Super Gene - Chapter 392: Weird Dead Guy

Chapter 392: Weird Dead Guy

Chapter 392: Weird Dead Guy

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In the beginning, Han Sen thought it was the person's clothes that were glowing. Maybe it was made of some fluorescent materials. However, very soon, Han Sen made sure that it was not the clothes, but the person himself was glowing.

After checking carefully, Han Sen was surprised to find that it was not a living person. Although it looked exactly like a living person, it was obvious that its exposed face and hands were dried up. It was impossible for a living person to have this kind of feature.

Different from a dead person or a skeleton, the man had his skin and muscles intact, although water had left his body cells. Because his skin was glowing, he did not even look like a mummy.

"Are you alive or dead? If you're alive, say something!" Han Sen was not quite sure whether the person had died.

Han Sen became curious about this dead man, wondering why he would die there in such a strange way.

Checking left and right and making sure nothing was abnormal, Han Sen flapped his wings and approached the person with caution.

While approaching the dead man, Han Sen checked him out. The clothing on the man was very strange, much different from modern clothing. The material and style of his clothing were like the ancient clothes human wore before they ever left planet Earth.

However, Han Sen decided that this idea was ridiculous. At that time, men did not even have the ability to survive in the universe, let alone teleport to G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Maybe he was just a guy who liked to dress weirdly. Han Sen thought to himself.

When he was about 20 feet from the dead man, Han Sen did not continue to approach him. Moving left and right, Han Sen observed the dead man from all angles.

A dead man that looked like he was still alive, that was the only way Han Sen could describe this person. He looked like a breathing person except for the fact that his body had dried up. However, he looked more like a statue made of jade or something, glowing with fluorescent light.

Suddenly, Han Sen's eyes were caught by something next to the left hand of the dead man, which looked like it belonged to the man.

The dead man was sitting with his legs crossed and arms hanging naturally on a platform about 6 feet long extruding from the stone wall. Beside his left hand, there was something that looked like a scroll.

At this point, Han Sen was certain that it was a dead man. Since there was no danger he could sense, Han Sen hesitated, landed on the platform, and picked up the scroll.

The scroll looked like it was made of silk, but the touch of it felt more like leather.

Han Sen looked at the dead man before he opened the scroll. There were lots of miniature characters written on the scroll, at least 30,000 characters on the 3-foot long scroll.

The majority of the characters were embroidered using some special threads, while the last portion was written by a certain kind of liquid. The handwriting of the two parts was also quite different. Han Sen believed they were from two different hands.

Han Sen tried to read the scroll but found that the characters he knew were rather limited. Some of the characters he was familiar with, but not sure if they meant what he thought they meant.

Is it some ancient language from the early days of mankind? Han Sen pondered. The universal language of the Alliance came from a certain country in the early days of mankind. However, the language had already gone through a lot of adjustments. Most people no longer recognized the older languages.

However, in artifacts like calligraphy, older languages could still be found, which seemed to be similar to the characters in the scroll.

"Quite a weird dead guy." Han Sen checked the dead man out again. The dead man was about thirty or forty years old. Although he looked dried up, Han Sen was still able to tell that he must have looked handsome when he was alive.

"Brother, since you have died already, you have no use of your belongings. I'm sure you'd rather do some charity work for a poor living guy like me." Han Sen reached his hand toward the dead man.

He was no stranger to death and did not mind doing something like this.

However, the moment Han Sen touched the clothes of the dead man, the material immediately turned into dust. Pulled by Han Sen, the clothes were immediately blown away. All of a sudden, nothing was left on the dead man's body.

"How come the clothes are so old?" Han Sen paused and looked to the person again. The dead man was naked right now, but his whole body looked sacred and solemn.

Han Sen looked the body all over and found nothing but the scroll.

I wonder who he was. There is no chance he came from the ancient times, right? Even Han Sen felt amused by his own thought.

There were very limited technologies in the ancient times. It was simply impossible for someone to teleport at that time.

In addition to the dead body, there was nothing else. Han Sen then summoned the cursed wolf dagger and cut a hole in the stone wall. He placed the body into the hole, filled the hole with rocks, and said, "Since I damaged your clothes, I will give you a place to rest. As for the scroll, you would not need it as a dead man. I will take it back to have a look. Maybe I can find out who you are and ask your family to bury you properly."

Han Sen then looked around. He did not have anywhere else to go other than the deeper cave.

Han Sen looked into the depths of the cave and tried to fly down. After flying for a few miles, he still could not see the bottom of the cave. Watching the darkness that looked like an entrance to the h.e.l.l, Han Sen felt scared.

He hesitated and felt like it was unnecessary to take such risks. Han Sen flew up and went back to Devil Desert from the path where he came from.