Super Gene - Chapter 406: Special Assignment

Chapter 406: Special Assignment

Chapter 406: Special a.s.signment

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Han Sen summoned the golden growler and had an even better same experience then driving a top sports car. As the mount ran, Han Sen felt the objects next to him were going back like a blur. In addition, on the golden growler's back, Han Sen felt absolutely no b.u.mps.

Within less than an hour, Han Sen had already returned to Steel Armor Shelter. This trip would have taken him one or two days before, and this was not even the full speed of the golden growler.

Han Sen was overjoyed. With the speed of the golden growler and the locations of the super creatures that he learned from Ning Yue, he could easily kill a lot of super creatures in a short amount of time, so that he could evolve as fast as possible.

Although Han Sen wanted to hunt the super creatures on the back of golden growler immediately, he held back his urge. Before long, he would have to take a graduation test. There was also a decision to be made on his military rank and position. These all had a tremendous influence on Han Sen's future, so Han Sen planned to max out on his super geno points during the break before he served in the military and after graduation.

After returning to the shelter, Han Sen contacted Lin Beifeng as he had promised to sell Lin Beifeng the phantom ant armor, which he no longer needed.

Lin Beifeng was overjoyed getting his hands on the phantom and armor. It would still be 2 to 3 years before he maxed out on sacred-blood geno points, so he could use the armor for a long time. The practical reasons notwithstanding, Lin Beifeng was happy with how it looked anyways.

Han Sen did not take cash from Lin Beifeng, but asked Lin Beifeng to collect some sacred-blood meat so that Han Sen could fill up his sacred-blood geno points which he now had eighty-five.

Currently, Han Sen had no time to hunt sacred-blood creatures given how much he had on his plate.

Lin Beifeng could not collect so much sacred-blood meat on such short notice. However, Han Sen was not in a hurry and asked Lin Beifeng to give him the meat when Lin Beifeng had it. Han Sen had to prepare for the graduation test and other procedures, so he would to stay in Steel Armor Shelter for a while.

That Phoenix like creature is the closest to Steel Armor Shelter. I will kill it when I have time. If I put the super pet armor on the holy angel, she should be able to resist the flames. If I could have a beast soul from that creature, then it will be so good. Han Sen thought to himself.

When Han Sen returned to Blackhawk, his roommates were all in the dormitory. It was rare that none of them was in G.o.d's Sanctuary, so they went to the cafeteria to hang out. They had agreed beforehand that none of the guys could bring a plus one.

"Han Sen, where do you plan to go after graduation?" s.h.i.+ Zhikang asked Han Sen with one arm throwing around Han Sen's shoulders, tipsy.

"I will let the AI decide for me," Han Sen said helplessly.

Although Han Sen wanted to serve on the wars.h.i.+p where Ji Yanran was even if he had to be just a soldier, he could not even find out which wars.h.i.+p Ji Yanran was on.

Han Sen did not plan to have a career in the military, so it did not matter where he went if he could not see Ji Yanran, as long as he was not sent to the front to become cannon fodder.

Even if he was sent to the front, he was still an elite who graduated from military school, so he would still be an officer instead of a common soldier.

In addition, he was the head of the special squad, which would also be taken into consideration by the AI.

Of course, he could use connections to decide on the exact position he served. However, that did not mean much to Han Sen and would take some effort.

The roommates were talking and laughing, chatting about their dreams and ambitions. They didn't return to the dormitory until midnight.

Han Sen rarely had time to enjoy school life. In these days, he was focused on learning theoretical knowledge as well as the ancient language.

To learn the ancient language seemed easy. However, if he were to really understand the meaning of Dongxuan Sutra, it would take him a lot of time and energy.

Han Sen did not feel like it was a tough mission. He was so curious about Dongxuan Sutra. A martial art that allowed a human being to break the vacuum with his own body and teleport to G.o.d's sanctuary sounded like a fairytale to him.

Even in such an era when martial arts had been highly developed, none of the demiG.o.ds dared to say they could tear apart the vacuum with their own body.

If I could practice Dongxuan Sutra, no one in the Alliance would be my match. I don't even need to be as good as Dongxuan. If I am half as good as him, I would be invincible in the Alliance still. Even demiG.o.ds meant nothing to me.

Every time Han Sen had such thoughts, his blood would start boiling, which motivated him to learn the archaic characters.

Fortunately, as the genes of mankind were highly developed these days, everyone had stronger brains than previous generations. Many unevolved persons with their geno points maxed out had strong memory skills, and Han Sen was especially outstanding. It did not take him much effort to learn.

It took patience to learn the ancient language. But once he mastered the language, he could actually read Dongxuan Sutra.

Han Sen enjoyed a few days without hunting and killing. All he did was teleporting to the shelter to enjoy the sacred-blood meat Lin Beifeng sent him and studying at Blackhawk. Soon, it was time for the graduation test.

Although Han Sen had controlled his strength very well, he was still the absolute number one in the test and became a major in the military.

Each military school only had a few quotas for that kind of honor. However, based on Han Sen's grades and his contribution to the school, his rank was well-deserved.

In forty-eight hours, the AI would make a decision about his a.s.signment.

"Brother Han, I'm sorry." When it was time for Han Sen to check where he was a.s.signed, w.a.n.g Mengmeng came to him with her head bowed. Han Sen felt she did not dare to look at him. Her voice was so low that Han Sen could barely tell what she was saying.

"What's wrong?" Han Sen smiled and rubbed w.a.n.g Mengmeng's head. Although w.a.n.g Mengmeng was twenty years old, Han Sen felt she was still a little girl.

"Brother Han, I'm sorry. I used my connections to a.s.sign you to the warframe force where I'm about to go to without your consent. Brother, I'm so sorry…" w.a.n.g Mengmeng was basically whispering. Her face was red, and she was avoiding eye contact.

"That's no big deal. The warframe force that you will go to is definitely a good one. I probably should thank you for that," said Han Sen, searching for his a.s.signment information.

However, the information shown on the display made Han Sen pause.