Super Gene - Chapter 374: Throat Slitting

Chapter 374: Throat Slitting

Chapter 374: Throat Slitting

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Han Sen had to go through a lot of procedures before he could officially represent w.a.n.g Di. The most important part was the geno test. In order to determine whether Han Sen was an unevolved person or an evolver, he must go through a strict test.

Since there was a clear distinction between the genes of an evolver and an unevolved person, it was not difficult to tell that Han Sen was unevolved. However, this test could not show was fitness level.

In the VIP section, there was another rule. If one were to fight on another person's behalf, one must have a higher fitness level than the replaced player.

This was not difficult for Han Sen at all. He controlled his body to go through the test so that his fitness level was just a bit higher than w.a.n.g Di's.

After all the procedures, Han Sen appeared in the ring of the VIP section.

Looking at Tie Kuang was roaring like a monster, Han Sen was extremely calm.

Either the excited cheers or the fierce movements of Tie Kuang could not affect Han Sen at all.

No matter how fierce Tie Kuang was, he was still weaker than the golden growler. Han Sen would not feel pressured just because Tie Kuang was taller. There were too many large creatures in G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Han Sen shapes.h.i.+fted into the fairy queen and was suddenly crowned with a Ruby crown. Holding the dagger of the cursed wolf, Han Sen watched Tie Kuang who was trying to provoke him quietly.

Although Tie Kuang had seen the beast soul summoned by Han Sen, he did not mean to use a beast soul himself. With his fitness level, he did not need to use any beast soul to abuse an unevolved person. The crazy audience also enjoyed seeing him tearing his opponents apart with bare hands. Tie Kuang himself also loved that feeling.

The moment when the laser curtain disappeared, Tie Kuang quickly walked to Han Sen with a cruel smile, his fingers apart.

Tie Kuang almost did not try to defend himself at all, because he did not think it was necessary. The hyper geno art, iron armor, that he practiced, would protect him against any sacred-blood weapons from first G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Even a strong unevolved person could only leave a scratch on his body using a sacred-blood weapon. The scratch would only make Tie Kuang more excited, and the audience more exhilarated. Tie Kuang understood well how to please the wealthy people who were paying for the thrill.

Watching Tie Kuang approaching Han Sen, Huangfu Pingqing couldn't help feeling nervous, her palms sweating.

Although Han Sen had repeatedly confirmed that he could beat Tie Kuang, Huangfu Pingqing still felt it was not realistic.

Tie Kuang evolved with his sacred geno points maxed out. An unevolved person was simply too much weaker than him.

The audience, on the other hand, were overjoyed. Watching Tie Kuang getting closer to Han Sen with his fingers apart, they shouted in madness.

"Rip the b.a.s.t.a.r.d apart!"

"Kill him."

"Rip his head off."

"F*&k his a.s.s!"

It was like a scene in the h.e.l.l. Thousands of devils were shouting with desire.

Suddenly, Tie Kuang was next to Han Sen with blood thirst. His hands were about to catch Han Sen's shoulders. With such a huge body, Tie Kuang was incredibly fast.

Tie Kuang's speed was like a lightning bolt in the eyes of the unevolved. Even for an unevolved person who had already maxed out on the sacred geno points, the movements of Tie Kuang's hand could hardly be discerned. However, he was still much slower than the turtle. In the eyes of Han Sen who had shapes.h.i.+fted into the fairy queen, Tie Kuang was not fast at all.

The moment when Tie Kuang was about to grab Han Sen's shoulders, Han Sen used Heresy Mantra to make his heart thump. Blood started to pump from his heart and his body became tense.


Using Sparticle, Han Sen's foot became a blur. A black thing flashed at Tie Kuang neck and Han Sen had already come to the back of his opponent.

"Brat, although you have some tricks, my flesh is like iron and your c.r.a.ppy daggers could not even shave for me," Tie Kuang turned around and roared at Han Sen.

"Is that true?" Han Sen looked at Tie Kuang with a blank face.

"Ahem…" When Tie Kuang was about to say something, he could only make a sound like a blocked pipe. His neck broke, and blood sprayed out.

The audience became silent. The cruel look had disappeared on Tie Kuang face. The evolver was terrified and shocked, trying to cover his injury with his hand.

However, the injury was too deep and wide. No matter how Tie Kuang tried to stop the bleeding, is simply did not work. Momentarily, the evolver fell to the ground and start to twitch.

After a brief silence, the audience cheered and roared even louder.

Han Sen took back the beast soul's and walked down the ring, also surprised about the sharpness of the dagger, which easily slit the throat of an evolver like Tie Kuang who had practiced a defensive hyper geno art for evolvers. The weapon was so sharp that it was cutting iron like b.u.t.ter. Huangfu Pingqing looked at Han Sen who had left incredulously, unable to believe what had happened.

"Interesting… Bring him to me…" Ning Yue spoke via his comlink, watching Han Sen with a glow in his eyes.

Han Sen was brought to a room and saw Ning Yue smiling and Huangfu Pingqing standing nervously next to Ning Yue.

"h.e.l.lo. My name is Ning Yue." Ning Yue walked to Han Sen and reached out his right hand, looking harmless.

"Han Sen." Han Sen shook Ning Yue's hand. The vibe he got from Ning Yue was different from what Huangfu Pingqing had described.

Han Sen could not tell what kind of vibe it was. He did not feel uneasy around Ning Yue like Huangfu Pingqing. Instead, he felt Ning Yue was like a poppy flower, making people tremble but couldn't help feeling attracted.