Super Gene - Chapter 409: Not Interested

Chapter 409: Not Interested

Chapter 409: Not Interested

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Being able to be instructed by Jia Sidao himself was the dream of many among the celebrities and aristocrats. However, Han Sen was not really interested in it.

If it was before, Han Sen would consider it. Jia Sidao was a demiG.o.d after all, and Iron Fist was one of the most well-known hyper geno arts.

However, since he got his hands on Dongxuan Sutra, Han Sen had been studying the ancient language. Although he still did not understand everything, the parts that he understood made him overjoyed.

Rather than wasting his time on learning Iron Fist, Han Sen would rather spend his time on the ancient language. If he could understand Dongxuan Sutra, it would be very easy for him to become a demiG.o.d himself.

However strong Iron Fist was, it could never make him tear the vacuum apart, let alone teleport to G.o.d's Sanctuary using his own body.

"I thank you for that. But I really have my own thing to do. I think you should leave on your own," Han Sen spread his hands and said.

The four were even more surprised hearing Han Sen's words. They did not understand someone would turn down the offer to become a student of a demiG.o.d.

"Friend, maybe you don't believe me. That is okay. I will teach you some skills in Iron Fist right now. How about you lead the way after learning?" Jia Changfeng thought about it and decided that Han Sen must think they were lying, which was the only explanation for him being dismissive.

Han Sen was speechless, as he was really not interested in learning Iron Fist.

However, since the group of people did not mean him harm, Han Sen did not want to let them down. He asked Jia Changfeng, "On your way here, have you seen a snow mountain? I'm looking for that mountain, and if you could take me to find it, I could take you out after finis.h.i.+ng my business."

Jia Changfeng was dazed, and then understood that Han Sen was sincerely not interested in learning Iron Fist. He blushed.

"Snow mountain, are you talking about that one?" Hearing Han Sen's words, one of the girls suddenly looked at him and asked, "Are you talking about a large mountain with only its top covered in snow?"

"Yes. Did you see it?" Han Sen was overjoyed. He was only trying his luck, because if they had approached the mountain and ran into the fire bird, it was very unlikely that they could survive.

"We did see it, but there were some strong creatures nearby, and we did not dare to approach…" said the girl.

"That is great. If you take me there, we could go out together after I finish my thing," said Han Sen hastily.

"Friend, you're not trying to hunt those evil goblins? I think you should forget about it. There are at least a thousand of them, among which at least twenty are mutant and one is sacred-blood. Such a group would take more than just a few people, not to mention you are all alone," said Xiao Lingfeng.

Han Sen frowned. Last time he was there he did not see any other creatures. However, according to the four, there were also a group with a sacred-blood king.

It was the same for Han Sen either way. He would be happy to see a group of creatures there since he still needed three more sacred-blood geno points.

"If you're willing to take me there, I will be very grateful. If not, you could show me the direction and I will be equally grateful." Han Sen did not want to go together with the group.

Although their mounts were good, compared to the golden growler, they would be too slow. It would be a waste of time for him to slow down for these people.

"We could take you there, but do you have enough water for all of us to get out of the desert?" After some discussion, Jia Changfeng asked Han Sen.

"Water is sufficient." Han Sen patted the water bags piling up next to him.

He had brought a lot of water because he planned to go to one of the locations Ning Yue told him directly after killing the fire bird.

Since Han Sen had enough water, the group of four felt relaxed. After resting for a night, they were about to set out on the road the next morning.

"Friend, you have so many luggage. It must have taken you several mounts to bring all of this with you, right?" Xiao Lingfeng asked, seeing all the things Han Sen had brought.

"Just one," Han Sen said and summoned the golden growler. He did not want to scare the group and used the smallest form of the lion, which was the size of an elephant.

"What a magnificent mount!" They were still surprised by the golden growler.

Han Sen smiled and did not speak. He lifted everything to the back of the golden growler and mounted the lion himself.

The five of them started to travel. Because the group of four only had one sacred-blood mount, and the other three were mutant, their speed was not that great.

Feeling upset, Han Sen had to control the speed of the golden growler to follow the group.

Fortunately, the location of the snow mountain was not that far. It only took them one day to get there, which was why Han Sen was not too worried about time.

Han Sen got to know the group of four a little better. Jia Changfeng was the grandson of Jia Sidao. Xiao Lingfeng was a student of Jia Sidao. As for the two girls, the plump one was named Jia Yan, and the slim one was named Xiao Wei.

Jia Yan was Jia Changfeng's younger sister or cousin, and Xiao Wei was Xiao Lingfeng's older sister.

"Han Sen, your mount must be a sacred-blood beast soul?" Jia Yan rode next to Han Sen on a mutant antelope beast, asking curiously while checking out the golden growler.

"Yes," replied Han Sen casually.

"You must be from a prominent family to have such a mount. How come I have never heard of you before?" Jia Yan asked, blinking.

"I am from an ordinary family instead of a famous or aristocratic one. I'm just luckier than others." Han Sen was speaking his mind. Although he was hard-working, his success was largely due to his luck.

Hearing that Han Sen was not from a prominent family, Jia Yan was even more curious and asked, "Then why are you not interested in becoming the student of my grandfather? Don't you know what it means to be a student of Iron Fist DemiG.o.d?"

The other three also listened carefully, wanting to know why Han Sen would turn down an offer like that.

"I am a free spirit and do not like to go by the rules. If I p.i.s.s your grandfather off and get my a.s.s kicked, it will do me no good," Han Sen answered with a smile.

"You're funny," Ji Yanran grinned, hearing Han Sen's words.

Because Han Sen was easy going and they were all of the same age, they quickly started to chat as they marched toward the destination.

"Look. It's right there!" After traveling for a day, Jia Yan suddenly exclaimed, pointing at a mountain far away.

Han Sen had much better eyesight than Jia Yan. In fact, he had seen that mountain a long time ago. However, Han Sen frowned because the mountain looked different from the one he remembered.