Super Gene - Chapter 410: Evil Goblins

Chapter 410: Evil Goblins

Chapter 410: Evil Goblins

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Although this mountain was also covered with snow on the top, but it was much higher and steeper than the one Han Sen remembered.

Where the Firebird was seemed to be a volcano, while this one was much rockier.

"Is it a mistake?" Han Sen felt upset because he wasted all they and ended up in a wrong place.

"We can't go any farther. It is the habitat of the evil goblins in front of us." Jia Changfeng was leading the way stopped and asked everyone to pause. Han Sen got off the back of the golden growler, climbed up a dune with the rest and looked toward the mountain.

The mountain was arid. No plants were growing on it. Even in the desert, it was still an uncommon scene.

Different from the white sand in the desert, the rocks on the mountain were black. Only the top of the mountain was covered in white snow.

On the black mountain walls, there were many thickly dotted holes, which would make a person with trypophobia vomit.

There were many red centipedes as thick as arms climbing out of the holes. The centipedes were about 6 feet long and looked extremely ugly, crawling around on the mountain walls.

Han Sen took a closer look at them. Although they looked like centipedes, they had a triangular head on each end of their body which was made of red bones. Connecting each bone was a pair of red hands with only three fingers. As they moved, the small hands were moving like the feet of centipedes, which was creepy to look at.

Some of the holes on the mountain were especially wide, about 3 feet in diameter. Han Sen was staring at a big hole and saw a giant evil goblin slithering out of it. The evil goblin was as thick as a barrel and more than 30 feet long. A part of its body was still in the hole, so Han Sen could not tell how large it actually was.

The giant evil goblin twisted its body on the mountain wall as the hands on its body moved, which was sickening.

"Han Sen, that evil goblin king is very scary. I suggest you think twice before trying anything," Xiao Wei whispered. Han Sen nodded but his gaze was still lingering on the giant evil goblin.

It looked quite strong. Could it be a super creature? Han Sen pondered and summoned the horn bow and bony fish arrow, trying to take a shot at it.

If it was just a sacred-blood creature, it would not be able to block a sacred-blood arrow with the spinning force.

"What are you doing?" Xiao Lingfeng quickly held Han Sen's hand down seeing what Han Sen was doing.

"Since I'm already here, of course I am trying to kill the sacred-blood evil goblin," said Han Sen matter-of-factly.

Xiao Lingfeng became annoyed and said, "Their bony bodies are as tough as metal. It is difficult for one to hurt them with beast soul weapons on the same level as the creatures. Even if the bow and arrow you're holding are both sacred-blood beast souls, the distance is too long for you to hurt the king, not to mention your weapons might not be sacred-blood. These creatures are very petty. If you started to attack them, the whole group will come this way. You might be able to run away on your sacred-blood mount, but we will die for sure."

"You're right. Since that's the case, you can leave first. I will join you after I kill them," Han Sen pondered and said.

"You don't think you can really kill the king alone, do you?" Jia Yan stared at Han Sen with her eyes wide.

"Here's the water. Leave now. If I fail and die here, you will have enough water to go out." Han Sen threw the majority of the water bags to the guys, only saving a few for himself.

The group looked at Han Sen in surprise. Han Sen had given the majority of his water to them. If they took the water away, it would be difficult for Han Sen to leave the desert with the remaining water after killing the evil goblins, if he could kill the creatures at all.

The four persons were all confused, not understanding what Han Sen was thinking.

They had no idea about the golden growler's real speed. If the mount went at its full speed, the remaining water was enough for Han Sen to come and go several times.

"Han Sen, if you really want to kill the evil goblin king, maybe we can work together to do it." Xiao Wei felt reluctant to leave Han Sen alone since he had given them most of his water.

"There's no need. Go ahead. I could do this alone." Han Sen did not want to waste more time. He would kill this goblin king first and then hurry to find the fire bird.

"Han Sen, think about it. These creatures are very fast in the desert. Even with your sacred-blood mount, you might not be able to outrun them," Jia Changfeng also said.

"If you don't leave now, I will start to shoot." Han Sen aimed his arrow at the evil goblins.

"Let's go. This guy is crazy." Xiao Lingfeng did not think Han Sen was joking and quickly pulled his sister away.

Jia Changfeng also pulled Jia Yan away with him. They did not want to cross the evil goblin king.

They had once met an evil goblin in the desert, which was only a mutant one. Even so, the situation was extremely risky, not to mention this one was definitely a sacred-blood king.

In addition, the sacred-blood king was also leading an entire group of twenty mutant creatures and a thousand primitive creatures. Once trapped in the group, it did not even matter however good a fighter one was. All of the creatures were poisonous. Once injured by them, one would die most of the times.

"Be careful. Even when cut in half, the evil goblins would not die immediately. They could still launch deadly attacks. And try not to touch their blood, which is poisonous," Jia Yan said to Han Sen before she left.

"Understood." Han Sen's gaze was fixed upon the giant evil goblin king. When the group went far, he pulled the bow to the fullest.


Without hesitation, Han Sen shot the arrow at the evil goblin king.