Super Gene - Chapter 380: After I Hit You

Chapter 380: After I Hit You

Chapter 380: After I Hit You

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Han Sen's heart was racing, but he still pretended to be surprised and asked, "Beings beyond sacred-blood creatures?"

"Otherwise, why do you think Ning Yue had gone through such trouble to hire you? Do you think it is easy to break the rules and send a kid without any background to a posh school? If it is just a sacred-blood creature, why would Ning Yue do that?" Zhu Ting did not reply but asked.

"I have considered it, but it is almost impossible to believe there is another level beyond sacred-blood. There is no such information in the Alliance," Han Sen kept probing.

"We have only entered G.o.d's Sanctuary less than two centuries. Everything in G.o.d's Sanctuary is still fresh to us. We can only find out whether there are higher beings after killing one. Both the Alliance and the Nings want to figure it out."

"Since they did not find it, how do you know there must be higher beings?" Han Sen asked.

Zhu Ting smiled and said, "You don't need to know about that. Now you have three options, surrender the beast soul dagger to me, or kill the creature together with me, or be poisoned to death. You are a smart guy and should know how to choose."

"Although I am not a smart guy, but I know how to choose," Han Sen smiled and approached Zhu Ting.

"I do not want to murder you, but don't push me. If I don't have the dagger, I will not let the Nings have it." Zhu Ting's eyes became cold, staring at Han Sen.

Han Sen did not even bother to reply him, quickly stabbing his dagger at Zhu Ting.

Zhu Ting snorted and urged the fragrance to spread. He thought Han Sen who had already been poisoned would get worse at this point. If Han Sen did not die right away, he would lose the abilities to fight. At that point, he would tie Han Sen up.

However, the fragrance seemed to have no effect on Han Sen. The dagger immediately reached Zhu Ting's face, making him feel shocked.

Zhu Ting quickly used Seven Twists and dodged the dagger, but the dagger was so sharp that he could only run away.

Zhu Ting was dumbstruck. Not only did his fragrance fail on Han Sen, his Seven Twists did not save him from Han Sen either. Very soon, he found it was impossible to run away.

In addition, Zhu Ting found that it was harder and harder for him to move around. Shortly, he was backed into a corner.

"Stop it. We can negotiate. If you help Ning Yue to kill the creature, you will not gain much. I can offer you way more than he does," exclaimed Zhu Ting, terrified that he was about to be killed.


Han Sen ignored him and punched him in the face. Zhu Ting's nose started to bleed, and the fist was imprinted on his face. Zhu Ting covered his face and crouched.

Boom boom!

Han Sen paid him no mind and kept beating him up.

Zhu Ting was shocked. He thought he would be caught or killed or interrogated, but Han Sen did not ask him anything before beating him up, making his nose run.

Zhu Ting wanted to fight back, which only brought him harder hits.

Han Sen did not mean to stop anytime soon. His fists kept landing on Zhu Ting, the force hurting Zhu Ting's inner organs, making him scream like a pig.

When Zhu Ting stopped twitching, Han Sen paused, and Zhu Ting thought that was the end of it. However, it only got worse. Han Sen was good at grappling and easily dislocated Zhu Ting's joints, making him almost faint.

"Stop it. Make it stop. Ask whatever you want… Ouch… What do you want to know?" Zhu Ting screamed as he begged.

"The questions can wait. I am mad at you, so I will see how much beating you can take first," replied Han Sen casually. He reached out and dislocated Zhu Ting's shoulder.

Zhu Ting was yelling and cursing. He regretted so much that he had made Han Sen his target. Such a pervert.

He was not even trying to interrogate him, but just beating him up. It was not even okay for Zhu Ting to use information to trade for mercy.

Zhu Ting wanted to kill himself before he was tortured further, but he found almost all his joints dislocated by Han Sen. Unable to use any force, Zhu Ting could not even commit suicide.

Eventually, maybe Han Sen got tired. He left Zhu Ting lying on the ground in the weirdest shape, covered in tears, while he sat down on a rock next to Zhu Ting.

"Okay, I am a fair person. So, I will offer you two options. One is to answer my question, and the other is to answer my question honestly. Choose for yourself," Han Sen looked at Zhu Ting seriously and said.

"Aba… aba…" Zhu Ting made odd sounds with his lips moving but could not say anything.

He was depressed and thought, you dislocated my jaw and asked me to answer your question?

"Oh. I forgot." Han Sen walked to Zhu Ting and put his jaw back in place.

Pervert. Zhu Ting thought but did not dare to say anything. Han Sen scared him so much at this point. Han Sen was not the most treacherous person he had ever met, but definitely the weirdest. In addition, the fact that Han Sen was immune to his poison made Zhu Ting feel scared.

"You are saying that there are beings beyond sacred-blood creatures. What are they?" Han Sen asked.

Although Han Sen did not say anything to threaten him, Zhu Ting felt a chill just being watched by him. Hurting all over his body, Zhu Ting did not dare to pause and answered, "I do not know. It's just speculation. No one had ever killed that kind of creatures before."

"If it's just a speculation, why would people be willing to pay so much for it?" Han Sen was ready to beat him up again.

"Don't… Don't start… All I'm telling you is the truth. Everything is just a speculation. If we have the ability to kill the creature, Ning Yue would not have hired you, and I would not have taken such risks. The dagger in your hand is the sharpest weapon so far. There are a lot of creatures stronger than sacred-blood creatures that no one could even hurt, let alone kill…" Zhu Ting shouted.