Super Gene - Chapter 362: Bloody Battle

Chapter 362: Bloody Battle

Chapter 362: b.l.o.o.d.y Battle

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The black metal wolf quickly flashed in front of Chen Nanxing, who was fast enough to summon a large copper s.h.i.+eld more than 3 feet tall to block its claws.


The 5-inch thick s.h.i.+eld which seemed extremely st.u.r.dy was suddenly ripped open by the wolf claw like a piece of paper. It almost broke in half.

"My sacred-blood s.h.i.+eld!" Chen Nanxing cried in anger.

Chen Zichen and Ye Yufeng each cut at the wolf that just landed with a sword. As the sword flashed, the metal wolf had already thrown itself at Han Sen.

Although Han Sen was holding the spinning spear, seeing what had happened with the sacred-blood s.h.i.+eld, he did not dare to block the wolf with the spear. His heart started to race, and incredible power filled his body.

Han Sen stepped forward using Sparticle and dodged the metal wolf's attack.

After it landed, the wolf did not immediately attack again. It turned around and gazed at Han Sen, obviously surprised that Han Sen could dodge the attack.

In addition to the metal wolf, Chen Nanxing, Chen Zichen, and Ye Yufeng did not expect Han Sen to be able to avoid the wolf's attack either.

Even they felt it was quite challenging to achieve that. As evolvers with their mutant geno points maxed out, the four men working for the Chens were all killed under the wolf's claws.

The fact that Han Sen was able to run away as an unevolved person amazed them.

"Go back!" Ye Yufeng quickly shouted and started to run toward the entrance. Although the wolf was under the influence of time curse, they could still see no hope to kill it.

Ye Yufeng and Chen Nanxing were quick, but just as they moved, the wolf appeared in front of them like a phantom, blocking the way to go out.

"Dammit. I will fight it out with it." Chen Nanxing raised the copper s.h.i.+eld which was already falling apart to the metal wolf.

None of the guys dared to slack. Wielding their weapons, they knew very well that at if they could not bypa.s.s the wolf, none of them could live.

However, the behavior of the wolf showed them some hope. The reason they could not kill the wolf before was that they could not even hit it. However, if the wolf chose to block their way, it had to bear their attacks. This way, maybe they would have a chance to kill it.

Shortly, they found that things were not as smooth as they thought it would be.

The wolf not only dodged all their attacks, but also clawed at Chen Nanxing's s.h.i.+eld in the blink of an eye.


The s.h.i.+eld could no longer hold its shape and fell apart. Chen Nanxing was knocked over by the incredible force and tumbled over before he could stand up.


Ye Yufeng suddenly had a dagger in his hand and quickly stabbed it at the wolf's neck.

"Give me a beast soul!" Ye Yufeng exclaimed, his eyes sparkling. Obviously, he had great faith in his strike.


The dagger hit the wolf's neck and exploded, thousands of smaller blades flew in all directions at the wolf with great speed.

Han Sen was a bit shocked. No wonder Ye Yufeng was so confident. The dagger turned out to be a one-use beast soul like the ghost b.u.t.terfly boomerang. It seemed it was also a sacred-blood weapon. Otherwise, Ye Yufeng would not be so sure of himself.

What happened next made Ye Yufeng turn pale.

Thousands of small blades. .h.i.t the wolf's body and clanked. With the weapon's sharpness and speed, it did not even cut the hair of the wolf, but fell on the floor like broken gla.s.s.

"How is that possible?" Ye Yufeng almost stared his eyes out. Chen Nanxing and Chen Zichen were also dumbstruck. Obviously, they could also tell how good the dagger was. However, the wolf's performance made them feel desperate.

Only Han Sen who had determined the wolf to be a super creature had guessed the result, and did not look surprised at all.

After being attacked, the metal wolf was agitated. It howled again and came at Ye Yufeng. Blood suddenly spilled.

Ye Yufeng used all his force to run. Although he managed to avoid being hit in the vital parts, his leg was clawed and blood started to well.

Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing had taken the opportunity to go out of the opening in the green gold wall and quickly ran out.

Because he was injured in the leg, Ye Yufeng could not run fast. Being the last one, Ye could no longer dodge the second attack from the wolf.

Feeling desperate, Ye Yufeng raised his sword and wanted to cut the wolf before he died. Although it was pointless, he did not want to go down doing nothing. The sacred-blood sword was useless against the wolf and immediately bounced back, almost cutting Ye Yufeng himself.

Seeing the claws almost at his chest, although Ye Yufeng was wearing sacred-blood armor, he did not think it could protect himself. This is the end of me. He thought.

All of a sudden, Ye Yufeng felt someone pulled him in the back away from the claws.


Ye Yufeng was thrown out toward the exit. Getting up, he saw Han Sen standing opposite the wolf.

"Dollar?" Ye Yufeng was dazed. He did not believe Dollar would have saved him.

"Go! Why are you standing there?" Han Sen exclaimed with his eyes fixed on the wolf.

The reason he saved Ye Yufeng was not because he liked the man, but because he had thought of a method to kill the super creature, and Ye Yufeng and his time curse would be a great help in Han Sen's plan.