Super Gene - Chapter 358: Another Nest

Chapter 358: Another Nest

Chapter 358: Another Nest

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"All right," Han Sen replied and accelerated a little bit.

However, Han Sen was still going slowly and making sure he had everything under control. Half a day into the mountains, Han Sen saw a group of creatures looking like a cross between a cow and a horse running in the mountains. Han Sen looked carefully and determined that they were all mutant creatures. There seemed to be no sacred-blood creatures among them.

"Dollar, how about we have a match? Let's try to kill as many of those mutant creatures as possible, and see who could kill more." Chen Nanxing did not have any negative feelings against Han Sen. Dollar was so famous two years ago and everyone said he could have become the number one Chosen. However, Chen Nanxing was not even qualified to take part in that contest then.

Being able to defeat Dollar would mean a lot to Chen Nanxing. The gratification of beating a champion must be incredible.

Chen Nanxing did not care whether or not his game against Dollar was fair. Only winning mattered to him.

"There is no need. I am not your match," replied Han Sen.

In Han Sen's eyes, Chen Nanxing was not qualified to be his opponent. Having a stupid match against Chen Nanxing would only be a waste of time.

No one needed mutant meat in the group. Even mutant beast souls were almost pointless. Wasting time on killing seemed incredibly childish to Han Sen.

Chen Nanxing laughed complacently. The four evolver followers also threw a contemptuous look at Han Sen. Naturally, someone without spine like this did not deserve their respect.

However, Chen Zichen looked Han Sen up and down with his brows knitted. Although his friends did not notice, Chen Zichen saw indifference in Han Sen's calm.

Indifference was even worse than contempt. From Chen Zichen's perspective, Han Sen had never taken them seriously, as if they were nonexistent.

Chen Zichen felt uncomfortable about Han Sen's indifference. Although he did not share Chen Nanxing's delight in abusing someone who used to be strong, Chen Zichen wanted to beat Han Sen as well.

However, Chen Zichen hesitated and did nothing. He thought, forget it. I am already an evolver. There is no point in beating him now. I must wait until he evolves and then defeat him.

Because Han Sen did not deign to heed Chen Nanxing's provocation, the group was getting along pretty well.

After two days, they still had not seen any sacred-blood creatures, which upset the group a little.

"Didn't people say that there are plenty of sacred-blood creatures in Jade Dragon Mountains? How come we have seen none of them after such a long time. You must be leading the wrong way?" Chen Nanxing asked Han Sen impatiently.

"We are on the right track. The mountains are huge and we are still in the periphery." Han Sen remained calm.

He had picked the path where he ran into the golden growler, so there must be plenty of sacred-blood creatures.

Having marched for another half a day, Han Sen suddenly stopped and looked at the layering mountains in front of him with delight.

"Why did you stop?" Chen Nanxing frowned and asked.

"I'm afraid we cannot go further," Han Sen paused and said.

The group of people looked ahead and did not see anything. Chen Nanxing said impatiently, "There are no creatures or anything wrong. How come we cannot go?"

"If I'm not wrong, this should be a Life Lotus ahead of us," Han Sen pointed at the mountains and said.

"What? You're saying there is a nest?" Everyone became excited and looked at the mountains in front of them. However, they could not tell why it was a Life Lotus. There are plenty of mountains like this in this area, and those mountains looked nothing special to them.

"Are you sure there is a nest?" Qin Zhiming asked Han Sen incredulously.

"It's only a guess. I am not sure," said Han Sen casually. However, he was certain inwardly that there must be a nest.

Han Sen was calculating how he could break the egg before everyone else.

It was indicated in the contract they signed that Han Sen was only responsible as a guide. When there was a creature, Han Sen could also choose to kill it. Whoever killed the creature would be its owner.

It was Han Sen's only condition for taking the group into Jade Dragon Mountains, and the group agreed easily because they did not believe as an unevolved person, Dollar could kill any creature before they did.

"Let's go and have a look." Chen Zichen put away his mount and approached the Life Lotus first.

In a Life Lotus, the slopes were extremely steep. Without wings, people would have to climb the cliffs.

Han Sen also put away Meowth and followed the group. If it was an ordinary place, Han Sen would have chosen to rush inside a moment ago. However, in Jade Dragon Mountains, he was not sure if there were additional creatures, so he chose to take his time.

After climbing a few mountains, it was more and more obvious that it was a Life Lotus. The group was overjoyed and said, "There is a nest indeed. How lucky we are!"

Even if they killed ten sacred-blood creatures, a sacred-blood beast soul would not be guaranteed. However, in the egg there was very likely a sacred-blood beast soul.

Even in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, a sacred-blood beast soul would still be helpful in the beginning stage. Even if it was not useful, it could be used to trade for the beast souls in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Therefore, although the group of people were already evolvers, they also had strong desires for sacred-blood beast souls and would never let go of such a good opportunity.

After making sure that there was a nest, the group accelerated toward the center of the Life Lotus.

"Careful!" Han Sen who was walking behind them exclaimed.

The group were shocked and quickly looked to Han Sen. Han Sen was pointing at the sky, so they looked up and saw a bird with three feet coming at them like a piece of dark cloud.