Super Gene - Chapter 360: Super Creature in the Nest

Chapter 360: Super Creature in the Nest

Chapter 360: Super Creature in the Nest

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Ye Yufeng was dazed for a while before he smiled and said, "I heard a lot about Dollar, but just found out how interesting you are."

When Han Sen was about to reply, he suddenly heard messy footsteps from the nest. Han Sen quickly looked down.

Shortly, people started to climb out of the entrance. The first who came out was Chen Nanxing, who was as pale as a piece of paper. His armor was slashed open either by a weapon or a claw. Blood was oozing.

Behind Chen Nanxing, Chen Zichen also climbed up. He looked slightly better than Chen Nanxing. His armor was also broken, but it was not as severe as Chen Nanxing's injury. His face was also grim.

After Chen Zichen, no one came out. Han Sen looked down and saw nothing.

"You guys are more impressive than I thought. You both lasted quite long in the nest," said Ye Yufeng.

"Is that a sarcasm?" Chen Nanxing was in a terrible mood. Hearing Ye Yufeng's words, he bristled and wanted to hit him, but was stopped by Chen Zichen.

"I truly admire you and did not mean to be sarcastic. I almost died in a couple of seconds, while you lasted for about fifteen minutes and you are still alive," said Ye Yufeng seriously.

Knowing Ye Yufeng was sincere, Chen Nanxing was less angry. However, thinking of the four evolvers who had sacrificed in the nest, he sat down depressed, his lips twitching.

"What is the creature? How come it's so strong?" Han Sen frowned and asked.

He did not go down because he thought Ye Yufeng must have some tricks up his sleeve since Ye did not go down himself. Maybe the egg had been broken by Ye Yufeng already. It turned out that there was truly a strong creature in the nest.

However, what Ye Yufeng said was true. There was a creature in the nest that even sixty revolvers could not defeat. Han Sen suddenly thought of two words--super creature.

"I don't know," said Ye Yufeng, since Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing did not bother to reply Han Sen. Ye Yufeng continued, "I believe you guys did not see what it was either."

Chen Nanxing gritted his teeth and said, "If I could see it, I would cut its head off immediately."

"That creature is invisible?" Han Sen did not understand what they meant by not being able to see the creature.

"It was not invisible, but too fast. It was running all around among the cells in the nest. We could not see what it was at all," said Ye Yufeng. He paused and continued, "The only thing I know is that it is a quadruped beast."

Han Sen looked to Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing, who had stayed in the nest longer. Maybe they had more idea about the creature.

"We know more or less the same about the creature. It was a quadruped beast, and should be black."

Hearing Chen Zichen's words, Han Sen became more pleased. Chen Zichen must have a fitness index above thirty. Since even he could not tell what the creature looked like, the creature was probably much faster than a sacred-blood creature. If it was a super creature, then this was great news to Han Sen.

However, thinking about the creature's speed, Han Sen frowned.

Using both Heresy Mantra and Overload, Han Sen's fitness level should be a bit stronger than Chen Zichen. However, if Chen Zichen could not keep up with the creature, Han Sen probably couldn't either.

"I wonder if you are interested in the hunting the creature with me?" Ye Yufeng suddenly said, attracting the attention of Chen Zichen, Chen Nanxing and Han Sen.

"You know how to kill it?" Chen Nanxing stared at Ye Yufeng and asked.

"I have a method, but I can't do it alone. Otherwise, there is no need for me to ask for your help." Ye Yufeng then looked to Han Sen and asked, "I wonder if you have evolved, Dollar?"

"Not yet." Han Sen told the truth.

"That is unfortunate. If you have not evolved, you would not be fit enough to even see the creature. Even if you have evolved, without your sacred-blood geno points maxed out, you will still be killed like those four guys." Although Ye Yufeng did not say it directly, he implied that Han Sen was not strong enough to collaborate with them.

"What if I choose to go down?" Han Sen asked Ye Yufeng calmly.

"I meant well, but if you want to commit suicide, I will not stop you. In fact, if you choose to go inside, you could buy us more time, which would do us more good than harm," Ye Yufeng smiled and said.

"What's your method?" Chen Nanxing asked Ye Yufeng hastily. It looked like he wanted to eat the creature alive.

"It is pretty simple. The creature is only too fast for us to even hit it. In fact, if we could hit it, it would be easy for us to kill it," said Ye Yufeng.

"Cut the c.r.a.p. We all know that," Chen Nanxing sneered.

"You have a way for us to hit it?" Chen Zichen stared at Ye Yufeng and asked.

Ye Yufeng said quietly, "of course. But before I tell you, we must determine how to divide our gains, so that Ares martial Hall and the Chens could still be friends."

"How do you propose we divide the gains?" Chen Zichen asked Ye Yufeng.

"The beast soul of the sacred-blood creature would belong to whoever killed it. We will divide the meat equally and I get to break the egg," Ye Yufeng said his plan.

Obviously, the plan did not include Han Sen.

Neither Ye Yufeng nor the Chen brothers think of Han Sen as either opponent or partner. They all thought all Han Sen could do was to distract the sacred-blood beast and buy them some time before he was killed.