soon. Even if you stay here, it will not make a difference." Han Sen was telling the truth.

He was eating the life essence he picked up on the way back to the shelter. At this point, he had eighty-two super geno points and still had two and half crystals left. Once he finished everything, he should be maxing out on his super geno points.

Zero remained silent. Her eyes were as clear as spring water with no impurity. She gazed at Han Sen like that and repeated, "I’m hungry."

Han Sen felt like he was about to go mad, but he had to start cooking.

As they were eating, Han Sen asked Zero who was filling her mouth with food, "So, why did you choose to follow me?"

Surprisingly, Zero put down the bowl in her hand and stood up. Then Han Sen saw her unb.u.t.ton her blouse and pull it down.

"Don’t. I’m not that kind of person. You think you can tempt me with your beauty? I’m telling you there is no way you could achieve that. I am a…" Han Sen covered his eyes with both hands and said, while peeking through his fingers.

Zero had already pulled her blouse down. She was wearing nothing underneath. However, she had already turned her back to Han Sen. Han Sen suddenly widened his eyes.

On the gorgeous and flawless back of Zero, Han Sen saw a tattoo, a red tattoo.

The tattoo was the shape of a beast which looked like a cat or fox. As red as fire, the head and tail of the beast were connected into a circle. Han Sen was naturally familiar with this print.

The red pendant Han Sen had was exactly the same. Han Sen told him that the beast was called nine-life cat. The pendant used to belong to Han Jingzhi, who never went anywhere without it.

On the body of this weird girl, Han Sen saw this beast once again, which made him feel surprised.

Zero pulled her blouse back to cover her nude body up, walked to Han Sen, and reached her hand toward Han Sen’s chest.

"What are you doing?" Han Sen was startled, trying to jump back.

However, Zero was too fast. She immediately reached into Han Sen’s collar and pulled the nine-life cat pendant Han Sen was wearing. She then released it and stepped back, pointing at the pendant.

"You’re saying you followed me because of this pendant? What do you have to do with it?" Han Sen looked at Zero incredulously.

Zero did not talk to Han Sen again but sat back to eat, as if he had heard nothing.

Han Sen strongly suspected that Zero was not dumb at all. Han Sen had never managed to get any information that she did not want to share. Seeing Zero’s face, Han Sen did not even want to ask again.

"What is this about? Why would there be a nine-life cat on the back of Zero? Is that related to this pendant? What’s the relations.h.i.+p between her and Han Jingzhi?" Han Sen looked at the nine-life cat dependent with complex emotions.

However, Han Sen felt like there was no way for Zero to be connected to Han Jingzhi. Han Jingzhi was someone who lived centuries ago, while Zero was so young. The connection was simply impossible.

"Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Nine-life cat should not be anything unique to Han Jingzhi." Han Sen had to comfort himself.

"I’m leaving now. You can stay here or teleport back yourself." Han Sen used the teleport device in his room and teleported back to the teleport station.

He still had the memory card he gained from the cave in his pocket. Maybe he would know something after seeing what was inside.

Han Sen believed it would not be a coincidence for that alloy case to appear in the cave. Maybe there were some clues about Zero stored in the memory card.

Just when Han Sen walked out of the teleport device and tried to access the memory card with his comlink, he was suddenly appalled.

From the same teleport device, a beautiful girl who had a gorgeous face and long black hair walked out in ragged clothes. It was no other than Zero.

"Something is definitely wrong…" Han Sen gazed at Zero, feeling like he had seen a ghost.