Super Gene - Chapter 417: A Mentally Troubled Girl

Chapter 417: A Mentally Troubled Girl

Chapter 417: A Mentally Troubled Girl

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Han Sen was shocked and quickly stepped back. He was about to summon the holy angel and the golden rock worm king which was severely injured. Han Sen decided to buy himself some time. After all, nothing mattered more than his own life.

As Han Sen stepped back, the girl did not attack him, but stared at him with her big eyes. There was no hostility on her face.

Han Sen suddenly had a thought and did not summon the worm king and holy angel.

If this girl was trying to attack him, she should have done that a long time ago. However, she did not attack Han Sen who was the closest to her but hit golden rock worm king. That probably meant she had no intention to hit Han Sen.

Therefore, if Han Sen were to antagonize her with the worm king and holy angel, he would definitely be doomed.

Although Han Sen was having a thought like that, his eyes were fixed on the girl, still alarmed.

Although the girl did not look hostile, it was just the look. One could never predict another person's thought, not to mention how weird this girl was.

The girl did not lay a hand on Han Sen, but stared at him. It seemed that she was curious.

"Sister, my name is Han Sen. How shall I call you?" Han Sen asked with a forced smile, as he felt awkward but did not know what to say.

"Zero." Han Sen did not have much hope, but to his surprise, the girl answered him.

The voice of the girl had a pleasant tone. Han Sen was not sure if she was answering his question.

"Zero?" Han Sen asked her with doubt.

"Zero." The girl said and squatted down, writing "Zero" on the floor with her finger, which turned out to be standard Alliance language.

Seeing the word written by the girl, Han Sen felt more relaxed. The Alliance had fought Shura for many years, which was why human would learn Shura language and Shura culture.

Shura had also learned human language, but even ordinary Shura did not deign to use the language of human, let alone a Shura royalty.

The girl naturally used standard Alliance language, which made her more likely to be a human.

"Zero, this is your first name, right? What is your last name?" Han Sen asked.

"Just Zero," the girl said without explaining further. She was still staring at Han Sen as if there was something on his face.

Han Sen thought Zero did not seem to be too intelligent. He licked his lips and said with a fake smile, "We are friends, not enemies, right?"

"Friends, not enemies," Zero nodded and said.

Han Sen was overjoyed, spread his hands and said, "We are good friends, so we don't fight, right?"

"Good friends, no fight." Zero nodded again, agreeing with Han Sen.

Han Sen was even more pleased as he felt Zero was indeed a bit dumb, like a three-year-old.

"Did she hurt her brain when she bangs her head on the floor?" Han Sen was secretly happy. He walked two steps and pointed at the life essence on the floor, asking, "Tell me, can I take these?"

This time, Zero did not speak but nodded. Obviously, she had agreed.

Han Sen was on top of the world. Originally, he thought there would be no gain this time as both golden rock worm king and super pet armor were severely damaged, and it was still questionable whether he could survive. Life essence was out of the question.

However, things suddenly took a turn. He still had a chance to take away all the crystals of life essence, which was a great surprise to him.

"Can I really take these away?" Han Sen pointed at the life essence and then himself, confirming it with Zero again.

"Yes." Zero nodded heavily. She seemed to be quite serious.

"Thank you… You are such a good person…" Han Sen was eventually able to make sure that Zero was out of her mind. She must have hurt her brain just now. Otherwise, who would give life essence away?

Han Sen still felt a bit anxious. He tried to walk to a crystal of life essence, lifted it up and checked on Zero, who had sat down on the boulder nearby, resting her chin in her hands and watching Han Sen with great interest. It seemed that she did not want to fight at all.

"Since you gave it to me, I will eat it?" Han Sen reached out his tongue, pretending to be licking at the life essence.

Zero regarded him without speaking, her eyes smiling.

"I will begin then?" Han Sen licked the crystal. Zero was still smiling at him. It seemed that she was very happy.

Han Sen saw that Zero meant him no harm and was okay with him eating the life essence and started to lick faster.

Zero was still just watching, making Han Sen completely relaxed.

It seems that she's really hurt her brain. That's much easier. Han Sen no longer held back and started to lick away.

"Life essence of super creature crystal spirit beast consumed. One super geno point gained."

Very soon, the better half of the smaller piece of blue life essence was swallowed by Han Sen. To Han Sen's excitement, the voice kept telling him how many super geno points he had gained.

At this point, Han Sen was certain that Zero who seemed to be troubled mentally did not mean him any harm. In fact, with her ability, if she were to fight him, Han Sen could not think of a single way he could save himself from her.

The difference in their fitness levels was too big. Even among evolvers, a fitness index of over 100 was the absolute top, not to mention Han Sen was still unevolved.

This was what was confusing Han Sen as well. If Zero was human, with her super geno points maxed out, it will still be impossible for her to have a fitness index over 100. Han Sen knew that very well, because according to his estimate, even after he finished evolution in the evolution pool and became an evolver, he would still just be around 60 to 70 in fitness index, which was still much less than 100.

Although Han Sen did not understand, he had no trouble taking advantage of the situation. Zero seemed to have a troubled mind and meant him no harm, so he could just take the life essence for himself.

Han Sen summoned Meowth again and picked up the life essence of the white jade six-legged rhinoceros. He put all the crystals of life essence on Meowth's back.

"Thank you, beauty. So long and I will buy you dinner next time." Han Sen waved at Zero, walking out with Meowth.

Although Zero meant him no harm, Han Sen did not know where she came from, and she was troubled mentally. Who knows if she would become mad again? Han Sen decided to be as far away from her as possible.

However, when Han Sen arrived at the channel where he came from, he found Zero right behind him. It seemed that she was following him silently.