Super Gene - Chapter 393: Golden Growler Again

Chapter 393: Golden Growler Again

Chapter 393: Golden Growler Again

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Han Sen spent two more days in Devil Desert and found no more sacred-blood creatures. He went to the area where the sacred-blood fox king used to be and failed to find it.

To Han Sen's surprise, golden rock worm king had accomplished its transformation.

Super Golden rock worm king: pet (evolved and transformed)

Seeing the golden rock worm king that had finished its transformation, Han Sen felt dumbstruck. Its gigantic body had become much smaller after transformation. It used to be the size of a bus but had shrunk to the size of a car.

However, the golden sh.e.l.l had become thicker. In addition, it had grown four pairs of sharp claws that looked like the sickle of the death. Behind its body, it had also developed a tail like a scorpion's. Behind its back, two pairs of golden wings buzzed like a bee's so fast that they were almost invisible.

Ferocious was the word Han Sen was thinking when seeing the super golden rock worm king. The worm was completely different from what it used to be.

"Evolution… Super pet…" Han Sen had become so overjoyed that he did not know how to organize his words. Although he had hope, the chance was so low that he felt surreal when his hope actually became true.

"Ha ha…" Han Sen summoned the golden rock worm king and couldn't resist laughing when seeing how good the pet looked.

"Super pet plus super pet armor, I don't know who can stop my maxing out on super geno points." Han Sen felt quite proud. He cannot wait to find more super creatures to kill.

However, it remained an issue where to find a super creature. Unlike Starry Group which had a huge intelligence network and large amounts of capital and manpower, or Ares Martial Hall which had talents in all shelters, Han Sen was on his own.

To find a super creature, the only way was to piece together fragmented information from the news on the Skynet and the platform of the special squad.

With the super rock worm king, Han Sen did not want to find a sacred-blood creature anymore. Instead, he immediately went to Steel Armor Shelter, wanting to find a super creature so that he could max out on super geno points as soon as possible.

However, before Han Sen reached Steel Armor Shelter, he felt something was wrong. Many people were fleeting from the shelter with a terrorized look. Some people were even injured.

Han Sen would not feel much if it were just a few people. However, more and more people started to flood out of the shelter, which was abnormal.

"Brother, what's happening?" Han Sen pulled someone pa.s.sing by and asked.

"Creature… A creature came to the shelter…" The person said, frightened.

Han Sen paused. It was common for a creature to make its way into a shelter in Second or Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. However, in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, creatures would not even approach a shelter. Han Sen had never heard of any incidents in which a creature attacked humans in the shelter. In fact, he thought it had never happened before.

"How many creatures were in the shelter?" Han Sen asked hastily.

"One…" The guy replied.

"One? What creature?" Maybe it's a super creature? Han Sen's brows were knitted. Steel Armor Shelter was not a weak shelter. There were a lot of strong men in the shelter. One creature frightened so many people out of the shelter, which proved the strength of the creature.

"A lion… A giant golden lion…" The guy stuttered.

The words made Han Sen's hearts sink. Golden lion… Could it be that baby golden growler?

Han Sen walked faster toward Steel Armor Shelter. The closer he got to the shelter, the more people running away from the shelter he saw. Many people were injured and crying.

Han Sen also saw many people pulling dead bodies out of the shelter. It looked like there were quite a lot of casualties, since no one could have imagined a creature making its way into the shelter.

There were so many weaker people in the shelter. If it was really a super creature, Han Sen did not think they could even be able to run away.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and went against the crowds, entering Steel Armor Shelter. He saw a giant golden lion raging among the buildings of the shelter from afar.

Although many strong men were attacking it, none could stop it. The golden lion was still killing like crazy.

Golden growler… You must be the little golden growler.

Watching the grown golden growler which was as tall as a two-story building, Han Sen felt surprised and pleased.

He was pleased that he got to meet the baby golden growler again, as he now had the ability to kill it. This golden growler was simply a G.o.dsend.

However, Han Sen was surprised how big the golden growler had grown. When it moved its paw, it could easily tear down a room.

Each room was a private s.p.a.ce equipped with a teleport device. Everyone was naturally a.s.signed his or her room when coming to First G.o.d's Sanctuary. However, in higher G.o.d's Sanctuary, humans were completely on their own. They would need to build or fight for their own shelter, and sometimes they would even be attacked by creatures in the shelter.

Watching the golden growler crus.h.i.+ng buildings and rooms, Han Sen's hearts raced, because the golden growler was about to reach his room in the shelter.

Han Sen did not care about anything else, but the archer crow he was feeding, which should not be revealed in public no matter what.

The golden growler stamped on the buildings and people who had not made their way out yet, looking like a vicious Dragon. Golden growler approached his own room.

Without any hesitation, Han Sen summoned the super golden rock worm king in super pet armor. He shapes.h.i.+fted into the fairy queen and summoned the cursed wolf dagger. Standing on the back of the golden rock worm king, Han Sen rushed toward the golden growler.

With its four wings buzzing, the golden rock worm king looked like an alien creature, wielding its four sharp claws at the golden growler.

Han Sen was standing on the back of the worm king, his blonde hair dancing in the wind and his ruby crown s.h.i.+ning under the sun. With the cursed wolf dagger in his hand, Han Sen fixed his gaze upon the golden growler.