Super Gene - Chapter 415: Human?

Chapter 415: Human?

Chapter 415: Human?

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On another thought, Han Sen was not even sure if he could hurt her with the cursed wolf dagger, given how strong she was. The gap between himself and someone with a fitness level over 100 was simply too big.

Han Sen watched the Shura girl banging her head against the floor in pain with a complex look. He suddenly found that the cave seemed to be very well lit. As he took a closer look, he saw the full moon was s.h.i.+ning through the cave from the crack above.


With another hard bang, a large pit was formed as all the rocks within a range of a dozen feet were crushed.

After that, the Shura girl did not move anymore, but fell in the pit and fainted.

The evil goblin and the white rhinoceros then came out of the stone channels. The evil goblin approached the unconscious Shura girl, hesitated, and suddenly opened its mouth and bit at her.

Han Sen was dumbfounded. He did not know what was going on. A moment ago, the evil goblin was following the Shura girl like a puppy dog, while all of a sudden, it was about to eat her.

Maybe this creature was extremely intelligent and knew how strong she was, so it pretended to be enslaved by her until it could find an opportunity to eat her alive.

The evil goblin snapped at her body and threw her into the air, using its thousands of hands to tear her apart.

Although Han Sen was happy to see that, he was shocked when his gaze fell upon the Shura girl.

The evil goblin caught half of the Shura girl’s body, so her hair was falling in the air. Han Sen saw clearly that the pair of purple horns were gone.

Han Sen could not believe it and rubbed his eyes. As he looked at her one more time, he still did not see the purple horns that represented Shura royalty.

"What has happened? Did I make a mistake earlier?" Han Sen was filled with doubts, but the evil goblin was already ready to swallow the girl like a snake.

If she was Shura, Han Sen would hope this to happen. However, the girl now looked like a completely normal human girl, which made him hesitate.


Seeing that the evil goblin king was about to eat the girl, Han Sen gritted his teeth and summoned the holy angel and the cursed wolf dagger, das.h.i.+ng at the evil goblin king.

The evil goblin king knew how strong the holy angel was and dodged her attack immediately. However, Han Sen was already in its face. He wielded the cursed wolf dagger and made several cuts on the head of the evil goblin king, making it seethe in pain.

The girl fell from its mouth. Han Sen caught her in the air and flew away, dodging the splas.h.i.+ng poisonous blood.

The white rhinoceros roared and quickly threw itself at Han Sen, running with its six hooves.

As Han Sen pointed at the rhinoceros, the golden rock worm king flew at it.

Taking this opportunity, Han Sen stepped aside and touched the head of the fainted girl, trying to make sure whether she was Shura.

Han Sen felt nothing. The pair of purple horns simply disappeared without leaving any trace.

Han Sen felt her head again and again. He could not believe what had happened. He was sure that he did see a pair of purple horns shaped like crescents. However, they were gone just like that.

Shura’s horns could not be retracted. Otherwise, there would be a million for Shura spies among human.

The horns of Shura were connected to their brain. Even if they cut the horns off, there would still be scars where the horns used to be. It was easy to tell when touched.

In addition, no hair would grow where the horns were broken, so it was easy to tell.

However, this girl was different. Her scalp was smooth and her hair was thick. There were no proof of previous horns, so it was impossible that the horns were knocked off by herself.

"What could this possibly be? Were the horns just some decoration she was wearing and were smashed just now?" Han Sen had never heard of such a thing and could not decide what to do with her.

"I’ll leave her alone for the moment," Han Sen decided, thinking of the evil goblin, white rhinoceros, and the life essence covered by the cloth.

He wanted to leave the girl alone, but there was no safe s.p.a.ce in the cave given four monsters were fighting inside. Han Sen had to hold her in his arms for the moment.

The evil goblin was almost beaten by holy angel. Lots of its hands were cut off. Although they were both super creatures, the holy angel was obviously the top of the top, even comparable to the adult golden growler. The evil goblin, however, was more or less on the same level as the aqua reaper. In addition, the evil goblin was hurt in the first place, so it was no match of the holy angel.

On the other side, the golden rock worm king was against the white rhinoceros. To Han Sen’s surprise, the rock worm king was at a disadvantage. In terms of both speed and fitness, the rhinoceros was stronger.

Han Sen put the super Pat armor on the rock worm and enhanced its defense. This way, it could compete against the white rhinoceros.

Han Sen rushed over to fight the evil goblin with the cursed wolf dagger in his hand and his wings flapping. He decided to take the weakest link out first and leave the tough ones for later.

The evil goblin was dodging here and there from the holy angel’s attack. Han Sen took his opportunity, used the both Heresy Mantra and Overload, appeared behind the evil goblin, and cut off its triangular head.


The giant body of the evil goblin suddenly became limp. It fell to the bottom, making the entire s.p.a.ce shake.

"Super creature evil goblin killed. No beast soul gained. Life essence available. Meat inedible."

The voice suddenly sounded in Han Sen’s mind, but Han Sen had no time to lament the lack of beast soul. He commanded the holy angel to take care of the six-legged white rhinoceros.

On the other hand, Han Sen went to the disappearing body of the evil goblin and seized a red crystal the size of a football.