Super Gene - Chapter 387: Blood Snail Beast Soul

Chapter 387: Blood Snail Beast Soul

Chapter 387: Blood Snail Beast Soul

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"Any last word?" Han Sen did not reply but asked.

Ning Yue coughed and said, "Maybe you do not know that there is a type of beast soul called doppelgänger. The person standing in front of you is merely a doppelgänger. Even if you kill me right away, you will only be destroying a beast soul. So how about we have a nice talk instead?"

Han Sen did not speak but walked toward Ning Yue with the dagger in his hand.

"If you do not believe me, I could prove it to you that I am just a beast soul," Ning Yue said to Han Sen with his brows knitted.

"I believe you," said Han Sen and immediately beheaded Ning Yue with his dagger.

In Faith Shelter, Ning Yue who was drinking tea muttered to himself, "There goes my only sacred-blood doppelgänger beast soul. My teacher is right, I am still not calm enough."

Ning Yue took a sip of his tea but could not stop thinking about Han Sen.

Watching "Ning Yue's body" disappearing in front of him, Han Sen was not upset, but pleased. He had guessed what a beast soul doppelgänger could do. After witnessing how amazing Ning Yue's doppelgänger was, Han Sen was very glad that he had the beetle knight.

However, it was not an urgent matter. Han Sen quickly summoned the wings of purple feathered Dragon and flew down the cliff.

Han Sen had learned everything about the creature and knew that he could kill it.

The cursed wolf dagger, forty-three super geno points, Heresy Mantra and Overload, together gave Han Sen the ability to fight some super creatures.

Golden growler was clearly beyond the Han Sen's ability. However, this giant snail was a weaker super creature. It was more or less on the same level as the cursed wolf, which Han Sen could kill.

Han Sen flew down the cliff and saw the giant snail had already made its way half down the cliff.

Han Sen flapped his wings and kicked at the sh.e.l.l, trying to send the snail down the cliff.

However, the creature attached itself to the stone and did not move at all. Han Sen's foot, on the other hand, was almost dislocated.

Han Sen again used the cursed wolf dagger to cut at the jade sh.e.l.l of the creature. With both Heresy Mantra and Overload reaching his extreme, Han Sen was equipped with incredible strength.

The cursed wolf dagger moved across the air and hit the sh.e.l.l, making the sound of metal.

The sh.e.l.l was left with an inch-deep mark. The bouncing effect was also diverted by Han Sen.

Ding ding ding!

In the air, Han Sen repeatedly cut the jade sh.e.l.l, making an inch-deep mark each time. Very soon, the marks were all over the jade sh.e.l.l.

The creature turned itself again into tentacles, trying to tie Han Sen up. However, the dagger kept cutting at the tentacles, none of which managed to approach Han Sen.

Left… right… left… right…

With extremely fierce strength, the dagger kept cutting the jade sh.e.l.l and deepening the marks on the sh.e.l.l. The metal sounds were almost nonstop.


Eventually, after taking hundreds or thousands of hits, the jade sh.e.l.l was broken by the dagger into pieces and fell underneath the cliff.

Without the protection of the jade sh.e.l.l, the red meat issued a screech and threw itself at Han Sen in the form of tentacles.

Han Sen looked extremely calm. He wielded his dagger and cut off all the tentacles, approaching the vital part of the red meat at the same time.


Han Sen's strike broke the red meat and sliced off the two eyes of the creature. The creature suddenly screamed. It could no longer attach its body to the cliff and fell.

"Super creature blood snail killed. Beast soul of super creature blood snail gained. Life essence available. Meat inedible."

Hearing the voice in his mind, Han Sen almost moaned in happiness. It was indeed a super creature. He not only gained its life essence, but also had the beast soul.

"Amazing!" Han Sen was in a great mood. When he reached the bottom of the valley, the body of the blood snail was almost all gone. A red crystal the size of the fist fell on the ground.

Han Sen took the red crystal and started to lick it. The crystal melted into blood like liquid and Han Sen swallowed greedily.

"Life essence of super creature blood snail eaten. One super geno point gained."

"Life essence of super creature blood snail eaten. One super geno point gained."


Hearing the pleasing voice and feeling the warm streams filling his body, Han Sen felt on top of the world. It was almost like he was in heaven.

The life essence of the blood snail provided nine super geno points for Han Sen. Adding to the forty-three points he already had, Han Sen currently had fifty-two super geno points and his fitness was further enhanced.

Humans in First G.o.d's Sanctuary could reach fifteen in fitness index when maxing out on all four types of geno points. Most people would be able to reach twenty in some respects, which was already the limits humans could reach in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

After evolving, people like this would gain a sacred body, which would enhance their fitness index to around thirty. At that time, they could reach nearly 40 in one or two aspects.

However, Han Sen had not evolved yet, and his fitness index had already pa.s.sed twenty by a lot. However, all aspects of Han Sen's fitness were rather balanced.

Han Sen calculated based on his own condition. When he maxed out on sacred geno points and super geno points, his fitness index should be over thirty without any additional enhancement, which would be the same as an evolver with a sacred body.

Han Sen was looking forward to experiencing the evolution and having his physique enhanced. At that point, his fitness should be reaching an incredible level. In addition, the foundation would mean the world to his future development. It would determine how he performed after becoming a surpa.s.ser or demiG.o.d. Han Sen did not want to miss any opportunities. He wanted to evolve at his best.

The fitness level of a mutant evolver was around twenty, and the fitness level of a sacred-blood evolver was around thirty. So how about a super evolver?

The first super body in mankind, the thought made Han Sen's blood boil. He wished he could immediately fill up his super geno points and become a super evolver.