Super Gene - Chapter 384: Qigong Master?

Chapter 384: Qigong Master?

Chapter 384: Qigong Master?

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Han Sen did not believe that Ning Yue never looked into his background. Either Han Sen's great grandfather was a friend to the Nings, or the death of Han Sen's father had something to do with Starry Group, Ning Yue's behaviors were strange.

"What is the name of the friend? Maybe he is in my family," Han Sen probed with a smile.

"Han Jingzhi," Ning Yue said without hesitation.

"That is such a coincidence. The name of my great-grandfather was also Han Jingzhi. They are not the same person, are they?" Han Sen simply asked. It should be easy for Ning Yue to find out such information, so there was no need to hide.

Ning Yue said in a gentle manner, "They should not be the same person. The friend of my great-grandfather is much older than your great-grandfather, and he never got married."

Han Sen was confused by Ning Yue's reply, and then understood what was wrong about Zhu Ting's statement.

His great-grandfather Han Jingzhi was not even born when G.o.d's Sanctuary was first discovered.

However, if Han Sen's great-grandfather was not the friend Ning Yue was talking about, why did he have the work permit?

Han Sen felt more and more puzzled about what had happened and what Unit 7 had seen in G.o.d's Sanctuary.

"A friend of the Nings must be a celebrity as well, right?" Han Sen asked.

Ning Yue smiled and nodded. "Indeed, he is an incredible person. And that age, the G.o.d's Sanctuary was only just discovered. Before mankind started to gain geno points and hyper geno arts were developed, Han Jingzhi was already a famous qigong master."

"Qigong master?" Han Sen became dumbstruck. He had learned in history cla.s.s that the qigong masters were all basically just con artists.

"It's not what you think. Han Jingzhi had incredible skills and was the instructor of the Blueblood Special Force," Ning Yue said with a smile, knowing what Han Sen was thinking.

"The instructor of the Blueblood Special Force?" Han Sen became more shocked. Blueblood Special Force was still the elite force in the Alliance. Even an ordinary member of the Blueblood Special Force was surpa.s.ser. It was easy to tell how good the troop was. The instructor of the Blueblood Special Force at this point was a famous demiG.o.d.

Han Sen became more confused. If his great-grandfather was really the Han Jingzhi whom Ning Yue was talking about, it seemed unlikely for the Hans to be so poor.

In addition, Han Sen had never heard about any qigong in the family.

Han Sen wanted to ask more about the Instructor Han, but it was already time to set out on the journey again. Ning Yue got up and told everyone to depart.

What am I missing? Han Sen felt like he must be missing something in these connections.

Han Sen had to put the thoughts away because they had already reached the primeval forest. What Han Sen cared most was how to kill the super creature.

He must kill the super creature, but he could not let the rest of the group see the life essence, which was not something easy to accomplish.

More importantly, Han Sen did not know much about the creature so far. He had to use Ning Yue's knowledge of the creature before he could determine whether he could kill it.

Otherwise, Han Sen would have come back and killed the creature when the group was drugged by Zhu Ting.

Ning Yue and Han Sen were carefully protected by the three other members, who had already become evolvers. With higher fitness index, they felt the tasks much easier.

When the group of five came to the mountain again, they climbed up at Ning Yue's command this time. The mountain was huge, although it was not steep. Han Sen followed the rest of them to go up. When they were about to reach the mountaintop, everyone became careful.

"Hus.h.!.+" Yang Yongcheng who was leading the group signaled them to be silent when they were about to reach the mountaintop.

The mountaintop was a stone platform about half an acre.

The giant snail with the jade sh.e.l.l and red body was resting, hidden in the sh.e.l.l. The red meat was concealed completely.

"Young master, Mr. Han, wait here for a second. We will draw it out," whispered Yang Yongcheng.

"Be careful. Safety first." Ning Yue nodded.

The three evolvers agreed and approached the creature. They summoned beast soul bows and started to shoot Z-steel arrows at the sh.e.l.l.

Boom boom boom!

The Z-steel arrows were smashed against the sh.e.l.l. All three revolvers shapes.h.i.+fted into humanoid figures. With their fitness level as evolvers, they became extremely strong.

Han Sen checked the way that the Z-steel arrows broke and found that they did not break because the revolvers were strong, but because the jade-like sh.e.l.l seemed to have a bouncing effect, which crushed the arrows.

Super creatures are never easy. Han Sen thought to himself.

After taking several arrows, the snail stretched its red meat from the sh.e.l.l and fixed its eyes on the evolvers. All of a sudden, it rushed toward them.

If it was before, the revolvers would have chosen to keep their distance from the snail. However, this time they must approach the snail to make it leave its sh.e.l.l so that Han Sen could kill it with his dagger.

In addition, the evolvers felt more confident since they basically represented the strongest humans in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. Therefore, they were not as scared of the creature.

Very soon, they found that they were too naïve. The strong physique of evolver did not make it easier for them to fight the creature.