Super Gene - Chapter 382: Sacred-Blood Beast Soul of Bony Fish

Chapter 382: Sacred-Blood Beast Soul of Bony Fish

Chapter 382: Sacred-Blood Beast Soul of Bony Fish

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Han Sen used some common approaches he learned from the school, trying to wake the rest of the group up, but none of the approaches seemed to be working. No wonder Zhu Ting was so proud of his drugs.

"Stop wasting your energy. Without my antidote, they cannot wake up from the knockout drops. If they don't wake up in three days, they would become vegetables, and even I cannot save them." Although Zhu Ting had a swollen face, he was smiling happily.

The one thing Zhu Ting was scared of was that Han Sen did not need anything from him. As long as what Han Sen needed something, he had ways to protect himself.

Seeing that Han Sen was silent, Zhu Ting continued, "Don't try to search for the antidote on me either. It's too important for me to take it with me. If you know how to make drugs, you can use the materials I have to make the antidote. Or I can make it for you."

"You think I would care about their life and death?" Han Sen looked at Zhu Ting, interested.

"Of course you would not. However, all of them are Ning Yue's men, which is why I only dared to use the knockout drops instead of poison. If they die here because of you, you think Ning Yue will let you off the hook?"

"You have reminded me of something." Han Sen nodded and summoned his dagger, walking toward Zhu Ting.

"What are you trying to do? Didn't you hear me?" Zhu Ting became shocked and angry, terrified of Han Sen.

However, Zhu Ting's joints were dislocated, and he could hardly move, let alone run.

"As long as no one goes back alive, Ning Yue would not know that they died because of me," Han Sen said quietly.

"Stop. What good would it do to you if you kill me? Ning Yue is a smart guy. Even if he saw nothing, he could guess something and suspect you. Killing me will do you more harm than good. However, if you save them, not only Ning Yue, but the rest of the group would also thank you. Wouldn't you prefer that? Why do you have to kill me?" Zhu Ting wondered what was wrong with Han Sen. Couldn't he think like a normal person?

"Because I don't like you. Isn't that a good reason?" Han Sen then slashed at the dagger at Zhu Ting's neck.

"Stop… What do you want? Tell me and I will give it to you…" Zhu Ting felt that he had the worst luck ever. He regretted so much that he had crossed a pervert that was not so smart. Doesn't this person understand that interests are more important than killing someone?

"That arrow will do," Han Sen said casually.

"Which arrow?" Zhu Ting pretended to be confused but felt shocked.

Zhu Ting did have an arrow, a sacred-blood one. He cherished the arrow like a treasure and did not use it are often. After all, a sacred-blood beast soul arrow was very rare, even more rare than a beast soul bowl

Many archers were hoping to get a sacred-blood beast soul arrow but could not. Zhu Ting was extremely lucky to have this sacred-blood beast soul arrow.

When they were in danger against the giant snail, Zhu Ting summoned the arrow but did not make a shot, afraid that the arrow would be broken against the snail sh.e.l.l.

After they became safe, Zhu Ting quickly took it back. He probably held the arrow for just ten seconds. Zhu Ting could not believe that under such intense circ.u.mstances, Han Sen still saw the arrow and recognized it to be a sacred-blood beast soul.

Han Sen immediately grabbed Zhu Ting's ear and was about to cut it off.

"Yes. Okay. You can have it," Zhu Ting screamed immediately.

"If you talk more c.r.a.p, you can have it for yourself," Han Sen said quietly, not letting go of his ear.

Zhu Ting wanted to ask whether Han Sen would let him go if he gave Han Sen the beast soul. Checking Han Sen's face, dagger, and hand on his ear, Zhu Ting gave up the idea, swallowed and transferred the sacred-blood beast soul arrow to Han Sen.

"Meeting you as my worst luck," said Zhu Ting with a sad look.

"Sacred-blood beast soul of Bony Fish gained." Han Sen saw an oddly shaped fish beast soul in his mind.

A sacred-blood beast soul arrow at last. Han Sen celebrated inwardly. Because he had never gained a sacred-blood arrow, Han Sen had not been able to use his archery skills.

"Mr. Han, I have given you the beast soul you asked for. Can you let me go?" Zhu Ting looked at Han Sen and asked, worried. He did not know what kind of person Han Sen was and could not tell whether Han Sen would go back on his words.

"Did I say that I will let you go?" Han Sen curled his lips and said.

"Didn't we agree to trade this sacred-blood beast soul arrow for my life? You can't eat your own words," said Zhu Ting, cursing inwardly.

"It's for your life, not your freedom." Han Sen's words startled Zhu Ting.

"What do you mean?" Zhu Ting looked at Han Sen with a blank face.

Han Sen did not reply, but twisted Han Sen's joints back in place. The crackling of the bones and Zhu Ting's screams sounded scary.

"Go make your drug and wake them up," Han Sen said to Zhu Ting and summoned the horn bow and the bony fish arrow, playing with them.

After recovering, Zhu Ting did not feel anything weird. Looking left and right, he wondered how he could run away.

Glancing at Han Sen, Zhu Ting suddenly felt terrified and gave up the thought of running.

Han Sen was aiming the spiked white bony fish arrow at him. Just with a glance, Zhu Ting felt the arrow would hit him anytime.

Looking at Han Sen's position, Zhu Ting felt that if Han Sen released the arrow, he would die right there.

"Ahem, we have agreed that I paid for my life. If I wake them up, they will bring me to Ning Yue, and I will still die," Zhu Ting explained, freezing.

Han Sen did not say anything but aimed the arrow at Zhu Ting again. Zhu Ting quickly took out a dozen small bottles, mixed the powder in them with a certain proportion and blew it into everyone's nose.