Super Gene - Chapter 375: Han Sen’s Guess

Chapter 375: Han Sen’s Guess

Chapter 375: Han Sen’s Guess

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Ning Yue was quite a talker and always knew the right thing to say. He would never make people feel awkward or stressed.

Initially, Han Sen thought it would not be easy for him to leave the place. At least, Ning Yue would not let him go easily. However, Ning Yue simply talked to him for a while before sending him back, without any intention to probe. It turned out to be a quite pleasing conversation.

After Han Sen had left, Ning Yue sat in front of the holographic video and repeatedly watched Han Sen's strike that killed Tie Kuang.

After watching G.o.d knows how many times, Ning Yue muttered to himself, "That's quite a dagger. Maybe we have a chance at that thing after all."

On the way back, Huangfu Pingqing asked Han Sen curiously, "What kind of beast soul is that dagger? How come it's so sharp? You basically killed Tie Kuang in one strike."

"Just a sacred-blood beast soul from a wolf-like creature. It's only strength is the sharpness," Han Sen grinned and said.

Huangfu Pingqing couldn't help rolling her eyes at Han Sen. "Isn't that enough already? What an incredible dagger! It even cut open the throat of an evolver whose body had been strengthened with hyper geno art. Although he only has a fitness index about forty, this weapon is super impressive for something from First G.o.d's Sanctuary. You are just so lucky."

Huangfu Pingqing paused and said seriously, "But since you have such a beast soul dagger and Ning Yue had seen it, you will have some trouble. Ning Yue will not let this go. Be very careful."

"Why?" Han Sen was confused. No one knew the cursed wolf dagger was in fact a super beast soul, so there would be little point for someone to harm him because of a sharp dagger.

Huangfu Pingqing hesitated for a while before she said, "You don't understand. Such a beast soul weapon is very precious for Ning Yue. It could probably allow him to achieve something the Nings have pursued for a long time. Do you think he will forget about it?"

Han Sen became interested and asked Huangfu Pingqing, "Something the Nings have pursued for a long time?"

Huangfu Pingqing's words reminded Han Sen of what was left behind by his grandpa and what his father said.

His grandpa wrote "super gene" on the notebook, and his father said he could take that pendant to ask the Nings for their help.

Is it possible that the Nings know about super creatures and super genes but they don't have the ability to hunt them? Is that why he would be interested in the dagger? Han Sen guessed. However, he had no way of knowing whether it was true.

Huangfu Pingqing moved her lips and said, "I don't even understand it myself. In fact, not just the Nings, even in my family, sometimes the older people would ask me to do something I don't quite understand. In addition, there are things I am not supposed to tell anyone."

Huangfu Pingqing obviously seemed to be in a difficult position, so Han Sen did not ask her anything more. However, her words still revealed a lot.

Han Sen suddenly thought of the fact that Xu Ruyan had once taken a group of people to find a nest. If the nest would only produce a sacred-blood beast soul as people believed, why would they take such painstaking effort for just that?

It was not reasonable at all. The money Starry Group had paid for the mission was more than enough to purchase a sacred-blood beast soul. After all, to hire an entire special squad was very costly. In addition, there were fees for the voyage as well. Although Han Sen did not know how much they had paid, it must be a tremendous amount.

Also, a lot of human lives were sacrificed. Was that all just for a sacred-blood beast soul?

Han Sen thought. Unless… They are not looking for the nest for a sacred-blood beast soul, but a super beast soul.

He felt something was still odd. From his own experience, the egg would not produce a super beast soul if cracked open. However, a super creature might be hatched from it. If Starry Group knew about this, what good would Xu Ruyan and the group of people do, since they were not able to kill a super creature at all.

One thing was for sure, the Nings know something about this. Maybe the Huangfus also know something. As for how much they know, I have no idea.

The day after Han Sen returned to Blackhawk, he received an invite from Ning Yue to join a hunting campaign organized by Starry Group.

Initially, Han Sen wanted to reject, but Ning Yue offered him something that Han Sen could not say no to--Starry Group could help Han Yan get admitted to a posh school right away before Han Sen became an aristocrat.

Han Sen's original plan was to become a sacred-blood aristocrat before he served in the military, which would allow him to send his sister to a posh school in time. However, Han Sen was trying to evolve with his super geno points maxed out. This way, he was not sure if he could still make it. He had tried everything he could and used some connections, but nothing worked.

Ning Yue's proposal made it impossible for Han Sen to turn him down. At the same time Han Sen felt more guarded against Ning Yue, who is definitely a manipulative person. He knew what it was that Han Sen wanted and offered it to Han Sen, making it impossible for Han Sen to say no to him.

Ning Yue, if you're trying to kill a super creature with the dagger, it will also be a great opportunity for me. Even without your offer, I would still have said yes, so your calculation is wasted.

Han Sen accepted Ning Yue's offer and felt expectant. If Ning Yue was trying to kill a super creature and Han Sen had the only weapon that could possibly kill a super creature in first G.o.d's Sanctuary, it would be hard to say who the winner would be.