Super Gene - Chapter 381: Secret Service

Chapter 381: Secret Service

Chapter 381: Secret Service

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"You're quite tough…" Han Sen gave Zhu Ting a thumbs-up and grappled at him again.

Zhu Ting suddenly screamed and twitched like crazy. The pain was unbearable for any normal person.

Although Zhu Ting had a pain threshold much higher than a normal person, he couldn't stop screaming either.

"All I'm telling you… Is true… I really don't know anything else… It's just a message from older generations in the family…" Zhu Ting screamed and said in broken sentences.

Han Sen stopped and asked, "What is it?"

"Do not lift your hand again. Ask whatever you want, and I will tell you everything." Zhu Ting felt scared.

"Cut the c.r.a.p," Han Sen said impatiently.

Zhu Ting was so depressed at this point. What Han Sen was asking was no secret. He did not mean to hide anything. Being tortured by Han Sen, he doubted whether Han Sen had more interest in torturing him than knowing the answers.

Pervert! Moron! Idiot! Zhu Ting cursed Han Sen with all the words he knew inwardly, but replied in compliance, "I don't know much about it. I just heard from the older generations that when G.o.d's Sanctuary was first discovered, my ancestor found something that proved there should be another level beyond sacred-blood. The Chens had worked hard to prove that speculation, but the creatures we suspect to be of the higher level are simply so strong that no weapons in First G.o.d's Sanctuary could hurt them…"

"Isn't your family name Zhu? How come you are one of the Chens?" Han Sen gazed at Zhu Ting.

"I'm a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, so I took my mother's family name. Do you know Chen Zichen? We have the same father," Zhu Ting said hastily.

Han Sen was not interested to know whether Zhu Ting was actually one of the Chens. He thought about it and continued to ask, "Why did you become a spy in Starry Group? Don't tell me it's because that's fun."

Zhu Ting became pale and said, "Since I have told you everything, there's no point in hiding this. The ancestor of the Nings worked in the same department as my ancestor. When they discovered those things, they were together, which was why the Nings had the same speculation and had also paid a lot to prove it."

"You know that Starry Group is very strong, and the Chens are not on the same level as them. With me as the spy, if they discovered something, we could also benefit from it…" Zhu Ting paused and did not continue.

"What is the name of the department?" Han Sen asked casually, but his heart was racing, because he thought of the work permit of his great grandpa.

"How on earth would I know that… It was such a long time ago…" Seeing Han Sen's face became grim, Zhu Ting added, "I heard it's something rather secretive…"

"The full name," exclaimed Han Sen coldly, feeling excited inwardly.

What's Zhu Ting was talking about the seemed to be the Secret Service written on the work permit. If that was true, then he could start to piece together what had happened.

His great grandpa, the man of the Nings, and the man of the Chens, should be working in the same department. Very likely, they found something in G.o.d's Sanctuary. Since Han Sen's great grandpa left the words "super gene," maybe the other two persons had left the same message, or even more details.

After all, the work permit of Han Sen's grandpa showed that he was just an investigator. Maybe the other two persons were the team leads. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain why Starry Group had acc.u.mulated such fortune in a few generations.

"I really don't know. My father mentioned it randomly. You know that I am just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d son and have not spent any time in the clan. How would I have any chance to know about the family secrets? If they didn't need me to become a spy, I wouldn't have learned these either," said Zhu Ting bitterly.

Han Sen asked Zhu Ting a few more questions but did not manage to get more information.

Han Sen knew that Zhu Ting was still hiding a lot of information, but he understood that it would be hard to tell the truth from the lie if Zhu Ting said more. So far, Han Sen did learn some useful things from Zhu Ting.

"Mr. Han, I have told you everything you want to know. Please let me go," Zhu Ting begged.

"Since it is none of my business that you are a spy, I would have let you go. However, you tried to hurt me, so I can't just do that. I will hand you over to Yang Yongcheng, and it's up to you whether you can live or not," Han Sen smiled and said.

Zhu Ting suddenly shuddered, gritted his teeth and said, "Mr. Han, how about I pay for my own life. Could you name the price?"

The thought of Ning Yue made Zhu Ting shudder. If he ended up in Ning's hand, he would rather die.

Although Han Sen was cruel, he was as lovely as a child in the kindergarten compared to Ning Yue, according to what Zhu Ting knew about the young master.

"All right. So, tell me what is your worth? You are the young master of the Chens, so you wouldn't let me down, right?" Han Sen looked at Zhu Ting, curious.

"I am just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d son, and no young master. What kind of young master would risk his life like this… 100 million for my life, what do you think?" Zhu Ting gritted his teeth and said.

Han Sen did not speak but smiled at Zhu Ting.

"200 million?" Zhu Ting said the number as if he were selling his own daughter.

"I don't think you really want to live." Han Sen immediately walked to Yang Yongcheng, checking whether he was about to wake up.

No matter how Zhu Ting yelled, Han Sen ignored him. It was impossible that Zhu Ting had brought so much cash with him in G.o.d's Sanctuary. Han Sen did not believe he had even 20,000. Just by listening to Zhu Ting, Han Sen knew that he did not plan to pay.