Super Gene - Chapter 390: Killing a Sacred-blood Creature You Don’t Even See

Chapter 390: Killing a Sacred-blood Creature You Don’t Even See

Chapter 390: Killing a Sacred-blood Creature You Don’t Even See

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The group of people continued their way into the Devil Desert. At night, when they were having a break, Yuan whispered to Han Sen when the teenager was not nearby, "Brother, Hai Yun is arrogant because his grandfather is Hai Mingwei. Don't pay him any mind."

"Senator Hai Mingwei?" Han Sen was surprised to hear that. Hai Mingwei was a senator and demiG.o.d, probably the best fighter among all humans. When Han Sen just entered G.o.d's Sanctuary, Hai Mingwei became the first human who had killed a demiG.o.d sacred-blood creature.

So far, no one could follow that example. Hai Mingwei was named the best fighter ever, and the most likely candidate of the President of the Alliance.

Han Sen had heard rumors that the Hais were one of the clans that inherited ancient martial arts, which was why Hai Mingwei could reach his level.

Yuan nodded and said, "Hai Yun is the only boy in his generation, which is why the entire clan takes his education very seriously. Since he is randomly a.s.signed to Steel Armor Shelter, both my family and Qing's family told us to keep him safe. If anything happens to him, both of us will be responsible. Just don't pay him any mind, brother."

Han Sen nodded. He did not mean to take Hai Yun seriously anyway. However, he curiously asked, "Did the Hais really inherit ancient martial arts?"

Yuan curled his lips and said, "Most of the senators have something to do with ancient martial arts, which gave them a huge advantage when they entered G.o.d's Sanctuary. Otherwise, they would have no advantages. Those who fight on their own are basically all in the house."

"Good to know." It was the first time that Han Sen heard about these things, so he felt quite interested and asked Yuan a few more questions.

Yuan did not know much either. Some of his family members was in the House. Although they knew something about the Senate, they did not know a lot.

When they set out on the road again, Hai Yun was extremely active, killing almost all the creatures they saw. His fitness was great, and the techniques he was using were impressive, many of which Han Sen had never seen before. They were probably the secret of the Hais.

Each time Hai Yun killed a creature, he would shoot a challenging glance at Han Sen. However, Han Sen remained calm and acted as if he did not see it.

The biggest thing Hai Yun killed was one or two mutant creatures, which Han Sen was not interested in at all. He was not in the mood to play a child's game.

The third day into the desert, when they were marching, Han Sen suddenly looked surprised as he gazed at the horizon. He stopped his mount and summoned the horn bow and the bony fish arrow.

"Brother, what had happened?" Seeing Han Sen acting like that, everyone else became alarmed. However, they did not see anything nearby.

"Black-feathered beasts. The king is also here," Han Sen pointed to the horizon and said.

Han Sen was quite pleased. This was not far from where he ran into the black-feathered beasts last time. It was great that he saw them again. He would never miss this opportunity.

The rest of the group looked in the direction that Han Sen was pointing. All they could see was some black dots.

"I wonder if that is true. You are so far from the creatures. Even if you could see them, what's the point of taking out your bow? You could not even hurt an ordinary creature at such a distance, let alone a sacred-blood creature," said Hai Yun with his lips curled.

Han Sen did not reply but pulled the horn bow to its full. Aiming at the horizon for a while, Han Sen suddenly shot the bony fish arrow.

A gray shadow flew toward the sky and immediately disappeared in people's sight. No one knew where the arrow went.

Momentarily, they heard a shrill cry from afar. The group were overjoyed. Yuan looked to Han Sen and asked, "Brother, you got it?"

Han Sen nodded excitedly. The voice in his mind made him so happy that he did not know what to say.

"Sacred-blood creature black-feathered beast king killed. Beast soul of black-feathered beast king gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points."

Han Sen was surprised to gain the beast soul of the creature. He felt like his luck was getting better recently.

"Brother, did you really kill the sacred-blood black-feathered beast?" Qing could not believe what had happened. He stared his eyes wide, as he did not see what the black-feathered beast looked like.

Han Sen nodded. Hai Yun snorted and urged his mount to run where the arrow fell. He did not believe that before he even saw the beasts, Han Sen had already killed their sacred-blood king.

Yuan and Qing were worried about Hai Yun and quickly summoned everyone to go after him. As the group of people approached the spot, they eventually saw a tornado of black-feathered beasts hovering in the sky, screeching.

In the center of the tornado stood a boulder a hundred feet tall. A giant black-feathered beast was impaled on the boulder with an arrow, the same arrow that Han Sen shot just now.

Hai Yun widened his eyes and felt incredulous. The rest of the group were also dumbstruck. How strong must Han Sen be to kill a sacred-blood creature more than a mile away.

"In First G.o.d's Sanctuary, I believe you do not have any match," said Yuan admiringly.

Hai Yun looked at Han Sen with complex emotions. Initially, he did not think much of Han Sen, but he suddenly realized the gap between Han Sen and himself was too wide. Before he even saw the sacred-blood creature, Han Sen had already killed it, which was a hard blow in Hai Yun's face.

"There are so many masters in the Alliance. This is nothing," said Han Sen casually and quickly rushed into the black-feathered beasts, trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the body of the beast king.

The rest of the group also rushed over. Without the leaders.h.i.+p of the beast king, the black-feathered beasts became a chaos. Most of them flew away, and the few that attacked the humans were all killed.

Han Sen quickly dashed to the boulder and took back the bony fish arrow. The body of the black-feathered beast king immediately fell to the ground, dust swirling.

Han Sen did not take the body up but summoned the golden rock worm king. He pointed at the black-feathered beast king's body and the worm king immediately threw itself at the body excitedly.

Recently, the golden rock worm king had stopped eating. It lost its interest in all meat but the meat of sacred-blood creatures. Han Sen thought it was time for the worm king to evolve. The black-feathered beast was huge in size. It would take Han Sen a long while to gain a sacred-blood geno point. He thought it was better if he just feed the whole body to the worm king.