Super Gene - Chapter 359: Seven Twists

Chapter 359: Seven Twists

Chapter 359: Seven Twists

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"Clear!" Chen Zichen shouted and summoned a spear more than 6 feet long. He stepped on the cliff and stabbed the spear at the bird.

The rest of the group quickly dodged. They dug their fingers into the rocks and quickly climbed up.

Han Sen was surprised. Although they had high fitness levels, they must have practiced special martial arts in order to achieve this. It was not hard to drive one's fingers through the rock, but it was difficult to do that repeatedly even for evolvers.

Chen Zichen made his first strike with the spear, but the bird had already risen higher. When Chen Zichen started to fall, the birds then clawed at him.

Initially, Han Sen thought Chen Zichen must have sacred-blood wings to make such a daring move. However, Chen Zichen did not have wings. As the bird was about to get him, he suddenly turned his body around in the air and moved 3 feet away from the bird's claws without touching anything. Then Chen Zichen raised his spear and stabbed at the bird's wing again.

The bird was cunning enough to dodge the spear one more time.

Watching Chen Zichen fighting the bird in the air and stepping on the air repeatedly, Han Sen felt he was looking at two birds.

When Chen Zichen stepped on the air the third time, he started to fall. However, he only landed briefly before he threw himself into the air again.

Han Sen was more than surprised. The footwork that allowed Chen Zichen to step on the air three times was incredible. Without wings, Han Sen could not achieve that.

The footwork was not even recorded in Panorama. Han Sen wondered who Chen Zichen was to be a master of such footwork.

Suddenly, the birds screeched and landed on the top of the mountain. Next to the bird stood a person.

"Seven Twists of the Chens is impressive indeed," the person said, watching Chen Zichen who had landed on the ground.

The entire group were shocked. Chen Zichen stared at the person and asked, "Since you know about Seven Twists, you should be a family friend of the Chens. Why did you attack us?"

It was obvious now that the bird was not a wild creature, but the man's pet.

"It was not really an attack. I was just wondering about Seven Twists," said the person, stepping on the bird's back. The birds landed shortly and hovered next to the cliff where the group was standing.

Han Sen then saw what the person was wearing. He was in black armor which covered his face as well.

"Who are you? Tell me who you are, otherwise I will not be polite," Chen Nanxing exclaimed at the guy.

"My name is Ye Yufeng. I don't think you have heard my name. I am a student at the headquarters of Ares Martial Hall, and I know your family well," said the guy in black armor.

"So you are from the Ares Martial Hall. No wonder you dared to attack us. I need to question Huangfu Xiongcheng when I get back," Chen Nanxing said, annoyed.

Ye Yufeng said calmly, "Ares Martial Hall is the Chens' friend. I did not mean to attack you, but to appreciate Seven Twists and to save you."

"Save us?" Chen Zichen asked.

"You must be going to the nest. To be honest with you, I have already been there. Unfortunately, the creature inside was too strong. I almost lost my life and gained nothing, which is why I am giving you a reminder," said Ye Yufeng.

"We appreciate it, but this is our business, and has nothing to do with Ares Martial Hall," Chen Nanxing snorted and walked toward the entrance of the nest.

Chen Zichen glanced at Ye Yufeng and followed Chen Nanxing. They did not know if Ye Yufeng was really a student at Ares martial Hall, but there was no way they would give up on a nest.

In addition, they were six evolvers after all, so they believed they could cope with any creature inside the nest.

"What kind of creature is it?" Han Sen did not follow the group but asked Ye Yufeng standing on the bird's back.

"I did not realize the famous Dollar belongs to the Chens." Ye Yufeng checked Han Sen out. Their faces were both covered in armor, so neither of them could see the other.

"If that is the case, you better not enter the nest. Otherwise, you might lose your life for some money," Ye Yufeng smiled and said.

"I'm afraid you don't know that all six of them are evolvers. Do you think the creature could hurt six evolvers?" Han Sen probed.

Ye Yufeng smiled and said, "No need to probe. Even if I tell you, you would probably not believe me. Evolvers like the Chen brothers could never hurt the creature even if there were sixty of them. If they were slower, maybe they would lose their lives there."

"As for you, you better not go in. The creature would not recognize Dollar," Ye Yufeng said and controlled the bird to fly toward the entrance of the nest.

However, he was just standing outside the entrance and did not mean to go inside. It seemed he was waiting for the group to come out.

When Han Sen arrived at the entrance, the group of people had entered for a while. They walked very fast. It seemed that they were worried Ye Yufeng would break the egg before they did.

Han Sen looked inside and sat on the rock next to the entrance along with Ye Yufeng.

"Aren't you going inside?" Ye Yufeng looked at Han Sen in surprise.

"Didn't you say it's dangerous and I'd better not go?" Han Sen asked.