Super Gene - Chapter 361: Metal Wolf

Chapter 361: Metal Wolf

Chapter 361: Metal Wolf

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"We are two people and you are alone. Why do you get to keep all those things to yourself?" Chen Nanxing shouted.

"If you have a way to kill the sacred-blood creature, I would have no problem having our stuff reversed," said Ye Yufeng.

Chen Nanxing had nothing to say. If he had a method, he would not have been as embarra.s.sed as he was and lost four men.

"Please explain your method," Chen Zichen said.

"I believe that you will be faithful, so I will not hide anything from you." Ye Yufeng paused and said, "It is actually pretty simple. Since the sacred-blood creature was fast, all we needed to do was to lower its speed."

"What are you talking about? How can we possibly lower its speed?" exclaimed Chen Nanxing, annoyed.

"You sure cannot, but I can." Ye Yufeng then summoned a ball of black smoke. The smoke was moving constantly like a sand clock that repeated itself.

"This is my sacred-blood add-on beast soul, time curse. It could be used on any creature and slow it down. Of course, although it was a sacred-blood beast soul, it is not very effective on a sacred-blood creature. However, it can still slow the sacred-blood creature down a little bit. What do you think of my idea?" Ye Yufeng asked, pointing at his beast soul, time curse.

"It depends on how much slower the creature would get," Chen Zichen said, staring at time curse.

"You can try it yourself," Ye Yufeng said and put the time curse on Chen Zichen.

Black smoke suddenly covered Chen Zichen's body. Chen Zichen walked a few steps and was obviously slower than he was.

Chen Zichen nodded and said, "The effect is quite good. Although it did not surprise me, it should allow us to hit the sacred-blood creature. Let's give it a shot."

"Great." Ye Yufeng took time curse back and determined the exact action plan with the two brothers. Then, the three of them entered the nest together. Han Sen followed them down, and they did not pay him any mind. Maybe Han Sen could distract the sacred-blood creature for a while, so they did not stop him.

It was not the first time that Han Sen had been to the nest. The glow from the green gold did not make him nervous. Even if the creature was actually a super creature, Han Sen believed he could struggle to defeat it.

Shortly, Han Sen saw the broken green gold wall and vast s.p.a.ce filled with different cells.

The cells crisscrossed like the nest of spiders, making people cringe, as if a million spiders would come out of them anytime.

Outside the green gold wall, blood was spilled everywhere. However, they never saw the bodies of the four evolvers with mutant geno points maxed out. Maybe they were eaten.

"Chen Zichen, among us, you are the only one who could dodge a fatal attack from the creature, so I'm afraid you must go first and lure the creature out so that I could use the time curse," Ye Yufeng stopped walking and said.

Chen Zichen nodded slightly and shapes.h.i.+fted into a monkey-like creature. Walking to the broken green gold wall, he crawled into the underground s.p.a.ce of the nest nimbly.

Ye Yufeng and Chen Nanxing watched Chen Zichen closely, and so did Han Sen. He was curious to know what the creature looked like.

Ye Yufeng had agreed to be the bait before they came down. If Ye Yufeng did not need a person acting as the bait, he would not have chosen to collaborate with them.

Obviously, Ye Yufeng did not have the ability to dodge the creature's attacks while using time curse.

When Chen Zichen just walked into the s.p.a.ce, he suddenly saw a black shadow rus.h.i.+ng toward him from the back of a cell nearby.

The shadow became so sudden and fast. Han Sen had been paying full attention, but all he could see was a blur. He felt like it was something between a wolf and a fox.

Chen Zichen was indeed very strong. Under such critical conditions, he quickly turned around in an impossible angle and protected all the vital parts of his body. The shadow only sc.r.a.ped his arm, but even so, it still managed to make him bleed.

After landing, the shadow did not even pause before it jumped at Chen Zichen.

"Here goes," exclaimed Ye Yufeng. The time curse took the creature in a whirl.

The time curse covered a large scope, so unless the creature retreated, it was impossible for it to avoid the beast soul's impact. Suddenly, a black lightning bolt slowed down.

The group then saw what the creature looked like. It was a black wolf larger than an ordinary one, with the size of an adult tiger.

Its fur was gleaming with a metal sheen. If it was not moving, it would look like a statue.

"Kill it." Both Ye Yufeng and Chen Nanxing rushed to the creature immediately, trying to kill it together with Chen Zichen.

Han Sen shapes.h.i.+fted into the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer and came forward as well. The creature had become much slower, and they could see how it moved. It was indeed a great opportunity.

Because its speed had been lowered, the creature failed to hurt Chen Zichen. When it landed, it watched the group of people coldly and did not seem to panic at all.

All four of them showed their weapons and started to attack. However, the black metal wolf suddenly howled and quickly jumped again, its speed as fast as before.

"Dammit, this creature is so weird that the time curse did not even work on it," exclaimed Ye Yufeng, looking frightened.

Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing were also pale. They could also tell that the speed of the wolf was not affected by the beast soul.

However, Han Sen did not think the wolf was immune to time curse. In fact, the time curse was already working on it. Since it did not slow down, it was very likely that in the beginning the wolf never used all it had got. It was trying to lure the whole group to come closer before it killed them all.