Super Gene - Chapter 356: Super Gene?

Chapter 356: Super Gene?

Chapter 356: Super Gene?

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Han Sen looked at the alloy box in front of him in surprise. He remembered that his dad died in an aircraft accident, and people did not even find his body, so how was it possible that he had left something behind?

Seeing that Han Sen was puzzled, Luo Sulan said, "Your dad gave this to me two days before he had the accident. He said that it might be useful to you someday. You were too young, so I did not show you this. Now that you've grown up and know right from wrong, it's time that I give it to you."

"Does it have anything to do with dad's death?" Han Sen's heart leapt.

Luo Sulan shook her head and said, "I don't know if that is the case. I feel like someone like your dad would not leave this for no reason. And it was as if he knew something was wrong at that point."

Han Sen bit his lip and slowly opened the box. He was too young when his father died, but as he grew older, many things about the incident seemed odd.

Their family business was prospering under his father's management, but it was merely a workshop compared to Starry Group. The family business did not even own their own mines.

Why would a giant company like Starry Group be interested in such a small business? If dad was murdered by them, what was in it for Starry Group to go through such trouble and murder his dad?

Han Sen was puzzled by many details, but because he was too young, he did not remember everything and could not tell what was wrong.

Han Sen opened the box. There were three items in it: a metal chip that looked like a work permit, a small diary book, and a crystal pendant hanging on a red cord. Han Sen first took up the metal chip, which was indeed a work permit. Black characters were imprinted on the white chip.

"Han Jingzhi, Unit 7, Secret Service, AX958712558," Han Sen read the characters to himself and felt surprised.

The name Han Jingzhi was familiar to Han Sen. It was the name of Han Sen's great grandpa. About his great grandpa, all Han Sen knew was his name. Apart from this name, Han Sen knew nothing about the man.

Seeing the work permit, Han Sen learned that his great grandpa used to work for a governmental organization in the Alliance, but it looks like he was just an ordinary staff member.

Han Sen looked at the back of the work permit and there was a logo. Han Sen did not find anything else special about the permit.

Putting down the work permit, Han Sen took up the crystal pendant. It was quite small and made of red crystal. It looks like a cat or fox with its head and tail connected. Its tail was too big for a cat, but its face was a cat's face.

It felt like a piece of jade. Since Han Sen knew nothing about jewelry, he did not know what it was.

"Mom, where did this pendant come from?" Han Sen looked to his mother, puzzled.

Luo Sulan had a complex look on her face. She hesitated and said, "When your father gave to me, he said your great grandpa left this behind and that if you ran into any trouble, you can take this to Starry Group and seek help from the Nings."

"Seek help from Starry Group and the Nings?" Han Sen almost thought there was something wrong with his ears. For the longest time, he thought Starry Group was responsible for his father's death. However, his father said he could go to the Nings with this pendant, which was simply unbelievable.

"I also felt it was fishy, so no matter how hard it was, I did not go to Starry Group," said Luo Sulan with a wry smile.

Han Sen nodded. If it were him, he would have chosen to do the same. No matter what, Starry Group was an important suspect in killing his father. There was no way he would ask for their help.

The whole thing was so odd that Han Sen was confused. He did not know what was the relations.h.i.+p between his father and Starry Group, or why his father had said that. However, everything told Han Sen that his father's death was not as simple as he thought it was.

Putting the pendant down, Han Sen took the diary from the box. Although the style of the diary book was old, it did not look like it was used often.

Han Sen opened the book and saw two words which made his pupils contract.

"Super gene"

Han Sen's heart was racing. He thought no one knew about the existence of super gene.

He had searched on the Skynet and the platform of the special squad, but he had found absolutely nothing on super creatures or super gene.

Seeing these two words on the diary book, Han Sen had a million thoughts at once.

"The book and the writing seem to be quite old. Are they also left by my great grandpa? How come he wrote something like this? Does he mean the same thing that I know of?" Han Sen quickly scanned the pages of the diary.

However, except for the first page, there was no other words on the diary. All the other pages were blank.

Someone else also circled the two words in red ink and wrote a question mark.

Han Sen was so shocked that he only noticed it a while later.

"What does this mean? Is someone questioning whether super gene exists?" Han Sen frowned and looked to Luo Sulan, wis.h.i.+ng his mother had an answer.

However, Luo Sulan sighed and said, "Your father did not say anything but that these were left by your great grandpa Han Jingzhi. Keep them with you, maybe they will become handy later."

Han Sen nodded and put away the three items. They might explain his father's death, and he was the only one who could find out about the truth.