Super Gene - Chapter 376: Primeval Forest

Chapter 376: Primeval Forest

Chapter 376: Primeval Forest

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Han Sen signed an agreement with Ning Yue. Starry Group would get Han Yan admitted first, and Han Sen needed to go to the Faith Shelter south to Steel Armor Shelter to join the staff of Starry Group.

Han Sen had been to Faith Shelter once when he returned from Green Shelter, so it was easy for him to travel there. To Han Sen's surprise, Ning Yue asked the staff to take the two sacred-blood beast souls that Han Sen earned from w.a.n.g Di to Faith Shelter as well.

In addition, Ning Yue had also summoned a few strong fighters of Starry Group located near Faith Shelter to join them.

Because Ning Yue himself was too far away from Faith Shelter, he would not join the campaign himself. The leader was someone with his sacred geno points maxed out named Yang Yongcheng.

In addition to Yang Yongcheng, there were two more people with their sacred geno points maxed out. The others had a high sacred geno point count as well. There were eight in total including Han Sen, making Han Sen feel amazed by the power of Starry Group.

Yang Yongcheng did not tell Han Sen where they were going or what their target was. Han Sen did not ask either but followed the group into the mountains.

It seemed that Yang Yongcheng and the rest did not like Han Sen very much, which Han Sen could understand. After all, he was not in Starry Group. To seek help from an outsider must be shameful in their eyes.

Han Sen did not mind that. He was not interested in his companions at all. All he could think about was the beast soul add-on he got from w.a.n.g Di.

The sacred-blood beast soul add-on was named evil thunder. It was something that could be used on humans. Han Sen tried it out and found that although he would feel numb after using the beast soul, it would not harm his body, but increase his pain threshold significantly. At the same time, his strength and speed were enhanced tremendously.

Han Sen was very pleased with the result. Although it was not a good thing to be numb to pain, the improvement of his fitness was what Han Sen needed the most.

Han Sen tried to use all he got together with the beast soul add-on and reached about 35 in fitness index.

With many super geno point gained, Han Sen's fundamental fitness level was abnormally high.

An average unevolved person with mutant geno points maxed out would have a fitness index around 10 to 15, someone with super geno points maxed out would have a fitness index around 15 to 20. However, Han Sen had reached 25 with no external help. Han Sen estimated that he could reach 30 when his super geno points were maxed out.

If someone evolved with mutant geno points maxed out, one's fitness index would reach 20 after the evolution with the mutant body. In the case of an evolution with sacred geno points maxed out, with the enhancement from the sacred body, the number would be 30.

Han Sen had guessed that once he evolved, he would gain a super body, which would also double his fitness level.

Another sacred-blood beast soul he gained from w.a.n.g Di was a bullhead axe. It was a heavy weapon with a long handle. Han Sen could use it instead of the spinning spear when he was not Dollar.

However, Han Sen only knew the basics about axe skills, so he was not as good with this weapon.

"We will enter the primeval forest soon. Be careful not to be stung by the poisonous bugs. Their poison is still largely incurable," before entering the primeval forest, Yang Yongcheng said to Han Sen.

It was not because Yang Yongcheng liked Han Sen, but because Ning Yue had told Yang to guarantee Han Sen safety, as long as Han Sen still had the beast soul dagger.

That was why the rest of the group did not feel good about Han Sen—they thought Han Sen was just a lucky guy who had gained a strong beast soul. Han Sen did not mind it. For others, someone who had maxed out on his sacred geno points might be a strong fighter, but Han Sen did not think much of it.

Even if they had evolved already, Han Sen would not take them too seriously.

"Why don't we just fly over?" Han Sen looked at the primeval forest with trees covering the sky and frowned.

If he were to fight the creature head on, Han Sen was not afraid of any creature in First G.o.d's Sanctuary except for super creatures. However, in an environment like this, it was hard to protect oneself against small bugs.

"Fly over? Do you know how many frightening creatures there are in the forest? There might be many sacred-blood creatures that could fly. If you want to get yourself killed, you can try flying over," said Zhu Ting who had a mustache. He looked at Han Sen with a half smile, like he was looking at an idiot.

Han Sen smiled and said nothing. It would just take more time for him to walk in the forest.

To prevent any possible risks, Han Sen summoned the sacred-blood phantom ant armor. Although it was troublesome to wear the armor, it would effectively protect him from all the miniature creatures. Watching the armor glowing like a gemstone, Zhu Ting said with contempt, "You're wearing your fancy armor in such a dark place. You want to turn us into living targets to attract all the creatures' attention?"

In fact, if Han Sen was not someone Ning Yue asked them to protect, Zhu Ting would have called Han Sen a moron.

"Use different armor. This is too eye-catching," Yang Yongcheng also told Han Sen.

Han Sen shrugged and took back the phantom ant armor. He did not want any trouble. Since the rest of the group had asked him to take it back, Han Sen did not want to waste time arguing with them.

After all, Han Sen was there for a super creature, and he needed these people to lead the way. He could care less about these details.

"Zhu Ting, go scout with Lao Liu." Yang Yongcheng was obviously the leader of the team. He put Han Sen in the middle so that Han Sen would not be attacked.

Although Han Sen wanted to go faster and see their target soon, the rest of the group were being extremely careful, and Han Sen had to march slowly as well.

It seemed that the rest of the group were not there for the first time. They were very familiar with the paths in the forest and avoided a lot of unnecessary troubles.

They had a purpose for this campaign, so they were in no mood to do any killing. They almost avoided all the creatures, and the rest were killed by the two scouts.

In less than two days, the group reached a huge mountain. Everyone's face became grim and they all looked to Han Sen.

"Mr. Han, our target is in the mountain, but it is not an easy target. Just stay here and we will draw it out. Find an opportunity to hurt it. Remember, safety first." Yang Yongcheng then told Zhu Ting, "Zhu Ting, follow Mr. Han. If he dies, you will die as well."

"Brother, relax. I'll make sure he is safe," said Zhu Ting, thumping his chest.