Super Gene - Chapter 354: Sprint

Chapter 354: Sprint

Chapter 354: Sprint

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Initially Han Sen thought since Mr. Yu was an evolver with all his geno points maxed out, he would be able to last a while facing a super creature.

However, Mr. Yu died so fast and in such a horrifying way, which made Han Sen s.h.i.+ver.

How come all the super creatures are so incredibly strong? Han Sen wondered. Watching what had happened to the group of people, Han Sen no longer dared to provoke the birds right away.

"It really is a Phoenix. So scary!" Su Xiaoqiao said with his hair standing on end.

"Phoenix should definitely be stronger than this. However, in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, the creature should be invincible," said Han Sen and turned away.

Since he now knew the bird was indeed a super creature and found out where it was resting, Han Sen had all the information he needed. Before he discovered a way to kill it, it was pointless for him to stay there.

Normal weapons could not hurt the bird. In order to kill it, he needed more than strength and speed. Somehow, he needed to find a method to hurt it.

When Han Sen returned to Steel Armor Shelter, he checked on the cloud beast, which had become more transparent. Obviously, in a few months, he would be able to harvest another super creature.

Han Sen hoped to gain the beast soul of the cloud beast. A super beast soul of the cloud beast would mean so much to Han Sen, and make it so much easier for him to hunt super creatures.

"Grow faster…" Han Sen talked to himself, watching the cloud beast.

When Han Sen went back to Blackhawk, he found many unanswered calls and messages from Professor Yan's lab, asking him to go back for the trial.

Since he was in the Devil Desert, Han Sen had missed the trial for a couple of days. Han Sen quickly changed and went to the lab.

"You have missed the trial for several days. You're lucky that Jing Jiya was the main subjects. Otherwise, Professor Yan would never let you off the hook," said Qin Zhiming, who had been in charge of Han Sen's case.

Han Sen watched Jing Jiya was running up and down in a closed field and asked curiously, "What is this? I have never seen it before."

"It is a recently built model called Sprint. The aim was to obtain the comprehensive data of a person under extreme conditions. You can also give the shot." Qin Zhiming suddenly remembered something and asked Han Sen, "Did you do the test I gave you last time? You should give me the data back."

"I haven't had time yet." Han Sen suddenly remembered the solution and device, which he had not been able to use yet.

"Do it when you have time," Qin Zhiming did not insist. After all, Han Sen was only the unofficial subject, while Jing Jiya's data was the key.

After coming out of Sprint, Jing Jiya was covered in sweat. It looked like he had been through h.e.l.l.

"Han Sen, come and try this." Jing Jiya saw Han Sen, quickly pulled him into Sprint and closed the door.

"At least tell me how to use this…" Han Sen saw different obstacles and said with a wry smile.

There were many metal walls facing different directions. Some were even up in the air.

"Do you see the white zones on the metal walls? You have to step on the white zones to pa.s.s all the walls. If you step out of the white zones, you would get a shock and have to start over again. In order to pa.s.s, you have to pa.s.s all the metal walls to reach the finis.h.i.+ng line without getting shocked," Qin Zhiming explained the rules to Han Sen through a microphone.

"Doesn't seem that hard," said Han Sen, glancing at the white zones. Although the white zones were only 1 foot wide each, it was wide enough for Han Sen.

However, when Han Sen started the test, he found that he was terribly wrong. The metal walls and white zones were designed specifically to increase the challenge. The walls were not flat, but skewed in different angles. some were even upside down. So, he had to jump continuously and could take no break.

In addition, he also needed to use all kinds of positions. Almost all the muscles must be motivated in order to finish the task. It truly was a scientific design.

If he was not fast enough or flexible enough, there was no way he could s.h.i.+ft his moves in time to step on the next metal wall.

It was a simple test, but the challenge was tremendous. With Han Sen's physique, he even felt some difficulties.

It was the first time he had done the test, so he was not sure about the placement of the metal walls ahead of him. Han Sen had to rely on his reflex to march forward.

If he had practiced a few times and got familiar with the channel, it would not be as hard for him.

However, a test of this level could not make Han Sen cringe. Although it looked laborious, Han Sen still managed to go through the entire Sprint.

Watching Han Sen during the test, Jing Jiya's look became grim, and Qin Zhiming was also shocked.

Other researchers on different tasks also gathered, looking surprised.

Sprint was not an extreme challenge, and Jing Jiya could easily pa.s.s it now. However, Jing Jiya had learned by heart the placement of all the metal walls.

The first time Jing Jiya did the test, he was shocked eight times before he pa.s.sed.

That meant, without learning the test, there were eight occasions where Jing Jiya could not react fast enough, which were also the key points in the design.

Of course, there were more than thirty tricks in total. Jing Jiya managed to tackle everything else but those eight.

After missing once, Jing Jiya never failed again at the same tricks.

However, for the first time Han Sen did the test, he did not even miss a single point. If he did not know for sure that Han Sen had never taken the test, Qin Zhiming could not believe that Han Sen was actually doing it for the first time.

"It is pretty hard. I must be kinda slow?" Han Sen came out of Sprint and sweated a little, which was quite rare for him who had practiced Jadeskin.

"You did really well. Great physique and reflex!" Qin Zhiming's eyes lit up.

Other researchers were thinking, it seems that the difficulty of Sprint should be increased.

If Han Sen knew they would think this way, he would feel terrible for Jing Jiya.