Super Gene - Chapter 419: Firebird Again

Chapter 419: Firebird Again

Chapter 419: Firebird Again

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The rule about teleport was that you would go out through the same teleport device used to enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary, no matter where you had been in G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

If the teleport device was damaged, then the person would be teleported to a device nearby. The rule never changed. Han Sen did not believe there would be such a coincidence that Zero teleported into G.o.d’s Sanctuary via the exact same device as he did. It was simply unbelievable.

Han Sen thought he was able to get rid of her once he left G.o.d’s Sanctuary, but it seemed that she could follow him out as well, which made Han Sen frown.

This girl was a super timebomb, so Han Sen did not dare to take her home. However, if he claimed that she was Shura and turned her to the Alliance, judging by her look which was 100% human, the Alliance would only think Han Sen was mad or was trying to frame Zero.

Han Sen was dazed, staring at Zero. Then he suddenly had an idea and decided to turn back to the teleport station, going back to G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Standing in his room at Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen closely watched the teleport device in his room. Then, what he worried about the most happened.

With a whirl, Zero quickly appeared in the teleport device and came out as her beautiful self.

The teleport device in the room of a shelter normally could only be used by the owner of the room. If one did not have a room, one had to use the public teleport device on the Plaza. However, Zero was able to use the teleport device in Han Sen’s room and ended up in the same spot as he did. When he came back, she was still able to follow him back to his room.

"Dammit! Why is this happening?" Han Sen cursed inwardly. But there was nothing he could do about Zero. Han Sen teleported once again to the Alliance and was followed by Zero as expected. Although Han Sen knew this would happen, he still felt quite upset.

"It seems that I could only get rid of her as I evolve to Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary." Han Sen entered a lounge, trying to read the memory card via a comlink to get some useful information.

Very soon, Han Sen was disappointed. Although there was a lot of information stored in the memory card, it was mostly about how to manufacture geno solutions. There was hardly anything else than technological information.

Han Sen was not really interested in geno solutions. It was not his specialty, so he did not understand much of it.

He found no information on Zero and could not take her home, so Han Sen had to return to Steel Armor Shelter.

Han Sen decided to take Zero to hunt some creatures, since he still needed three more sacred geno points. With three more sacred geno points and the remaining crystals of life essence, Han Sen could probably evolve and become an evolver.

Han Sen wondered whether he had run out of his luck, or maybe it was because Zero was following him and brought him bad luck. For several days, Han Sen wandered around in Devil Desert, but found no sacred-blood creature at all.

After he finished eating the life essence, he eventually had ninety-nine super geno points, one point from maxing out. What back luck! However, Zero was following him quietly like a shadow. She did not speak or get in trouble at all. Even if Han Sen wanted to on scold her, he had nowhere to start.

In addition, with Zero’s physique, Han Sen did not there to p.i.s.s her off. Once she got mad, G.o.d knows what she would do.

Han Sen had to wander around in Devil Desert. It might be that his luck was finally here. Han Sen saw a mountain from afar which looked like a volcano covered with white snow on top. It was exactly the mountain where he had seen the phoenix-like creature.

Han Sen became overjoyed. As long as he killed the creature, he would be able to gain the last super geno point that he was missing and evolve. At that time, he could get rid of the horrendous timebomb, Zero.

The golden rock worm king and super pet armor were almost destroyed by Zero. Currently, they were restoring in Han Sen’s mind and could not be used in a short amount of time.

Han Sen quickly summoned the holy angel and sent her to probe on the mountain. Han Sen still had a lot of reservations about the firebird and did not want to take the risks himself.

The holy angel flapped her wings and went to the top of that mountain. She suddenly heard a shrill bird song from the mountaintop as she approached. The strange bird burning with golden and red flames came down from the mountain at the holy angel like a phoenix.

The long wavy hair of the holy angel was flowing in the wind. There was a grim look in her golden eyes. She flapped her wings and moved away from the incoming firebird.

The firebird tweeted and came after the holy angel. The girl and the bird started to fight in the air. The holy angel kept dodging the attacks from the firebird, unwilling to catch on the flames. On the other hand, the firebird was also being very cautious, unwilling to show any weakness in front of the holy angel.

Although the fight seemed to be rather fierce, the two did not exchange too many movements. Han Sen saw that even the holy angel was afraid of the flames of the firebird and did not dare to take the risks himself.

Han Sen had a fitness level even lower than a super creature. Since even the holy angel did not want to catch the flames, it would be even more dangerous for Han Sen. So, even if he were willing to go, he might not be of much help.

However, Han Sen was anxious seeing the holy angel and the firebird were pretty even. It seemed that it was hard for them to fight it out. They were both quite conservative and could not beat the opponent quickly.

However, Han Sen had no solutions to that. If the super pet armor had not been damaged by Zero, the holy angel could simply put on that armor, which might defend her from the flames of the firebird. The firebird might have been killed already if that was the case.

"Such bad luck." Han Sen shot a glance at Zero who was standing next to him and felt quite upset.

After seeing Zero, Han Sen’s eyes suddenly lit up. He thought, I wonder if he would help me if I ask her to kill the firebird. She is not interested in the life essence anyway, so I don’t need to worry about her keeping the life essence for herself.

"Ahem, Zero. Can you do me a favor?" Han Sen cleared his throat and asked.

Zero did not even look at Han Sen. She suddenly jumped up and reached the mountain in just a few moves. With a long jump, she reached out a hand and grabbed at the firebird that was fighting the holy angel.