Super Gene - Chapter 388: Super Pet Armor

Chapter 388: Super Pet Armor

Chapter 388: Super Pet Armor

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Han Sen found a hidden spot and started to appreciate his newly gained super beast soul in excitement.

Type of beast soul of super creature blood snail: pet armor.

"Pet armor? Is this beast soul used on pets?" Han Sen had never heard of such a beast soul

Feeling puzzled, Han Sen hesitated and summoned Meowth. He then used the super pet armor on Meowth.

All of a sudden, the shadow of blood snail was attached to Meowth and then turned into a translucent jade sh.e.l.l, covering the entire body of Meowth, which now looked like a jade statue.

"Run, Meowth!" Han Sen wondered whether Meowth could still run fast wearing such armor.

Meowth roared and set out like a lightning bolt. In an instant, Meowth was almost 200 feet away, even faster than it was before.

Han Sen was surprised. It seemed that the pet armor did not affect Meowth's speed but enhanced its fitness.

Han Sen called Meowth back and beat it hard. It seemed that the super pet armor had incredible defense, which was much better than Han Sen's sacred-blood armor.

Without using the cursed wolf dagger, Han Sen could not even break the super pet armor.

"Lucky… I have been so lucky. With the super pet armor, Meowth should be able to take attacks from some of the super creatures. With such a super pet as my tank, I do not need to probe and take the risks on my own when hunting another super creature." Han Sen became overjoyed and kissed Meowth on its forehead.

Han Sen summoned the golden rock worm king and holy angel, trying to equip them with the super pet armor.

"Pet not transformed yet. Unable to use the armor." Han Sen got a hint telling him it could not be used.

Only transformed pets could use the super pet armor. Fortunately, the golden rock worm king should be transforming soon.

Han Sen thought he should kill one or two sacred-blood creatures to feed the golden rock worm king.

However, Han Sen was not in the mood. He was thinking about something else, which was the ability of the beetle knight. Ning Yue had shown him the power of a doppelgänger beast soul. Having spent many days with Ning Yue, Han Sen was not even able to tell it was just a doppelgänger. This kind of ability was simply unbelievable, which was also quite meaningful to Han Sen.

He was about to evolve, and the beast souls belonging to Dollar were less and less useful. Although he could sell them using Dollar's name, the things he got in return would still be traced back to Han Sen.

With the doppelgänger, Han Sen could be two persons at the same time and purchase the beast souls Dollar sold. No one had to know the connection between himself and Dollar, which was perfect.

Han Sen could not wait to know whether the beetle knight would work in the same way as Ning Yue's doppelgänger beast soul.

Han Sen went back to Faith Shelter overnight and teleported back to Blackhawk. He then went to the restroom in his dormitory. Watching his reflection in the mirror, Han Sen summoned the beetle knight again. Previously, the beetle knight could not be summoned. However, this time it came out of Han Sen's mind.

Without a pause, the beetle knight entered the mirror. A ripple appeared in the mirror as the beetle knight walked inside. After the beetle knight was in the mirror, it integrated itself with Han Sen's reflection and walked out of the mirror.

Looking at the beetle knight that looked exactly like himself, Han Sen opened his mouth wide and could not begin to describe the excitement he was feeling.

After a series of experiments, Han Sen felt more and more thrilled. He could even manipulate the beetle knight's body from the beast soul's perspective.

Although the beetle knight had become Han Sen, its physique was still the same as the beast soul, vastly different from Han Sen's.

To Han Sen's satisfaction, the doppelgänger could use beast souls like a normal human being, as long as Han Sen transferred the beast souls to it.

It is exactly what I think. This way, Dollar's ident.i.ty would no longer be an issue. Han Sen was wondering how he could transfer Dollar's beast souls to himself without exposing his secret. However, he could only do that when he returned to Steel Armor Shelter. Otherwise, people would still connect him with Dollar.

The next morning, Han Sen was preparing to go back to Steel Armor Shelter. Since he had already killed the super creature and antagonized Ning Yue, it was no longer a good idea to stay in Faith Shelter.

"Mr. Han, how about we find a place to talk?" Before Han Sen left Faith Shelter, Ning Yue was standing in front of him, with a gentle smile per usual, as if nothing had happened between Han Sen and him.

"Is there anything to talk about between us?" Han Sen looked around and did not see any suspicious person.

"I am alone, and you could decide where we have the talk," Ning Yue smiled and said. "Mr. Han, compet.i.tion and business should not be mixed. If you have already killed the creature, I am willing to pay for the meat. If you're willing to sell the beast soul, it would be even better. I can accept any price you name."

"Young master, do you really think I could kill the creature alone?" Han Sen licked his lips and said.

"Previously I did not believe that. However, after that day, I no longer dared to think so. You are not an ordinary person," said Ning Yue earnestly.

"Young master, you give me too much credit. However, I am not as strong as you think." Han Sen paused and said, "you know clearly when I came back and whether I had brought any meat back. What more do I need to say?"

Naturally, Ning Yue knew what Han Sen meant. The creature was huge and had a lot of meat. Han Sen returned on the same day. If he had obtained the meat, it was impossible for him to finish eating it. However, Han Sen brought nothing back.

"But the creature disappeared," Ning Yue stared into Han Sen's eyes and said.

"I had also gone down to the Valley and did not find the creature. If you're asking me where it went, I would have to let you down again." Han Sen was not afraid that Ning Yue would not believe him. So far, no one knew that the body of a super creature would disappear after being killed. No matter how smart Ning Yue was, he would not know there was no meat to begin with.

Ning Yue watched Han Sen for a while but could tell nothing. He chuckled and asked, "What's your plan later? How about we continue to collaborate?"

"No, thank you. To be honest, I am scared." Han Sen waved his hand and walked toward the exit of the shelter, "I will go back to Steel Armor Shelter. Forget about the collaboration. I am too old for that kind of thrill."