Super Gene - Chapter 391: Invincible Pet Armor

Chapter 391: Invincible Pet Armor

Chapter 391: Invincible Pet Armor

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The golden rock worm king which had lost its appet.i.te for a long time suddenly opened its mouth wide and swallowed the black-feathered beast king's body in its entirety, making the rest of the group dumbstruck.

Everyone could tell that the body indeed belonged to the sacred-blood black-feathered beast king. Originally, they thought Han Sen would save the body for himself. Who knows that Han Sen had fed the whole body to his pet. It was simply impressive.

After swallowing the black-feathered beast king, the golden rock worm king stayed still and started to squirm.

"It really is about to transform!" Han Sen became overjoyed and took the worm king back, letting it finish the transformation in his mind.

"I hope it could evolve at the same time. If I could gain a super beast and equip it with the blood the snail armor, I can basically kill any super creature." Han Sen prayed secretly to all the G.o.ds in the world, wis.h.i.+ng that the golden rock worm king could evolve in the same way Meowth did.

"Sen, if you have maxed out on super geno points, you can sell me the sacred-blood meat. It is such a waste feeding it to your pet," said Yuan.

"It is too late. Maybe next time," Han Sen said with a smile. He did not think feeding his pet was a waste at all.

With the super pet armor, a strong pet would be a tremendous help to Han Sen. In addition, Han Sen was also expecting the golden rock worm king to evolve. Although the chance was slim, one could still hope.

"I have some private business and will not keep going. We will have to part our ways here." Han Sen planned to go to the underground cave where he used to hunt ghost b.u.t.terflies. Maybe he could gain a few beast soul boomerangs.

The sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly boomerangs were quite useful. Although the cursed wolf dagger was good, it was a short weapon after all. And when he used sacred-blood bow and arrow, Han Sen needed time to prepare. The damage the boomerang cost and its flexibility meant a lot to Han Sen.

Since he was already close to the cave, Han Sen planned to have a look.

After parting way with Qing and Yuan, Han Sen went to check out the underground cave. Again, he saw the ghost b.u.t.terflies with blue flames flickering on their wings.

Han Sen summoned Meowth, put super pet armor on it, and ordered it to rush to the b.u.t.terflies.

Groups of b.u.t.terflies were awakened and became fireb.a.l.l.s rus.h.i.+ng toward Meowth. Blue flames. .h.i.t Meowth as if they had hit a gla.s.s s.h.i.+eld and bounced off immediately.

The blue flames were flying across like fireworks, but Meowth was not hurt at all.

Hearing the voice sounding in his mind, telling him ghost b.u.t.terflies killed and beast souls gained, Han Sen became overjoyed. Super pet armor was indeed outstanding.


"Sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly gained. Meat inedible."

Suddenly, Han Sen heard the voice, which made him jump with joy. Checking Meowth, Han Sen found his pet was still going forward as if nothing had happened.

"Super pet armor is simply wonderful." Han Sen had never visited the underground cave before because the sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terflies were still threatening to him. He could not even defend himself with his sacred-blood armor on.

This time, Han Sen was planning to check out the performance of the super pet armor, which did not disappoint him. The explosion of the sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly did not even leave any mark on the pet armor, let alone hurt Meowth. The pet armor was basically invincible.

Han Sen did not bring the rest of the group over, not because he did not want others to learn about the cave, but because he did not want them to see the super pet armor or Meowth.

Watching Meowth having fun hunting the b.u.t.terflies like a kitty cat, Han Sen followed his pet delightedly, enjoying the gains without lifting a finger. All sorts of ghost b.u.t.terflies were smashed against the super pet armor, contributing beast souls to Han Sen.

Meowth jumped up and down in the cave and cleared all the ghost b.u.t.terflies. Han Sen summoned his newly gained sacred-blood black-feathered beast wings and followed Meowth in the air.

A pair of black wings spread on Han Sen's back, making him look like a dark angel. The speed of this pair of wings were the same as the purple-feathered dragon's.

Last time Han Sen did not make it to the end of the cave, so he wanted to see for himself what was awaiting if he went further.

"Sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly killed. Beast soul gained. Meat inedible."

Watching the ghost b.u.t.terflies became more and more scarce, Han Sen heard another voice telling him about another sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly beast soul.

"Another sacred-blood one!" Han Sen saw another blue ghost b.u.t.terfly in his mind, flapping its wings and looking gorgeous.

When Han Sen went deeper into the cave, there were few were ghost b.u.t.terflies left. Han Sen checked his mind and found that he already had two to three hundred ghost b.u.t.terfly beast souls, among which about to dozens were mutant and two were sacred-blood.

"Such a great place. However, I wonder when there will be ghost b.u.t.terflies again after I wiped them out just now." Han Sen glanced at the empty underground cave and Meowth which seemed to be lamenting the fact that it could not play anymore. Deeper inside the cave, darkness prevented Han Sen to see the end.

The cave was extremely deep, and water kept flowing down. although there were some sideways, the main cave never changed its direction, but went straight down to the center of the earth.

Han Sen hesitated slightly and decided to let Meowth scout.

According to Han Sen's previous experience, there are generally very strong creatures in deep caves like this one. Since the direction was pretty straightforward, he was not worried about getting lost and was in no hurry to leave.

After more than half a day, Han Sen suddenly entered a large s.p.a.ce. Water started to go down straight and became a waterfall.

Standing at the end of the narrow path, Han Sen could not see where the water was falling using the light of the torch. It was deep and dark and silent. Han Sen could not even tell how deep the larger cave was, given that he could not even hear the sound of the waterfall.

Han Sen looked up and his pupils suddenly contracted as his glance swept across. Using the torch, Han Sen saw someone sitting opposite him.

"Who is there?" Han Sen yelled at the person, but there was no response. Looking around vigilantly, Han Sen felt something must be wrong. He was about 100 feet from the person, so he should not be able to see the person with the dim light of the torch. The reason Han Sen was able to see the person was that the person was glowing.