Super Gene - Chapter 404: Early Days

Chapter 404: Early Days

Chapter 404: Early Days

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The Secret Service were the first men who ever used the teleport technology. The very first who came to G.o.d's Sanctuary were not Han Jingzhi and the ancestor of the Nings, but ordinary crewmembers.

After they arrived at G.o.d's Sanctuary, they found something and had a few accidents. Only two persons made it back to the Alliance.

Those two persons reported what they found on the other end, which made everyone overjoyed. Very soon, the second unit was sent through the same way.

This time, the personnel dispatched were no longer ordinary crewmembers, but a unit made up of elite. There were eleven in total, which included the instructor of the Blueblood Special Force, Instructor Han.

That unit was Unit 7.

The unit stayed in G.o.d's Sanctuary for less than seven days. Less than half of them made it to the Alliance, which included Han Jingzhi and the ancestor of the Nings.

After teleporting back, they were investigated respectively. No one knew what was asked and answered. However, since then, the experiments were no longer conducted with human beings. Instead, the teleport device was redesigned. A few years later, the modern teleport device was invented and the news about G.o.d's sanctuary was published.

The survivors of Unit 7 all died in a weird way shortly after they returned.

Before they died, maybe it was for the surveillance on them, they did not say much about what had happened in G.o.d's Sanctuary. However, they still left some messages.

For example, the ancestor of the Nings said to his family that Han Jingzhi had saved the unit from a monster and described Han Jingzhi as a true qigong master. In his words, Han Jingzhi was a super hero.

The nine-life cat was Han Jingzhi's belonging. Han Jingzhi was always taking it with him, so everyone in Unit 7 knew about the nine-life cat.

Because he was under the surveillance of the Alliance, the ancestor of the Nings did not say much in the first place, and less was pa.s.sed on to the younger generations. After the ancestor died, the Alliance loosened its control on the Nings. At that time, they found the hidden messages left by the ancestor and learned some things.

The Nings did not know much, and Ning Yue knew even less. That was basically all he could tell.

From the aqua reaper, Han Sen knew that Ning Yue was telling the truth. The Nings were indeed thankful to Han Jingzhi, and to some extent, they feared him.

After all, the ancestor of the Nings described Han Jingzhi as a very strong qigong Master, which made the Nings terrified of the guy.

"You have looked into my background, so you should know about the acquisition of my family business by Starry Group. Why have you targeted us?" Han Sen stared at Ning Yue and asked. Han Jingzhi's deeds were ancient history, but he had to know about his father's death.

Ning Yue paused and said, "You are not saying that my family murdered your father? Whether you believe it or not, I can tell you for sure that there is nothing of the sort. To be blunt, Starry Group had too many means to acquire your family business that did not involve addition, if it was my family that killed your father, my brother would have killed you as soon as he saw you the shelter. No one would let the son of his victim hang around."

Han Sen frowned slightly. In fact, what Ning Yue said was what had always puzzled him. Son of Heaven had looked into his background a long time ago. If Starry Group had murdered his father, there was no way that Son of Heaven would let him live. After all, it was a piece of cake for Son of Heaven to kill him at the time.

"Why did the Nings acquire my family business?" Han Sen asked again.

"I have reviewed the materials carefully. The business decision was made mainly because your factory was producing several types of alloy more efficiently than the Starry Group. All the procedures of the acquisition were in compliance. Although we had some difficulties in the middle, because of your father's accident, everything became smooth. We did not even need to use the agenda that we had prepared."

Ning Yue continued, "However, your father's accident had nothing to do with Starry Group. Even the manager who was in charge of the acquisition felt surprised about your father's accident. However, even without the accident, Starry Group had prepared a lot of financial means to acquire your family business. If Starry Group needed to kill someone for such a small acquisition, then it will have nothing to do all day but murder."

Ning Yue paused and said, "I'm not saying this to beg for my life. It is simply something that we are not responsible for."

Han Sen frowned at Ning Yue for a while, pointed to the vines and flower, and asked, "What is that about?"

"The giant flower and its vines are a strong creature. Initially, I wanted to force you fight it. If you managed to kill it, I could take the opportunity and gain its body. However, if you are killed, I would be able to get rid of a huge threat and learn more about the creature," said Ning Yue.

Han Sen looked at the flower and vines again with interest and asked Ning Yue with his eyes squinted, "Do you want to live?"

"Do you dare to let me live?" asked Ning Yue.

"This is No. 107. Your family should know a lot of places like this. Give me the information and I will let you go," Han Sen said.

"Okay." Ning Yue did not even ask whether Han Sen would let him go after receiving the information before telling Han Sen all the locations.

This information was what Han Sen needed the most. Only when he maxed out on super geno points could he evolve. If he were to rely on himself, it depended a lot on luck whether he could find a super creature. With the information acc.u.mulated by the Nings for generations, Han Sen could easily locate the super creatures.

"You can go." Han Sen commanded the aqua reaper to loosen the control on Ning Yue. However, the aqua reaper was still inhabiting on Ning Yue. Unless Ning Yue strength surpa.s.sed the aqua reaper, Han Sen could still order the aqua reaper to control Ning Yue to commit suicide from a thousand miles away.

Ning Yue was dazed. He did not expect Han Sen to let him go for real. Momentarily, Ning Yue knew what Han Sen was thinking but did not react. All he said was, "The offspring of Instructor Han would only be a friend of the Nings and never an enemy."

Ning Yue turned to leave without explanation.