Super Gene - Chapter 411: Killing Goblin King

Chapter 411: Killing Goblin King

Chapter 411: Killing Goblin King

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The bony fish arrow flashed across the sky and reached one of the two heads of the giant evil goblin king.

The evil goblin king quickly stood up like a snake, all the three-fingered hands under its body facing the incoming arrow.

A pair of hands grabbed the bony fish arrow, which continued to spin, making strident noises.

However, momentarily, many hands covered the arrow and held it down. Even with a strong spinning force, the arrow was caught by the creature.

"Cheep!" The evil goblin king squeaked with its head facing where Han Sen was standing. The sound was so penetrating that even people miles away would feel a headache.


As the king squeaked, the evil goblins started to crawl out of all the holes in the mountain wall, which looked like a red waterfall, flooding toward where Han Sen was standing.

Hearing the sound made by the evil goblin king, the group of four covered their ears and turned back to look at the mountain.

"The guy really did it!" Jia Changfeng muttered to himself, looking in the direction of the mountain.

"He has saved our lives. Should we really leave him alone?" Jia Yan was hesitant.

"What can we do? You all know how strong the evil goblins are. They are so hard to kill and poisonous as well. Even if we could cut them, we would die if we touch their blood," said Xiao Lingfeng.

Xiao Wei said helplessly, "Even if we want to save him, it is too late now. Let's wait right here. He has a sacred-blood mount, so maybe he could run this far. And maybe we will be able to help him at that point."

Jia Changfeng nodded and did not speak. All four of them were staring at the mountain, hearing the noises getting louder.

Han Sen was more happy than surprised to see his arrow held by the evil goblin king. An ordinary sacred-blood creature would not be able to stop his arrow, which meant this evil goblin king was very likely to be a super creature.

Although he was in the wrong spot and failed to see the fire bird, another super creature would be more than welcome.

Seeing the evil goblins coming toward him like red flood, Han Sen quickly summoned the golden rock worm king and put the super pet armor on it. The pet quickly flew toward the evil goblin king.

Han Sen did not dare to be careless. There were simply too many of the creatures. It would take him a long time to wipe them out. He jumped on the back of the golden growler, which shook its body and roared, growing into a small hill and rus.h.i.+ng at the group of evil goblins.

The giant body of the lion stamped on the evil goblins, killing countless creatures as it ran. The group of evil goblins were like a red pond in the eyes of the golden growler.

Although the golden growler was a mount and did not have the ability to attack, it was so huge in size and so tough that even the walls of the shelter could not withstand it. In that sense, it was a weapon of ma.s.s destruction as well.

Han Sen was pleased to see the golden growler crus.h.i.+ng the group of evil goblins. Hearing the voice telling him creatures killed, Han Sen occasionally gained a few beast souls.

The seemingly impressive evil goblins were even weaker than earthworms under the paws of the golden growler. There was no need for Han Sen to move a muscle.

The poisonous blood of the dead evil goblins had no effect on the super mount, and there was no way they could reach Han Sen who was sitting high.

Holding Meowth in his arms, Han Sen looked at the golden rock worm king fighting the evil goblin king.

Circling around the goblin king in the air, the golden rock worm king attacked it with eight sharp claws. The evil goblin king had extended the better half of its body out of the hole, squeaking with its head high. Moving its hands, the evil goblin king was trying to capture the super pet.

However, the golden rock worm king was fast and flexible. Although the evil goblin king tried a few times, it failed to capture the super pet and lost a few hands to its sharp claws instead. This way, the evil goblin king became agitated and threw itself at the super pet.

Although the super pet hurt the evil goblin king a couple of times, it did not have the absolute advantage. The two monsters kept fighting each other, squeaking at times.

With the super pet armor, the evil goblin king could only manage to scratch the armor and could not hurt the super pet. If the fight went on, the super pet would win sooner or later.

Han Sen was very pleased that the evil goblin king was the match of the super pet. It was almost certainly a super creature.

However, Han Sen did not want to watch the fight anymore, so he summoned the holy angel and ordered the golden rock worm king to go harder at its enemy. Although the sharp nails of the evil goblin king were stabbing at the super pet, it could not hurt the worm king because of the armor.


The gorgeous figure of the holy angel flashed on the mountain wall. She waved her hand and cut the evil goblin king which was held down by the golden rock worm king in half.

Half of the body of the evil goblin king quickly fell from the mountain and made a huge pit in the sand. However, when it landed, the half of the body was still moving. With poisonous blood flowing, it threw itself once again at the golden rock worm king, and even the super pet armor was left with some marks.

The holy angel used her hand like a sword. Momentarily, the half of the body was sliced into pieces and stopped moving. The triangular head was even cut into four pieces and exploded. This time, the evil goblin king was completely quiet.

Watching the evil goblin king killed, Han Sen looked to the hall on the mountain wall, upset. The other half of the evil goblin king's body had disappeared, and Han Sen did not hear the voice telling him the creature was killed.

And the pieces of the body in the sand were corrupting quickly, which seemed abnormal.

Without any hesitation, Han Sen took the golden growler and the golden rock worm king back and entered the hole with holy angel.