Super Gene - Chapter 363: The Plan

Chapter 363: The Plan

Chapter 363: The Plan

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Ye Yufeng looked at Han Sen with complicated feelings and limped outside. As he ran, he kept looking back and saw the black metal wolf had thrown itself at Han Sen at the same high speed.

Ye Yufeng did not have the heart to watch. Although he felt terrible, Han Sen was already doomed. If he did not leave fast enough, his life saved by Han Sen would also end there.

Ye Yufeng gritted his teeth and ran as fast as his injured leg could carry him. The wolf kept howling.

In the nest, Han Sen's gaze was fixed on the metal wolf. Before the wolf jumped, Han Sen had already stepped ahead.

With his heart thumping and blood pumping, Han Sen's veins stood out all over his body like green snakes, looking scary.

The power of Heresy Mantra was used to it extreme, and Overload had motivated Han Sen's body cells. Han Sen could almost hear his bones moan.

Fast, incredibly fast. When Han Sen put his foot forward, it almost became a blur.

Even so, Han Sen was still slower than the metal wolf. This wolf was a super creature featuring speed, so it was even faster than the turtle.

Even when the time curse was still working, Han Sen was still slower than the wolf.

However, the wolf was unable to hit Han Sen. Han Sen's kiting skills made the wolf go to the wrong spot, where Han Sen had avoided ahead of time.

Of course, Han Sen could not predict the future. The reason it happened was that Han Sen could determine where the wolf was going next, as he understood its pattern. Han Sen was leading the wolf attack himself to some extent.

The kiting skills that he learned from Queen allowed him to protect himself against the wolf.

However, it was almost impossible for him to kill the wolf. Even the one-use sacred-blood beast soul could not hurt it, Han Sen had basically no chance to kill it.

Before Ye Yufeng took the time curse back, Han Sen tried to fight the wolf as much as possible, trying to know its strength better, which would be helpful to him in the future.

Although Han Sen could predict the wolf's action, it was too fast and strong for Han Sen to fight back.

Seeing Ye Yufeng had run out as well, Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing were dazed. Ye Yufeng was injured in the leg, and they thought it was unlikely that he could survive.

Ye Yufeng did not bother to talk to the brothers and looked to the entrance. However, he did not see Han Sen come out.

"No need to look. That guy cannot make it," said Chen Nanxing.

"Shut up!" Although Ye Yufeng was thinking the same, he did not want to hear Chen Nanxing say it out loud. Ye Yufeng could not understand why Dollar had chosen to save Ye at the risk of his own life in the end.

When Chen Nanxing was about to lose his temper, he suddenly heard footsteps from the nest.

"Is the wolf coming out?" Chen Nanxing suddenly panicked and quickly ran back, forgetting about Ye Yufeng's offense.

Ye Yufeng looked down and was surprised by a golden figure. It was none other than Dollar.

Chen Zichen also saw Han Sen and was shocked. How come he also survived?

"Are you okay?" asked Ye Yufeng as Han Sen jumped out the hole.

"Yeah," replied Han Sen. If Ye Yufeng did not go too far from the time curse so that the beast soul returned to its owner automatically. Han Sen could have lasted a bit longer.

After the fight, Han Sen became more certain of his conjecture. It was too difficult for him to kill a super creature alone. Previously, Han Sen did not solicit other people's a.s.sistance, because he was afraid that others might be more a burden than help.

However, after encountering the evolvers, Han Sen had new thoughts formulated. Normally speaking, people from First G.o.d's Sanctuary would be no match of a super creature, even if they had maxed out on their super geno points.

Evolvers like Ye Yufeng, Chen Nanxing and Chen Zichen could last while facing a super creature. Ye Yufeng was especially helpful because he had the special beast soul, time curse.

Although time curse did not slow down the metal wolf enough for them to beat it, it was not a problem. Han Sen still had flame lieutenant, which could enhance the power of time curse and further reduce the wolf's speed.

If Han Sen could find some beast soul with similar function, maybe he could further limit a super creature's abilities.

There remained to be one key issue, which was how to kill the super creature. Since even a one-use sacred-blood beast soul could not injure the metal wolf, it would be even harder to kill it.

Han Sen had the sacred-blood beast soul sword from Mr. Yu. With the enhancement from the devil sword and flame lieutenant, maybe it was possible to kill the wolf. However, he must hit the wolf first.

Han Sen alone could not accomplish that, so he was wondering how he could make Ye Yufeng agree to help him.

It would be even better if he could also get Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing's help. When using his sacred-blood s.h.i.+eld, Chen Nanxing managed to take some hits from the wolf. Maybe with flame lieutenant, he could handle the wolf's attack a bit longer, which would buy Han Sen more time.

Han Sen wondered if Chen Nanxing had more sacred-blood s.h.i.+elds. If not, it would be fine as well, as long as he could distract the wolf a little.

"Dollar, it turns out you are also an evolver. You've been hiding it from us," said Chen Nanxing.

Naturally, Chen Nanxing believed that Dollar was an evolver who had evolved but stayed in First G.o.d's Sanctuary like they were. Otherwise, how would it be possible for him to escape from the wolf?

In fact, Chen Zichen and Ye Yufeng believed so as well. They took it for granted that an unevolved person could not be so strong.

Han Sen did not argue, as he did not care about these things.

"Dollar, if you need anything in the future, simply ask. I will remember this forever," Ye Yufeng said to Han Sen seriously.

"I do have something that I need to ask of you," said Han Sen bluntly.