Super Gene - Chapter 403: Nine-Life Cat

Chapter 403: Nine-Life Cat

Chapter 403: Nine-Life Cat

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For some reason, Ning Yue started to s.h.i.+ver when watched by the ugly beast soul. It felt like his soul was shaking.

Without hesitation, Ning Yue turned his sword around and stabbed it at his own chest, trying to kill himself.

"Roar!" The ugly beast soul opened its mouth. Suddenly, Ning Yue lost the control of his body. He spread his hands and dropped the sword on the ground.

Watching Ning Yue who as pale as a sheet of paper, Han Sen said quietly, "I told you that it is not that easy to die. Answer a few questions, then maybe I will let you die.

"What beast soul is that?" Ning Yue coughed but did not answer Han Sen's question.

"Aqua reaper, a parasite beast soul," Han Sen said.

Han Sen had been looking for the information on beast soul parasites on the Skynet, but he failed to find any. After doing a lot of tests, he finally understood how the beast soul parasite is used.

The aqua reaper could inhabit on any creature or man and share its or his life. At this point, Ning Yue's life no longer belonged to himself as the aqua reaper could also control his body. How much control it had depended on how much strength the beast soul and its host had respectively.

There was no doubt that the aqua reaper as a super beast soul was much stronger than Ning Yue. Therefore, the aqua reaper naturally had the priority to control Ning Yue's body.

Ning Yue's moves and even thoughts could be sensed by the aqua reaper and sent to Han Sen. Therefore, Han Sen could tell partially what Ning Yue was thinking.

The beast soul parasite also had its shortcoming. If its strength was weaker than its host, it would be controlled by the host in turn.

Of course, if the host was stronger than the parasite, or as strong as the beast soul parasite initially, it would be difficult for the beast soul parasites to inhabit on the host if the host resisted it.

Once it settled down, the beast soul parasite would start to absorb the strength of the host's body. The stronger Ning Yue got, the aqua reaper would also grow with him. It would be difficult for Ning Yue to ever get rid of the aqua reaper.

In First G.o.d's Sanctuary, Han Sen did not think there was any human who could be stronger than a super beast soul, so inhabitation would almost always be successful, unless the host was a super evolver. So far, in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, there was no such person. Han Sen had not even maxed out on super geno points himself.

Han Sen asked a few more questions, but Ning Yue answered none. Using the aqua reaper, Han Sen only got very limited information. Ning Yue's will was too strong.

What a man. It is so impressive that he had such strong will. Han Sen gazed at Ning Yue and met his eyes.

"Kill me. It is impossible that you get anything you want from me," Ning Yue said calmly.

"Ning Yue, do you recognize this?" Han Sen realized that ordinary questions could not shake Ning Yue's will. He pondered, took out the red crystal pendant that looked like a cat or fox, and showed it to Ning Yue.

The moment Ning Yue saw the pendant, his expression suddenly changed. From what the aqua reaper had read from Ning Yue's mind, Han Sen heard crazy exclamation, "Nine-life cat… How could it be the nine-life cat…"

"It is impossible… I have investigated into your background… There is no way that you are the offspring of Instructor Han…" Watching the red pendant in Han Sen's hand, Ning Yue spoke.

"Why is it impossible?" Seeing that Ning Yue's guard was down, Han Sen asked immediately.

Ning Yue seemed to be dazed by Han Sen's question. A long while later, he suddenly stammered, "Yes, you should be his offspring … Yes, you are… Otherwise how could you be so strong… And how could you…"

Ning Yue suddenly looked up at Han Sen with a complicated look, "If you showed me the nine-life cat earlier, we would never end up this way. Instructor Han is a benefactor of the Nings. If I knew earlier that you are his descendent, I would never dare to disrespect you."

Han Sen snorted and said, "Even if he had saved the Nings, it was a long time ago. If I don't have the strength to defend myself, I don't think you would mind killing me."

Ning Yue shook his head and said, "We have a family instruction saying that if we meet any descendent of Instructor Han, we have to treat the person as a benefactor. The Nings would never dare to be disrespectful to you…"

Han Sen was very surprised. He could sense what Ning Yue was thinking with the aqua reaper. Han Sen knew that Ning Yue was telling the truth. However, Han Sen could not ask why the Nings would never dare to be disrespectful to the descendent of Instructor Han. If he had asked that, Ning Yue would probably question whether he was really related to Instructor Han. In that case, Han Sen would not be able to get more information from him.

And Han Sen was not so sure that he was actually related to Instructor Han. After all, the whole thing was rather strange. With the Nings' power, there was no way that they never found out the great-grandfather of Han Sen was the same Han Jingzhi as Instructor Han. Han Sen was wondering himself whether the two were the same person. After all, they did not seem to be of the same age.

As Han Sen was wondering what question he should ask, Ning Yue smiled wryly and continued to say, "If I knew you are related to Instructor Han, I would never have spent so much effort and lost all the good men the Nings cultivated. It is just so predictable that someone of the Hans could kill those strong creatures…"

"It seems that you know a lot about what happened in the past," Han Sen responded. He wished that Ning Yue could continue to speak. When it came to someone like Ning Yue, if he did not want to tell you something, you would not be able to get half a word even if you killed him.

"The old people in the family were reluctant to talk about what happened in the past. I don't know a lot, but since Instructor Han was a benefactor to my ancestors, we have a family instruction that was pa.s.sed down from previous generations to never forget about the favor. That's the only reason that I know about it." Ning Yue sighed and said, "I have heard a lot about Instructor Han's deeds since I was a kid. I have always wanted to become someone like him and repay him. I never expected to antagonize his descendent before I thanked the Hans."

"Oh? Tell me about it, what did the Nings say about him?" Han Sen asked, trying to learn more about the past.

Ning Yue did not try to hide anything and started to talk. However, the deeds of Instructor Han Ning Yue mentioned made Han Sen feel utterly surprised. He could not believe that he had such a person as great-grandfather.