Super Gene - Chapter 378: Metamorphosis

Chapter 378: Metamorphosis

Chapter 378: Metamorphosis

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The red body flew from the sh.e.l.l, and the white sh.e.l.l fell to the ground, smas.h.i.+ng rocks and making the mountain shake. Han Sen wondered how heavy it was.

The soft body that had got rid of the sh.e.l.l became incredibly fast. It flew toward Han Sen like a red lightning bolt.

seeing the flying snake almost in his face, Han Sen quickly slashed the cursed wolf dagger at it.

To Han Sen's surprise, the flying snake quickly zigzagged and dodged Han Sen's strike. Without slowing down, it threw itself at Han Sen once again.

Han Sen frowned. He did not have time to think, so he used Heresy Mantra and quickly rolled around on the ground to move away from the flying snake.

The snake did not even pause, but continued to attack Han Sen.

Zhu Ting threw a bunch of Z-steel flying daggers to the snake, which did not work at all. All the flying daggers were bounced away.

Yang Yongcheng and the rest quickly ran over and shouted, "Run! You'll be safe 300 feet away from the sh.e.l.l."

Han Sen still did not know much about the flying snake. He no longer dared to take any risks and started to run.

Han Sen did not follow a straight line. Although the flying snake was chasing after him in the sky, Han Sen's route made it impossible for it to attack. Eventually, Han Sen made it 300 feet away from the sh.e.l.l.

Like the group had said, once Han Sen got there, the snake stopped chasing after Han Sen, but screeched like baby cries and flew back to the sh.e.l.l.

Yang Yongcheng and the rest let out a sigh of relief and took Han Sen away from the mountain.

Hidden in the sh.e.l.l again, the creature became incredibly slow, and it was no longer possible that it caught up with the group.

"What happened? Didn't I tell you to run after the strike? You almost got us killed," Zhu Ting shouted at Han Sen, pointing at his nose, after they reached a safe place.

"Sorry, I just want to try if I can cut the sh.e.l.l open," said Han Sen apologetically.

Although Han Sen did not believe the snake could kill him, he did go against the plan, which was his fault.

"Well, you think too much of yourself. It's good enough that you can hurt its body. The sh.e.l.l? Ha!" said Zhu Ting satirically.

Zhu Ting did not think there was a single weapon in First G.o.d's Sanctuary that could scratch the sh.e.l.l.

"That's enough. It's good that nothing has happened," Yang Yongcheng stopped Zhu Ting and said to the rest. "Our mission is completed. We'll take a rest and prepare to go back to the shelter."

"You are not going to kill the creature?" Han Sen was dazed. He did not expect the group would go back like this.

"Kill? You think you can kill the creature with just a sharp dagger? Such a naïve boy," Zhu Ting snorted.

Yang Yongcheng gave Zhu Ting a stare to stop him and then said to Han Sen, "Mr. Han, you have seen that we do not have the ability to kill the creature, so we'll have to wait for young master Ning Yue to organize another campaign to kill it."

Han Sen suddenly understood that Ning Yue only asked him to come to test whether his daggers could hurt the creature instead of killing it.

Ning Yue himself was probably traveling to Faith Shelter at the moment to organize another campaign to kill the creature.

Han Sen did not say another thing and followed the group back. At this point, he was sure that the giant snail must also be a super creature.

It seems that the Nings do know something about super creatures. Otherwise why would they have spent so much time and effort to look for a nest and killed this creature. Obviously, they're after something. Han Sen thought to himself. However, he was not sure whether the Nings had ever killed a super creature or gained super genes.

If the answer was no, how did they know about the existence of super genes? Or was it just a speculation?

Han Sen thought about it and felt it was unlikely. A long time ago, his great-grandfather had written down "super genes." How did he find out?

At his great-grandfather's time, human had just entered G.o.d's Sanctuary and had rather low geno point count in general. It was difficult for them to hunt sacred-blood creatures or even mutant creatures. So, how did he know about super genes? What did it have to do with Starry Group and the Nings?

Han Sen had no answer. He always thought that once he got strong enough, he could avenge his father and hit Starry Group hard. However, things were not as simple as he thought they were.

After leaving the primeval forest, the rest of the group let out a sigh of relief. Although there was a surprise during the mission, it was a smooth trip, and they could get back to Ning Yue with a satisfactory answer.

Zhu Ting was the only one who kept complaining about Han Sen's behaviors, which was annoying.

At mealtime, Zhu Ting hunted a mutant creature and barbecued the meat.

Although Zhu Ting was a jacka.s.s, he had great cooking skills. The barbecue he made was way better than what Han Sen could make. The meat was tender and juicy, definitely top-notch.

Han Sen never expected this annoying companion to have such skills. However, Yang Yongcheng and the rest seemed to have known about Zhu Ting's strength. Maybe they had enjoyed his barbecue several times already. The group were chatting while eating. Some even took out liquor bottles.

After Han Sen took several bites, he started to feel something was fishy. The temperature of his body was rising, which was almost impossible for someone who practiced Jadeskin. If this happened, it meant something was wrong with his body.

Very soon, Han Sen realized what the issue was. He did nothing on the way back and had been eating what he brought with him. The only thing that could go wrong was Zhu Ting's barbecue.

Ning Yue, if you try to kill me like this, then you think too little of me. Han Sen used Jadeskin and the coolness had turned his body back to normal. He then pretended nothing had happened and continued to eat the barbecue.

After everyone had finished the barbecue, Han Sen saw that nothing was wrong with Yang Yongcheng and the rest. As Han Sen was hesitating whether he should pretend, he heard a thump.

Quickly, Han Sen saw Yang Yongcheng and others fell to the ground as if they were high. They only twitched a little before they stopped moving.

"Zhu Ting?" Han Sen looked to the only sober person besides himself in surprise.