Super Gene - Chapter 355: Things Left behind by the Deceased

Chapter 355: Things Left behind by the Deceased

Chapter 355: Things Left behind by the Deceased

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Han Sen had only pa.s.sed the easiest mode of Sprint. By adjusting and adding the metal walls, the difficulty could be further improved. In addition, gravity inside the device could also be increased.

From level I to level X, Han Sen had only pa.s.sed level I, which was the easiest among them all.

"Sprint is much better than an ordinary gravity trainer. It must be great for me to practice Overload." Since Han Sen discovered this interesting device, he had come to the lab more and more often.

He mainly came to the lab to use Sprint and was not interested in other tests. He always waited for the researchers to leave the lab before he started to use Sprint to train himself.

As Han Sen had expected, Sprint was not only harder than a gravity trainer, it was also more effective and comprehensive when it came to training his entire body.

If I could pa.s.s level X of Sprint when the gravity level was adjusted to 25.0, then it would mean my real fitness index had reached twenty-five. When Han Sen pa.s.sed all ten levels, he became more and more obsessed with Sprint.

The reason he was able to pa.s.s was that he had learned the placement of all the metal walls. When he tried the first time, he got his first shock when he got to level III. In the harder levels, he had to learn the arrangement of the channel before he could pa.s.s.

However, he was still pa.s.sing under low gravity. If the gravity was turned up to 25.0, Han Sen would not even finish level I.

That was okay though. What Han Sen needed was to squeeze every ounce of energy in his body, so that he could learn more about his body under the condition of Overload. Although he got shocked repeatedly, Han Sen was still enjoying his training.

Watching Han Sen abusing himself, Jing Jiya also worked harder on his own training.

Han Sen did not care what Jing Jiya did, but only focused on his own goal.

In addition to training, Han Sen also needed to go to lectures. Originally, he thought his performance would allow him to become a major in the military upon graduation, but because he had missed school for a long time, he did not get good grades in many courses and had to double his effort so that he could still become a major.

Fortunately, he had won a champions.h.i.+p in the archery tournament for the school, and Professor Yan had also promised him extra credits. If he could be top three in his other two courses, he believed he would still become a major.

Han Sen had also been studying how to kill the phoenix-like creature. However, he could not come up with a good solution at the time being, so he had to give up the thoughts for the moment.

When he saw the creature, he had used the fairy queen to observe how it killed Mr. Yu. Based on what he saw, the creature was not entirely made of fire. Within its body, there was still a solid core, and in order to kill it, he must directly attack its core wrapped in flames.

However, the bird's flame was untouchable, and normal weapons could not even reach its core, not even a long one like a spear. The only feasible way to attack it was to shoot an arrow into its body.

However, Han Sen did not even have a sacred-blood beast soul arrow. There was no way he could hit the super creature, so he had to give up temporarily.

A few months had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. With Overload, Han Sen's fitness index had reached twenty-five. With Heresy mantra also used, his fitness index was over thirty, higher than an evolver with all the geno points maxed out.

It is time I try to kill a super creature. Han Sen decided. His fitness index had reached thirty at this point, which was about the limit of First G.o.d's Sanctuary. It would be hard for him to improve any further. In addition, he had the sacred-blood sword from Mr. Yu. He almost had everything ready at this point.

All he needed was a super creature as his target. As for the fire bird, Han Sen would not even consider it without a proper arrow.

Before Han Sen went to hunt, he took the semiannual a.s.sessment. Thanks to his efforts, he had got the highest score on campus, earning him a lot of credits.

To Han Sen's joy, the cloud beast that he had been feeding for a year had become a super creature as he had estimated.

Looking at the cloud beast, Han Sen clenched the skeleton's dagger in his hand and whispered, "Heaven, Buddha, G.o.d of Fortune, Lady luck… Please give me a super beast soul!"


Han Sen killed the super cloud beast and heard the voice in his head.

"Super creature cloud beast killed. No beast soul gained. Life essence available. Meat inedible."

The voice, the body of the cloud beast dissolved, and a piece of life essence fell on the floor exactly like last time.

"Dammit!" cursed Han Sen with his teeth gritted. Again, he did not get the beast soul. It would take him a year to have another chance.

The cloud beast must not be my lucky charm. I have never gained a beast soul from it. Han Sen felt depressed. He had fed quite a few cloud beasts, but had not gained a single beast soul. No matter how much he liked that beast soul, he had to consider feeding another type of creature.

In the end, Han Sen bought a living archer crow. The beast soul of the archer crow was a beast soul arrow. If he could gain that, he could consider killing the phoenix-like creature.

In addition, with a super beast soul arrow, it would be much easier for him to kill another super creature. At least he would be able to injure it.

The silver lining was that this cloud beast gave Han Sen another nine super geno points, which further enhanced his physique.

When Han Sen gathered what he needed to take with him, he went back home during the school recess. In another six months, he would be graduating from Blackhawk. At that time, he would directly go to the military and have little chance to return home.

Although Han Sen wanted to serve on the wars.h.i.+p where Ji Yanran was, that wars.h.i.+p had a high level of security clearance, and it was extremely difficult to get in. At least Han Sen did not have that kind of power at this point.

After returning home, Luo Sulan was not as excited as Han Sen thought she would be. It seemed something had occupied her mind.

"Mom, has something happened?" Han Sen asked, worried.

"You're a grown man now. I suppose I should give you something your father left behind." Luo Sulan hesitated for a while, retrieved a small box from the closet, and placed it in front of Han Sen.