Super Gene - Chapter 389: The Plan to Max Out Sacred Geno Points

Chapter 389: The Plan to Max Out Sacred Geno Points

Chapter 389: The Plan to Max Out Sacred Geno Points

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Ning Yue did not stop Han Sen but still sent for someone to follow him. Although Han Sen felt he was followed, he did not mean to get rid of the tail. Han Sen returned to Steel Armor Shelter as usual.

Ning Yue received the message and frowned. Is it true that he did not kill the super creature?

The super creature had at least 400 pounds of meat. In such a short amount of time, it was impossible for Han Sen to finish the meat. If he hid the meat somewhere, then he should not have gone back to Steel Armor Shelter.

After all, meat went bad easily. If Han Sen hid the meat away, after he returned from Steel Armor Shelter, the meat would no longer be edible.

If he had not killed the creature, where did the creature go? Ning Yue felt something was wrong but could not tell what.

Han Sen went back to Steel Armor Shelter, wondering where he could kill a few sacred-blood creatures to max out his sacred geno points and help the golden rock worm king transform.

Maybe I should go to the devil Desert. Han Sen was still thinking about the sacred-blood fox king and the sacred-blood black-feathered beast king. Either would make a great snack for the worm king.

Han Sen had always wanted to kill the fox king but had never found a good opportunity. A while back, he was unable to kill it. When he was capable of killing it, he could not find the creature.

The sacred-blood black-feathered beast king was a creature that could produce a rare flying sacred-blood beast soul. It was quite a shame that Han Sen did not kill it last time.

If Han Sen could gain the beast soul of the sacred-blood black-feathered beast king, he could sell the wings of the purple-feathered dragon, which had been seen by too many people.

Since Han Sen had reached a conclusion, he did not go back to Steel Armor Shelter, but went to Devil Desert directly.

"Foxes… Black-feathered beasts… Where are you…" Han Sen rode on the back of the golden rock worm king and entered the Devil Desert.

Although the golden rock worm king had not transformed yet, it was of a significant size and marched much faster in the sand compared to Meowth.

Entering the desert again, Han Sen did not know how to describe his feeling. He used to be chased by the sacred-blood fox king in despair but could kill it with a single shot these days, no matter how sly it was.

Shortly after Han Sen entered the Devil Desert, he saw many dead creatures. It seemed that some people had already cleared the path.

As Han Sen was wondering if he should choose a different direction, he heard roars of creatures and shouting of humans. Since the sounds were not far, Han Sen commanded the golden rock worm king to go over there.

Han Sen saw the group of people who were hunting. The group was led by Yuan and Qing.

The golden rock worm king was so eye-catching that Yuan and Qing saw it from afar. They recognized that it was Han Sen's pet and felt relieved. Since they were hunting rock snakes, they did not say hi and fought harder.

The group was quite organized as if they were soldiers. It was easy for them to hunt the rock snakes, so Han Sen did not join them, but watched on a dune nearby.

Watching Qing and Yuan slaughtering the creatures, Han Sen felt so much time had pa.s.sed. These two boys were rookies who he used to instruct and protect. However, they had become masters who could defend themselves, which made Han Sen feel a bit emotional.

Have I grown old? Han Sen touched his chin, which was very smooth, and was reminded that he was only nearly 20 years old.

Because he had practiced Jadeskin, Han Sen had very tender skin like a teenage girl. Even he had been exposed to wind and suns.h.i.+ne in the wild for some time, his skin still remained soft and fair.

This is too obvious a feature. Han Sen thought. If he did not have erection every morning, he wondered if he would become a woman if he kept practicing this hyper geno art.

Han Sen looked around eighteen years old, younger than he actually was. Fortunately, he had manly facial features. Otherwise, he might be mistaken for a woman for real. After all, it was so rare for a guy to have skin like this.

"Brother, how come you're here?" As Han Sen was deep in his thought. Yuan and Qing had finished hunting the rock snakes and walked over to Han Sen.

"I plan to hunt some sacred-blood creatures in Devil Desert and max out my sacred geno points. Didn't expect to see you here," Han Sen came off from the back of the golden rock worm king and said with a smile.

"Oh, you're going deeper into the desert? Take us with you! We will just watch you and don't worry about us stealing your creatures," Yuan said, looking at Han Sen expectantly.

"Okay. We can go together. You can hunt the creatures as well, which should be fun," Han Sen smiled and said.

Han Sen was actually thinking, sorry, Yuan and Qing. Kill as many as mutant creatures you want, but sacred-blood creatures are all mine.

Currently, Han Sen was equipped with a sacred-blood bow and arrow. With his archery skills and strength, a sacred-blood creature could not even take an arrow from him. It was impossible that the boys could s.n.a.t.c.h a sacred-blood creature from Han Sen.

"Ha-ha, then we will do our best. Don't be p.i.s.sed if we s.n.a.t.c.h a creature from you," said Yuan, grinning.

"Don't worry. I am not that far from maxing out on sacred geno points and can wait one day or two. In addition, it will not be easy for you to steal creatures from me. If you have that kind of ability, I will be more happy than mad," Han Sen said with a smile.

"Maxing out on sacred geno points is not a big deal at all, not to mention you have not achieved that yet," said the young man with his lips curled. The young man was about seventeen years old and had a butch haircut. It seemed he was unhappy with the fact that Han Sen was treating them like kids.

"No big deal indeed. I entered G.o.d's Sanctuary two years earlier than you did is all," Han Sen said with a smile, seeing that Yuan and Qing were blinking at him. Han Sen did not want to be too serious around a teenager.

"Entering G.o.d's Sanctuary earlier does not mean you are stronger. Since you have said we are free to hunt the creatures, let's see who could hunt a sacred-blood creature first," the teenager insisted.

"Okay," Han Sen nodded and said, still smiling.