Super Gene - Chapter 408: Iron Fist Demigod

Chapter 408: Iron Fist Demigod

Chapter 408: Iron Fist DemiG.o.d

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The white sand desert looked desolate and dismal under the moonlight. Occasionally, some howling could be heard. The firewood was crackling. Next to the fire, Han Sen was barbecuing some meat with the bony fish arrow as the skewer.

Meowth was lying on Han Sen's legs in its untransformed state, its eyes fixed on the sizzling barbecue, trying to reach out its paw at times. However, it seemed to fear the fire and quickly withdrew its paw.

"Don't hurry. It will be ready very soon." Han Sen was amused by Meowth.

Initially, Han Sen was going to hunt the phoenix-like creature, but he had only been there once. Last time he was here, they went to the carbonized tree first and then found the snow mountain. However, when Han Sen reached the area, he did not see any burned tree or other familiar signs. Then he had to look for the snow mountain according to his vague memory. After an entire day of searching, he did not spot any mountains. He had to rest for the night and continue the next day.

When the barbecue was ready, Han Sen gave half of it to Meowth. As the man and the cat were enjoying themselves, messy hoofbeats came from afar and became louder and louder. Han Sen heard people talking as well.

"Fire… There is fire… It looks like someone is over there…"

Han Sen looked up and saw four mounts coming his way. On the back of the mounts were two men and two women. Judging from the mounts and their armor, they were not ordinary people.

"Whoever dares to come to the Devil Desert should be extraordinary anyways." Han Sen took a look and bowed his head, enjoying the barbecue with Meowth.

The four rides quickly came close to Han Sen. After seeing Han Sen, they looked excited and got off their mounts, walking toward the fire. A young man with thick eyebrows like caterpillars asked, "Friend, can you sell us some of your water?"

The other two women and one man stared at the water bags next to Han Sen, licking their dried-up lips. It was easy to find food with lots of creatures around in the desert. However, water was rare.

Although the blood of the creatures could provide some liquid, but it was like seawater. The more you drank, the thirstier you would get.

The group of people had been lost in the Devil Desert for a month, and it was the first time they saw someone. The first thing they were asking was not the way out, but water.

The four knew very well that no ordinary guy dared to enter Devil Desert, so they never thought of robbing Han Sen. In addition, they still needed to ask the man how to go out, which was why the young man with thick eyebrows named Jia Changfeng was being very polite.

Without speaking, Han Sen threw the bag of water at Jia Changfeng and continued to eat.

"Thanks so much!" Jia Changfeng was overjoyed. Initially, he planned to pay a lot for the water. They were in a desert after all, where water meant life. Jia Changfeng did not expect the guy to be so generous.

"Don't." Jia Changfeng took the water back and was about to share it with the rest. The other guy, who was thin, stopped them. He then took out some test paper and dipped it into the water to see if it was poisoned.

When he saw the result, the thin guy named Xiao Lingfeng let out a sigh of relief and let everyone drink.

"Friend, thank you. How shall I call you?" After Xiao Lingfeng drank some water, he asked.

"Han Sen," replied Han Sen, caressing Meowth on his laps.

Xiao Lingfeng searched that name in his memory, and it did not ring a bell. Xiao Lingfeng continued to ask, "Friend, do you know how to get out of the desert? If you could take us out, I can pay you well."

"The payment is unnecessary. I need to hunt here so I'm not going out. Follow that direction and you could get out of the desert in three to four days," Han Sen said, pointing at a direction.

"Friend, if you are willing to lead the way, I can pay you a sacred-blood beast soul," Xiao Lingfeng said.

Han Sen did not look at Xiao Lingfeng, but fed a piece of barbecued to Meowth.

Even without thinking, Han Sen knew that Xiao Lingfeng was afraid Han Sen was giving them a wrong direction. It was okay to be wary, but Xiao Lingfeng seemed to be too nervous and have poor judgment about people. Han Sen did not want to bother to talk to him.

A sacred-blood beast soul was valuable, but Han Sen did not want to waste his time on a beast soul that would mean nothing to him.

Seeing Han Sen was unimpressed, both Xiao Lingfeng and Jia Changfeng were surprised. The two girls also looked to Han Sen, feeling incredulous.

A sacred-blood beast soul was always a treasure. Even they themselves could not stay so calm in front of a sacred-blood beast soul.

All Han Sen needed to do for the beast soul was to lead the way, but Han Sen was not considering the option at all. He even seemed to have a look of contempt on his face, which made them regard Han Sen more carefully.

The name "Han Sen" was well known, but only in military schools and Steel Armor Shelter. Among the aristocrats, few people knew about him.

Obviously, Xiao Lingfeng and Jia Changfeng were not from Steel Armor Shelter, so they had never heard about Han Sen.

The four people looked Han Sen up and down for a while, but none recognized Han Sen's origin.

"Friend, have you heard about Iron Fist DemiG.o.d?" Jia Changfeng and Xiao Lingfeng exchanged a look, and the latter asked Han Sen.

"Jia Sidao?" Han Sen looked at Xiao Lingfeng in surprise.

Iron Fist DemiG.o.d was quite famous as one of the oldest demiG.o.ds. Rumor has it that the Jias had the heritage of martial arts and was great at fist skills.

Iron Fist of the Jias was said to be the best hyper geno art in fist skills. Han Sen did not know if that claim was true, but Jia Sidao used those skills to gain his demiG.o.d status, which made his family and skills known in the entire Alliance.

Jia Sidao did not become a politician but started a business of martial hall to teach students.

Different from Ares Martial Hall which took everyone in, all the students of the martial hall run by the Jias were children of prominent families and politicians.

"His name is Jia Changfeng, and Jia Sidao is his grandfather. Lead the way for us and we can make sure you join the Iron Fist Martial Hall. Iron Fist DemiG.o.d will instruct you himself," said Xiao Lingfeng, pointing at Jia Changfeng.