Super Gene - Chapter 373: Satan

Chapter 373: Satan

Chapter 373: Satan

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Han Sen then asked about all the opponents that he might encounter and agreed to fight on w.a.n.g Di's behalf. He asked w.a.n.g Di to give the beast souls to him before the battle.

The beast souls were a sacred-blood beast soul add-on and a sacred-blood beast soul weapon. Because they were not in the same shelter, Han Sen asked Huangfu Pingqing to use or her connections in w.a.n.g Di's shelter to receive the two beast souls, which Han Sen could retrieve anytime later.

The sacred-blood beast soul weapon was an axe, which Han Sen was not interested in. The beast soul add-on was what Han Sen needed.

Huangfu Pingqing arrived at the VIP section and saw Ning Yue there. It was impossible for her to avoid Ning Yue at this point.

"Brother," Huangfu Pingqing called. Every time she saw Ning Yue, she would feel nervous. Although Ning Yue was the gentle person, the sight of him always sent a chill down her spine since she was little.

Therefore, Huangfu Pingqing was oddly closer to Son of Heaven who was cranky and arrogant. Huangfu Pingqing could not even explain why herself.

"Pingqing, haven't seen you in a long while." Ning Yue rubbed Huangfu Pingqing's head, smiling. His eyes were like two crescent moons.

Ning Yue looked like Son of Heaven, but thinner. His complexion was pale, and even his lips were light in shade.

Ning Yue was a great cousin to Huangfu Pingqing since they were little. There was a time when Huangfu Pingqing visited the Nings with her parents. The little girl broke a precious antique and was terrified. Ning Yue rubbed her head like he did just now and claimed the responsibility. Although he was beaten hard, Ning Yue said nothing about the truth.

Huangfu Pingqing had always been grateful to Ning Yue, but for some reason, she felt reluctant to approach him. Even when Ning Yue rubbed her head, she had an urge to dodge.

In front of Ning Yue, even a strong woman like Huangfu Pingqing felt self-conscious.

Huangfu Pingqing did not have too much in common with Ning Yue so she said directly, "Brother, I have a favor to ask,"

"Pingqing, anything for you if it's not against the rules," Ning Yue said with a smile.

After saying that, Ning Yue could no longer hold back coughing. His face looked even more pale.

"Brother, are you getting better these days?" Huangfu Pingqing couldn't help feeling worried.

"Doesn't matter. I've gotten used to it," Ning Yue smiled and said. "What is the favor?"

"Brother, someone I know is brought to the VIP section," Huangfu Pingqing said hurriedly.

"Pingqing, you should know that some rules could not be broken… ahem…" Ning Yue said and coughed.

"Brother, I am not asking you to let him go, but to make Tie Kuang his opponent," Huangfu Pingqing gritted her teeth and said. Although she did not believe it was a good idea, she had to respect Han Sen's will.

"He is your enemy?" Ning Yue looked at Huangfu Pingqing in surprise.

"No." Huangfu Pingqing quickly shook her head.

"Is he an evolver?"


Ning Yue looked interested. "Interesting, what is his name?"

"Han Sen. Brother, can you do it?" Every time when she was in front of Ning Yue, Huangfu Pingqing felt unsure of herself.

"As long as no rules are broken, whatever you want." Ning Yue smiled at Huangfu Pingqing with doting gaze.

"So, it's a yes?" Huangfu Pingqing became overjoyed.

Ning Yue nodded, the corner of his lips twitching under the handkerchief. It looks like he was trying not to cough.

The VIP section was where the dark side of human nature was let loose. The s.p.a.ce was filled with audience, with the ring washed repeatedly by blood in the center.

No one could see the faces of the audience. Everyone was wearing a metal mask. Many visitors did not want to be seen in this place.

Although one can also watch the live broadcast with members.h.i.+p via Skynet, many people still preferred the true experience and the taste of blood.

The name Tie Kuang was famous in the VIP section. It was not because he was truly strong. Among revolvers, Tie Kuang was still a rookie with good potentials at best.

However, in the VIP section, for the unevolved were unable to pay their debt, Tie Kuang was a nightmare.

Satan was the nickname that people gave Tie Kuang after watching his fight. The cruelty Tie Kuang showed in the battles had earned him the nickname.

For the unevolved, Tie Kuang was indeed invincible and cruel like a devil with blood thirst.

In the past battles, none of Tie Kuang's opponents had an intact body. They were either ripped apart or torn off the heads.

Whenever something like that happened, the audience would become fanatic. Cheers would fill the entire s.p.a.ce.

It did not matter who Tie Kuang's opponent was. What everyone wanted to see was the cruelty of the Satan.

"I will tear your head off." When Tie Kuang was standing on the ring again, he pointed at his opponent and shouted out his favorite line. All the audience started to cheer for the upcoming blood and death.

In fact, compared to Tie Kuang, the audience were the real devils.

In a room above the ring, Ning Yue was drinking a cup of wine as red as blood on the couch, overlooking the ring with his smiling eyes.

"Han Sen. He should be that person brother used to hate. a.s.s freak, head of the Steel Armor Special Squad, and an unevolved person. Interesting…" Ning Yue watched Han Sen walking to the ring with a mysterious smile.