Super Gene - Chapter 405: The Power of Angel

Chapter 405: The Power of Angel

Chapter 405: The Power of Angel

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If Starry Group did not do it, how can I explain my father's accident? Han Sen felt puzzled. Although Ning Yue must still be hiding something and could not be trusted completely. He could not have lied because of the aqua reaper.

In addition, before the accident, his father did ask them to find the Nings, which meant the Nings were unlikely to be responsible for the accident. It also seemed that Han Sen's father already knew something was going to happen.

"However, under that kind of circ.u.mstances, even if the Nings were not behind the accident, would they help us because of a favor that long ago? Is my father such a gambler? Unless…" Coldness flashed in Han Sen's eyes. "Unless the people behind the accident are the enemies of the Nings, and the Nings would antagonize them anyway."

Although Han Sen had guessed something, it was difficult for him to find out more. The reason he did not kill Ning Yue was that he wished he could use this connection to get more clues. With the aqua reaper on Ning Yue's body, Han Sen could decide the life and death of Ning Yue. Meanwhile, Han Sen could learn a lot of information from him.

For Han Sen, Ning Yue was more valuable living than dead.

Han Sen turned his eyes to the giant flower and vines in the valley. He did not mean to take the risks himself. Han Sen raised his hand and summoned the holy angel. He had always been wondering how strong holy angel was, and this was the perfect opportunity.

At Han Sen's command, the holy angel quickly transformed. Her armor, hair, and eyes all turned golden. Flapping her golden wings, she flew toward the giant flower. Her speed was not fast. The moment she reached the vines, all the vines in the valley started to shake. Hundreds of vines as thick as arms swept over at her at an incredible speed.

Holy angel suddenly moved. She flapped her wings hard, and the hundreds of vines suddenly looked slow in comparison as the gorgeous figure flashed across.


As the holy angel brushed by the vines, they broke one by one. The giant flower quickly shrank and made spooky noises. The remaining vines started to shake and came at her again like the chains of death.

However, that was completely useless. As the holy angel flew by, she waved her hand and the vines were cut off as if they were gra.s.s.

Instantaneously, the holy angel had made her way to the flower with ease.


The flower suddenly turned into the mouth of a beast with fangs bared. It quickly swallowed the holy angel that was approaching.

Han Sen regretted that he did not put the super pet armor on the holy angel. After all, this was very likely to be a super creature. If the holy angel who had just evolved was swallowed like this, it would be a gigantic loss for Han Sen.

In addition to being a super pet, such a pretty humanoid pet was extremely valuable itself.

As Han Sen was regretting, he suddenly saw the flower split from the middle. The gorgeous figure came out of the flower as regal as a queen. Her body was not even colored by the gus.h.i.+ng blood.

"Super creature purgatory flower killed. No beast soul gained. Life essence available."

Surprisingly, the voice sounded in Han Sen's mind, making him feel emotional.

Back in the days, he could not even break the eyes of the baby golden growler, while now even his pet could kill a super creature like killing an ant, which made Han Sen felt unreal.

"Amazing… Truly amazing… This girl is even more incredible than the golden rock worm king, which is also a super pet…" Han Sen did not come back to himself until the holy angel returned to him. He hugged her in excitement and was about to kiss her on her cheeks.

Han Sen did not have any lewd thoughts. It was just an unconscious move. However, although the holy angel let Han Sen hug her, she raised her hand to Han Sen's lips, so Han Sen only kissed her cold armor.

Han Sen was dazed and looked at her gorgeous face, which was completely emotionless.

Han Sen frowned and took back the holy angel. Walking deeper into the valley, Han Sen saw a basketball-sized green crystal, which was the life essence of the disappeared purgatory flower.

Han Sen took the crystal up and started to lick. The cool liquid turned into a coolness and filled Han Sen's body as he drank.

Han Sen felt like his whole body was cleansed.

"Life essence of purgatory flower consumed. One super geno point gained."

Shortly, Han Sen heard the exciting voice, which drove him to lick the life essence harder.

After consuming the entire piece of life essence, Han Sen had acquired eight more super geno points. At this point, he had sixty-eight super geno points in total.

Although Han Sen had not been to a test center for a while, he estimated that his fitness index should be approaching thirty, which was the same as a sacred-blood evolver. Before Han Sen even maxed out on the super geno points, he had already come close to this number.

Han Sen was really looking forward to gaining his super body in the evolution pool. At that point, his body must become incredibly strong.

"If you come too late, you would not even be a worthy enemy, let alone friend." Han Sen suddenly thought of what Son of Heaven said and smiled.

Although Son of Heaven evolved earlier, it was not easy for him to get his fitness index over 100.

In comparison, according to the speed at which Han Sen was improving, when he maxed out on super geno points and entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, all he needed to do was to acquire some random geno points to be over 100 in fitness index.

An evolver with the fitness index over 100 would be considered a top evolver anywhere. And for Han Sen, that was already within his reach.