Super Gene - Chapter 379: Deadly Perfume

Chapter 379: Deadly Perfume

Chapter 379: Deadly Perfume

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"Taking my knockout drops and you haven't fallen? A strong fighter indeed," Zhu Ting said to Han Sen with a smile, looking rather surprised.

"Who on earth are you?" Han Sen had now understood that Zhu Ting was probably a spy in Starry Group. Otherwise, he would not poison the rest of the group as well. However, Han Sen still did not know which force he belonged to.

Han Sen did not expect Zhu Ting to be a spy. Someone as petty as him did not seem to be spy material.

Zhu Ting paused and said, "It does not matter who I am. The key is you should know who owns you."

"What do you want?" Han Sen stared at Zhu Ting and asked.

"Now you have two options. One is to give me the beast soul dagger, and the other is to die. I am a fair person. You can choose yourself." Zhu Ting was still smiling.

"Do you take me for a moron? If I give you the dagger, I will only die faster," Han Sen sneered.

"It is possible that you live after giving me the dagger, but if you do not give it to me, you will die for sure. Even if I cannot have the dagger, I will not let Ning Yue have it," said Zhu Ting. He summoned a beast soul sword and cut it at Han Sen's neck.

When the blade was about to touch Han Sen's neck, Han Sen flipped his wrist and the dagger hit the sword. With a crack, Zhu Ting's sword was broken.

"What the…?" Zhu Ting looked at Han Sen in surprise. He obviously did not realize Han Sen had such strength after taking the knockout drops.

The knockout drops he used had no scent or taste. After taking it, one would not be knocked out immediately, but after a while. The drug was a family secret, which had never failed Zhu Ting before. Zhu Ting had soaked the barbecue with the drug and watched Han Sen eating the meat. It was simply impossible that Han Sen was not affected.

Han Sen did not think that much and stabbed the dagger at Zhu Ting. For someone who wanted to kill him, Han Sen would not have mercy.

The strike was fast and fierce, but Zhu Ting moved in an incredible angle and dodged the dagger. Han Sen felt like he had seen this footwork somewhere before.

"Seven Twists! You are one of the Chens?" Han Sen immediately remembered where he had seen Zhu Ting's footwork. Chen Zichen had once used the same technique.

"You know about the Chens and Seven Twists?" Zhu Ting also seemed surprised. He did not expect Han Sen to be able to recognize his footwork.

"So, you are indeed one of the Chens?" Han Sen asked.

"It does not matter if that is true. You can tell me what your connection to the Chens is. If you're lucky, maybe I will spare your life," said Zhu Ting quietly.

"I would love to know how you can take my life," Han Sen said.

"There are many types of strengths in the world. Using drugs is one of them, which is my specialty. You are now poisoned with my drug and will die any time," said Zhu Ting.

"It seems that your drug did not work on me," replied Han Sen. "Now you should think about how you can make me spare your life."

Zhu Ting smiled and said, "You think it is impressive that you were not knocked out? That drug only makes you sleep. The poison I am talking about is nothing like that."

Zhu Ting put his hand in front of his nose, looking enchanted. "Did you smell the fragrance? It is no perfume, but real poison. Have you heard about hyper geno art called Deadly Perfume? It makes the user develop genes that produce poison. Every person would have his unique poison. So even if you have also practiced Deadly Perfume, you cannot produce the antidote of my poison. And as far as I know, I am the only person who had survived after practicing Deadly Perfume, which is now a forbidden technique."

"I do not believe that you can drug me with a scent," said Han Sen calmly.

"Initially I could not, but since you have been drugged with the knockout drops, it will bring out the Deadly Perfume in you," Zhu Ting smiled and said.

"So, I am a dead man already?" Han Sen asked. "Can you tell me who you are?"

"That is not necessarily true. Since I can produce the poison, I can also make the antidote if you give me the beast soul dagger, I will let you live," Zhu Ting squinted his eyes and said.

"How am I supposed to believe you?" Han Sen asked.

Zhu Ting spread his hands and said, "In fact, there is no need for me to kill you. After this incident, it is no longer possible for me to stay in Starry Group. Killing you would not do anything for me. And without the dagger, you have no value to me."

"What if I do not want to give it to you?" said Han Sen calmly.

Zhu Ting looked Han Sen up and down and suddenly chuckled. "In fact, we can also collaborate. What did Ning Yue offer you? I can offer you the same and save you from my poison. What do you think of these terms?"

"I still need to ask, how am I supposed to believe you?" Han Sen said quietly. He was only trying to know as much information as he could. The poison did not have much effect on him due to Jadeskin.

"You should know that when I used the sword on you, I was not trying to kill you. It was just a bluff," said Zhu Ting.

Han Sen did not say anything. Obviously, he knew that Zhu Ting did not use real force. However, the sword was a sacred-blood sword, so Han Sen still cut it in half.

"Okay. I will tell you something you do not know about. In fact, I bet you have no idea what kind of creature Ning Yue was asking you to kill," Zhu Ting sighed and said.

"Isn't it just a sacred-blood creature?" Han Sen's heart leapt, but his face remained still.

"Sacred-blood creature? Maybe. At least no one knows if they are sacred-blood creatures so far," Zhu Ting grinned and said.

"Would you mean?" Han Sen frowned.

"Have you thought about why some sacred-blood creatures were significantly stronger than others, like the one in the primeval forest. Even so many people with their sacred geno points maxed out could do nothing about it. We were not even on the same level with it. Don't you feel that is strange?"

Zhu Ting paused and said slowly, "Have you ever wondered that maybe there are beings beyond sacred-blood creatures?"