Super Gene - Chapter 416: A Fortune

Chapter 416: A Fortune

Chapter 416: A Fortune

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Han Sen glanced at the girl in his arms who was still unconscious. Her clothes were a bit ragged, while she did not get injured at all, and only had some red marks.

Han Sen frowned and checked on the white rhinoceros under the siege of both the holy angel and golden rock worm king. It seemed there was no need for Han Sen to do anything.

Holding the girl under one arm and the life essence of the evil goblin in the other, Han Sen dashed to the tent which was already damaged by fallen stones. He found a quilt in the tent, took it out, and placed the girl on it. He then ran toward the life essence covered under the piece of cloth.

As the piece of cloth was lifted, Han Sen was bedazzled by the splendid view. Three crystals were placed together. One was yellow and the other two were blue. The yellow one was the biggest piece, about the size of a boulder. One of the blue ones was the size of a drum, and the other the size of a basketball.

"Fortune… Such a fortune…" Han Sen almost jumped up, unable to believe his own eyes.

Han Sen bent over and licked at the yellow crystal, trying to make sure that it was life essence. As the yellow liquid was swallowed by Han Sen, he suddenly heard the voice.

"Life essence of super creature earth dragon beast consumed…"

Han Sen was overjoyed. He was finally relaxed as these were truly life essence.

"Mine, they're all mine." Han Sen summoned Meowth in its transformed state, put a bag around neck and started to fill it with life essence.

The golden growler was too big in size, so it would be inconvenient for it to leave the cave. Han Sen had to put the burden on Meowth.

Three life essence crystals, in addition to the ones from the evil goblin and the white rhinoceros which was about to be killed. Han Sen was almost certain that he would be able to gain five crystals of life essence at once.

These five crystals might even make him max out on super geno points. It was such a huge pie in the sky, which fell right into Han Sen's mouth.

"La di da… la di da… I love moving…" Han Sen paused as he suddenly felt something was wrong when moving the crystals into the bag.

Han Sen turned around and was suddenly dumbstruck. The girl had already sat up. She tilted her head and regarded Han Sen with her wide eyes blinking.

Han Sen was so happy that he had forgotten about the girl. Seeing she had woken up, Han Sen suddenly remembered that she was possibly a Shura royalty and was then covered in cold sweat.

"h.e.l.lo!" Han Sen forced a smile and said hi to the girl, thinking, I should not have such bad luck… She does not look like a Shura royalty either.

The girl did not respond, still staring at Han Sen with her eyes wide as if she had never seen human before.

Han Sen's heart sank. He wondered what she was thinking. At this point, Han Sen was holding a blue crystal of life essence in his hand. He was not sure whether he should put it into his bag or put it where it used to be.

However, Han Sen had already put away the other two pieces. It was too late for him to do anything. Anyone could tell he was stealing.

"This thing… You have no use of it… So, I will take it away…" Han Sen said to the girl, holding the blue life essence high.

This time, to Han Sen's joy, the girl unexpectedly nodded. He put the life essence away and said, "You were unconscious just now. That creature tried to eat you and I saved you…"

The girl was so strange that Han Sen did not know where she came from. It would not hurt if he started to sweet talk.

As the saying goes, no one would slap a smiling face. At the very least, Han Sen had saved her, although she probably did not need to be saved.

The hard snap from the evil goblin did not even break her skin as fair as milk, but only left some red marks on it, which was about what would happen if she scratched it with her nails.

The girl blinked and said nothing, watching Han Sen transferring the life essence to his bag.


The white rhinoceros suddenly screamed. Han Sen saw the head of the white rhinoceros sent into the air by the holy angel.

The golden rock worm king was still clinging to the body of the white rhinoceros, its tail digging into the rhino's meat and its claws holding the rhino's stomach.

"Super creature white jade six-legged rhinoceros killed. No beast soul gained. Life essence available. Meat inedible."

Han Sen heard the voice again. It was the first time that he had killed two super creatures in one day, which no one could believe even if he were to tell someone.

The next moment, Han Sen became pale, because the girl suddenly moved.

She was so incredibly fast that even with Han Sen's eyesight, he almost lost track of her moves. As the girl stepped forward, she almost appeared in front of the golden rock worm king instantaneously, throwing a punch at the pet.

She was so swift that the golden rock worm king had no time to dodge, and Han Sen did not even manage to take back his pet in time.


The tender fist of the girl hit the golden rock worm king hard. The hole was left on both the super pet armor and the worm king.

It was so easy that it looked like the creature and the pet armor were made of paper.

Han Sen took the golden rock worm king, holy angel, and Meowth back in his mind and ran away immediately, letting the life essence drop on the floor.

At this point, Han Sen still did not know whether the teenage girl was a Shura royalty. However, there was no doubt that her fitness index was over 100. Since she had made a move, Han Sen did not have any thought other than running for his life.

Unless an evolver like Queen came here, it did not matter how many people came to his rescue. However, in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, it was impossible that an advanced evolver could appear. There would be at most some rookies who had just evolved.

Han Sen just started running when the girl stood in front of him in the blink of an eye, her face almost hitting his.