Super Gene - Chapter 357: Second Time into Jade Dragon Mountains

Chapter 357: Second Time into Jade Dragon Mountains

Chapter 357: Second Time into Jade Dragon Mountains

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Han Sen felt more puzzled since his mother showed him everything. Originally, he only wanted to find out whether Starry Group was behind his father's accident. However, everything seemed to be more complicated than he had thought.

Han Sen thought Starry Group must have something to do with his father's death, but his father asked his mother to go to the Nings, owners of Starry Group before he died. It was so self-contradicting that Han Sen still could not understand what had happened.

Han Sen knew it was pointless for him to worry. He had to gain more and more power in order to find out. With his current background, if he became obsessed, it was more likely he would get killed than find out about the truth.

After staying at home for a few days, Han Sen returned to Blackhawk and started to prepare for hunting a super creature.

Han Sen still had not completed the third phase of Heresy Mantra. It looked like he could not make a breakthrough in a short amount of time. All that was left to do was to fill his sacred geno points up.

Han Sen planned to gain more sacred geno points while looking for a super creature.

Since Han Sen has no method to kill the phoenix-like super creature, he planned to leave it alone for the time being.

Initially, Han Sen wanted to go to the Jade Dragon Mountains alone, hunting sacred-blood creatures while looking for super creatures. Maybe he would run into something like the golden growler.

However, before Han Sen left, he saw the sign he told with Lu Weinan on the crooked tree outside the Steel Armor Shelter.

Last time, Lu Weinan took him to find the beetle knight. Han Sen had agreed to give Lu Weinan a 20% cut, but he never saw Lu Weinan again. Unexpectedly, Han Sen found the sign at this point.

Han Sen arrived as Dollar at the time and place indicated by Lu Weinan on a note, and saw Lu Weinan next to a creek in a mountain nearby.

"Last time I did not find you. I finished eating the sacred-blood meat, so I could only offer you money or finish a task for you. I will try my best," said Han Sen.

Lu Weinan looked at Han Sen in surprise and said, "Brother, you really killed those two sacred-blood creatures? I went there again and saw nothing. I thought those two creatures had left."

"I killed them," Han Sen said calmly.

"Brother, I don't want your money. I happen to have something that I want to ask you and wonder if you could do me a favor," Lu Weinan hesitated and said.

"Tell me. I'm not sure if I could help though." Han Sen frowned secretly. He preferred to give money, which would be less troublesome.

"So, I have a few friends who want to go to Jade Dragon Mountains. However, the place is obviously too dangerous for me. If you have time, could you take them into the mountains. You could take my 20% cut as the reward, or I can pay you more," said Lu Weinan helplessly.

"Who are going to Jade Dragon Mountains?" Han Sen was surprised, because not a lot of people dared to go there.

"Some family friends. They have strong physique and almost all of them are already evolvers. When they finish this trip, they will go to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary," explained Lu Weinan.

Han Sen suddenly understood that those people were going into Jade Dragon Mountains for sacred-blood creatures.

"Time and place?" Han Sen thought about it and decided to take the task. He was going to Jade Dragon Mountains anyway. Since Lu Weinan's friends were evolvers, if he went together with them, there would be less chance of conflicts in case that they ran into each other.

Since there were several evolvers, Han Sen did not want to waste his energy fighting them. After all, there were not a lot of evolvers as weak as Mr. Yu.

Lu Weinan was overjoyed, told Han Sen the time and place, and introduced those people to Han Sen.

"Brother, you must have maxed out on everything. Why haven't you gone to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary?" after discussing business, Lu Weinan couldn't help asking.

Lu Weinan was one of the few people who knew Dollar was still in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. Most people thought Dollar had gone to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary a long time ago.

Also, Lu Weinan had witnessed how strong Han Sen was a few years back. At that time, he thought Han Sen had already maxed out on everything. However, two years later, Han Sen was still in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, which made him feel puzzled.

"I still have some unfinished business here, and will not go to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary soon," Han Sen answered casually and did not want to elaborate.

Han Sen did not mind going into Jade Dragon Mountains as Dollar. He wondered if a group of revolvers could hurt a super creature. Han Sen estimated that an evolver with all the geno points maxed out should have a fitness index around thirty, while a super creature should have an index of at least forty. Without practicing any hyper geno arts design for evolvers, a fresh evolver stood no chance in front of a super creature.

Han Sen packed and went to the agreed place to meet the group of people.

"Lu said he could hire Dollar to guide our way. We thought he was bragging and it turns out to be you for real." Chen Zichen squinted his eyes, looking Han Sen up and down. It seemed he was very interested in Dollar.

"I am just a normal person who takes the money and does the job," Han Sen said casually.

"Indeed. If you are not a normal person, you will not be staying in First G.o.d's Sanctuary until now," Chen Nanxing, the skinny guy next to Chen Zichen said.

Han Sen did not pay him any mind and said quietly, "When do you plan to go?"

"Now," said Chen Zichen.

Han Sen did not say anything and led the group riding Meowth. Only the two brothers, Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing were evolvers with their sacred-blood geno points maxed out, while the other four were their followers and only evolved with their mutant geno points maxed out. Naturally, they were much weaker than Chen Zichen and Chen Nanxing.

However, even the brothers did not scare Han Sen. Even if they were strong, they had just evolved and had not learned the hyper geno arts design for evolvers, so there was no way they could beat Han Sen.

Everyone had heard about Dollar. However, as evolvers, they did not think too highly of him.

Chen Zichen was very interested in Dollar and tried to test how strong Han Sen was. However, Han Sen did not show anything, but only guided the way.

It was not the first time Han Sen had come to Jade Dragon Mountains, but he became careful immediately after he entered the mountains, in case there was a super creature.

"Dollar, don't worry. Go ahead and it's fine if there were several sacred-blood creatures. In that case, we could all enjoy barbecue tonight," Chen Nanxing said sarcastically, displeased with Han Sen's low speed.