Super Gene - Chapter 383: First Men in God’s Sanctuary

Chapter 383: First Men in God’s Sanctuary

Chapter 383: First Men in G.o.d’s Sanctuary

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After waking up, the rest of the group quickly understood what had happened. They shot murderous looks at Zhu Ting, and someone even drew his weapon out.

Han Sen stopped him. That person asked Han Sen, "Mr. Han, what are you doing?"

If it were not for the fact that Han Sen had saved them, they would have killed Han Sen in madness as well.

"He paid me for his life, so you will let him survive," said Han Sen quietly. "In addition, if you want to kill him, you should ask your young master first."

The reason that Han Sen had saved Zhu Ting was because he wanted to find out what Ning Yue would say to Zhu Ting, which might give him more clues about the Chens and the Nings.

The accident of Han Sen's father was so mysterious that it would be hard for Han Sen to learn the truth.

Otherwise, Han Sen would not have saved Yang Yongcheng and the rest. He would probably have killed Zhu Ting as well.

However, Han Sen had to be more thoughtful than that. The first thing he needed to figure out was whether the Nings were his enemy.

Something made Han Sen feel confused. With the power of Starry Group, it would be easy for them to investigate the Hans. If Han Sen's great grandpa had something to do with super creatures, why did the Nings never find them?

Maybe they knew who Han Sen's great grandpa was and had targeted the Hans in the first place. However, in that case, why would Han Sen's father have asked him to seek the Nings' help?

Han Sen did not think his father was a stupid person. On the contrary, Han Sen remembered his father to be mild tempered but quite smart. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to develop a workshop into a medium-sized business worth 100 million. Although 100 million was nothing in the Alliance these days, it was hard to earn that much for someone with no background.

"Since that is the case, let's do what Mr. Han asked," Yang Yongcheng stopped the rest, nodded and said.

The group of people marched back, taking Zhu Ting as their prisoner. Han Sen was tired of hearing them cursing Zhu Ting. It seemed that it had never occurred to them that Zhu Ting was a spy.

"Han Sen, will you save me for real?" Zhu Ting moved his tightly tied-up body close to Han Sen and whispered when it was Han Sen's turn to watch him at night.

"Are you interested in collaborating with me?" Zhu Ting continued.

Seeing that Han Sen was still ignoring him, Zhu Ting frantically whispered in an even lower voice, "Do not give your dagger away for any reason. Otherwise, you will face death."

Han Sen looked at Zhu Ting but did not speak.

"Beyond sacred genes, there are super genes. For more than century, both my family and the Nings have paid unimaginable costs to figure it out. However, until now, we have still found nothing. The only weapon that could possibly be used to kill a creature beyond sacred-blood creatures is the dagger in your hand. Ning Yue will get it at all costs. As long as you have the dagger, you can still live. However, if you don't, you will not be far from death…" Zhu Ting continued.

"Since no one could kill those creatures, how did you know that super genes even exist?" Han Sen kept his face called though feeling incredibly excited.

"I told you before my ancestor worked together with the ancestor of the Nings in a department, do you know what the department is called?" Although Zhu Ting was asking Han Sen, he did not mean to hear a reply. He lowered his voice and continued, "The department is called Secret Service. When the teleport technologies were first developed, the department was the first to enter G.o.d's Sanctuary. And they were the ones who left us the information about super genes."

Han Sen calm himself down and whispered, "How is that possible? Even nowadays, humans could not kill the creatures you're talking about. When we first discovered G.o.d's Sanctuary, we had even worse martial arts and geno point counts. How could they have killed those creatures to gain super genes?"

"I don't really understand what had happened. However, they did leave us some information. Otherwise, the two families would not have spent so much effort in pursuing super genes. You couldn't imagine how much we have paid and how many lives it has cost in these years."

"What is the information they left?" Han Sen raised his eyebrows and asked.

"The information is very limited. The majority of the Secret Service died in G.o.d's Sanctuary, only a few survived. And after they teleported back to the Alliance, all of them died at the same time with no obvious sign. Before they died, they were still excitedly investigating something and did not realize death was about to come. We only found some clues in their belongings, but the information is fragmented."

Han Sen frowned. It seemed that the information Zhu Ting gave him matched what was left by Han Sen's great-grandfather. However, something seemed to be wrong.

"I am just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d son and do not know much about it. The only thing I am sure about is that the families of the survivors in Secret Service are all looking for super genes," Zhu Ting continued.

"What you want me to do by telling me this?" Han Sen asked Zhu Ting.

Zhu Ting suddenly had a mysterious look on his face and said, "Rest a.s.sured, I will not ask you to cut me loose. I am only telling you these to make you understand that you can never give the dagger to Ning Yue. Also, you'd better not try killing that creature. If you do, never give Ning Yue the beast soul or meat. Once the Nings have the ability to kill those creatures, do you think they will let you live and compete with them?"

Han Sen knew what Zhu Ting wanted. He said all that to talk Han Sen out of helping Ning Yue.

However, Zhu Ting's worry was unnecessary. Han Sen never planned to kill a super creature for Ning Yue. Han Sen understood everything Zhu Ting was saying.

Han Sen asked Zhu Ting a few more questions, but Zhu Ting did not say much. He did not beg Han Sen to let him go either. Very soon, Zhu Ting fell asleep.

Chapter 384 - Fate

Han Sen did not know how much of what Zhu Ting had told him was real. Although he had learned more, Han Sen now had even more questions.

The second night after Zhu Ting told Han Sen those words, Zhu Ting was tied up with special ropes managed to run away. The person who was in charge of watching him died on the spot with all his skin black. Obviously, the guard was poisoned.

Zhu Ting was kept close to the rest of the group, but no one heard a thing. The guard never made a move or sound either. Yang Yongcheng only found his body when it was Yang Yongcheng's turn to watch Zhu Ting.

"Dammit!" Yang Yongcheng's face was stern.

Han Sen also frowned. He had been underestimating Zhu Ting as well. With such a belief, Zhu Ting should have left on the first night. However, he deliberately waited until he told Han Sen those words.

When they returned to the Faith Shelter, Ning Yue had already arrived there. When Yang Yongcheng told Ning Yue what had happened, Ning Yue only smiled and thanked Han Sen for saving his men. Ning Yue also told Han Sen that all the procedures had been completed for Han Yan to be admitted to a posh school.

Then, Ning Yue had prepared everything and left for the primeval forest again. During the process, he did not mention anything about the cursed wolf dagger. Nor did he ask which creature the beast soul was from.

It was as if Ning Yue had no interest in the dagger and only wanted Han Sen to kill the creature with them.

Han Sen admired Ning Yue's patience, no matter Ning actually had no interest in the dagger or was simply pretending. Such patience was a rare quality. People like Ning Yue would always launch a deadly strike in the most unexpected way.

This time, the group leaving for the primeval forest was even smaller than last time. Including Ning Yue and Han Sen, they were only five. Two of the five were new guys, so Han Sen only knew Yang Yongcheng and Ning Yue.

The three persons had all maxed out on their super geno points. Before they left, they all finished their evolution in the evolution pool in the shelter and became evolvers.

It looks like Ning Yue wants to kill the creature badly. Han Sen was calculating what he should do.

There was no way that he would help Ning Yue kill the creature. Even if Han Sen could make sure that he was the one who made the last strike, he was still reluctant to let anyone see the life essence.

"The bodies of the super creatures would disappear, except for the golden growler which died in a natural way. If I could stay far from the rest of the group, make the last strike, and take the life essence without them seeing it, they would not know about the existence of the life essence, but only wonder where the body was," Han Sen planned.

The Nings might be friend or foe. Han Sen would not help them since they were still the biggest suspect in Han Sen's father's death.

Since Ning Yue did not have the best health, he would cough a lot even riding on a mount, which was why the group was much slower than last time.

When they were on a break, Han Sen would focus on the beast souls he had gained.

Among all his beast souls, there was only one that he did not know how to use, which was the beetle knight.

Han Sen did not find any information on doppelgänger beast souls wherever he looked.

It was a rare beast soul for sure. However, Han Sen did not know how to use it, which made him feel puzzled.

Han Sen had tried many ways, but beetle knight was never summoned.

Doppelgänger? How does it work? Maybe he will live on my behalf when I die? Or, can he do something for me like a stunt double? Watching the beetle knight in his mind, Han Sen thought.

As Han Sen was thinking, he went to the creek to get some water. Looking at his reflection in the water, he was reminded of something.

When he was fighting the beetle knight, the beetle knight would constantly go to the lake. it did not look like the creature was taking a bath, since the weather was so shallow that only its feet would get wet as it rode on its mount.

Doppelgänger… Lake… Maybe the beetle knight did not go to the lake for the water, but for the reflection? On this thought, Han Sen's heart leapt.

"Dammit! This is so straightforward, but it never came to me for so long. I've been so stupid," Han Sen almost shouted, looking at his reflection in the water.

He wanted to test his speculation right away, but the rest of the group were still nearby. Han Sen had to calm himself down, return to the camp, and start to boil the water.

As the water was boiling, Han Sen was deep in his thought, wondering about the beetle knight.

If what I think is right, then I could resolve the issue of Dollar's ident.i.ty. Before I go to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, the beast souls owned by Dollar could be returned to me in public. No one would ever guess I am Dollar again. Han Sen thought to himself.

"Han Sen, no need to be nervous. The other guys would distract the creature and make sure you're safe. All you need to do is to launch the deadly attack at the right moment. I guarantee with my life that as long as the four of us are alive, the creature could never hurt you," Ning Yue said to Han Sen with a smile, thinking that Han Sen was absent-minded because he was afraid of the creature.

"Thanks so much, Mr. Ning." Han Sen did not want to explain.

"Call me Ning Yue, please," said Ning Yue and started to cough again. He covered his mouth with handkerchief and said, "Han Sen, do you believe in fate?"

"A little." Like a normal person, Han Sen felt reverent of fate, but did not completely believe in it.

"Maybe you don't believe this, but I believed we would be friends the first time I saw you." Ning Yue smiled and said. "My great grandfather had a good friend whose family name is also Han. That friend saved my great-grandfather's life. Maybe we can be friends like that as well, and this time, allow me to save you."

Han Sen was dazed. All of a sudden, a million thoughts came to him.

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