Super Gene - Chapter 353: Fire Bird

Chapter 353: Fire Bird

Chapter 353: Fire Bird

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Mr. Yu was burned seriously and rolled around on the ground to put out the blue flame. When he looked up, he found that Han Sen was squatting in front of him, a skeleton's dagger on his neck.

"Mr. Yu, you're such a kind person. I know you must want to help the poor and give me more sacred-blood beast souls for free. Now, this time, how many do you plan to give me?" Han Sen patted Mr. Yu's face with the other dagger.

Mr. Yu wanted to slap himself for messing with this guy. Why on earth did he do that? He had two sacred-blood beast souls in total and one was gone already, now he had to give the other one away.

He did not leave first G.o.d's Sanctuary after evolving in order to make some money. Not only did he gain nothing, both sacred-blood beast souls he had must be handed to others.

Although Mr. Yu was super upset, he had to transfer the beast soul to Han Sen with his heart bleeding.

"Let's go." Mr. Yu gave the only sacred-blood beast soul left to Han Sen to regain his freedom. Staring at Han Sen fiercely, he no longer dared to do anything. Mr. Yu gritted his teeth and led his team away.

"Han Sen, why didn't you kill that animal?" Su Xiaoqiao was excited, but puzzled at the same time. In his eyes, Han Sen had every opportunity to kill everyone in that team.

"Who would scout for us if I killed them?" Han Sen grinned.

Mr. Yu and his team were there for that creature. If that creature was a super creature for real, the smart thing would be to let the team scout for them, instead of taking the risks.

When it came to a super creature, Han Sen would never easily take the risks. It would be best if he could determine how strong the creature was before he decided on how to act.

Su Xiaoqiao understood what Han Sen was thinking and followed the team with Han Sen. However, the rest of the people from Steel Armor Shelter did not want to continue the trip and started to return.

"Brother, is that Mr. Yu really an evolver with all his geno points maxed out? I don't think he's that strong. Is it possible that he's lying?" Su Xiaoqiao and Han Sen were taking their time, riding on their mounts while chatting.

"You better not try him yourself. Although that guy has no skills, he does have the physique of an evolver," said Han Sen.

"Really? I thought an evolver with all the geno points maxed out would be very strong, while it turns out he's just so-so." Su Xiaoqiao was aiming at becoming an evolver with his sacred geno points maxed out. Originally, he wanted to work hard on that goal and evolve around thirty years old. However, seeing what Mr. Yu could do, Su Xiaoqiao no longer thought the goal was that important. Maybe he shouldn't waste so much time to pursue it.

"This is an exception. Normally speaking, an evolver with sacred geno points maxed out should be very strong. This guy has not practiced the super geno arts designed for evolvers yet, so he is not that different from an unevolved person with top physique," Han Sen smiled and said.

While these two were chatting, Mr. Yu's team were urging their mounts and hoped to find the creature before Su Xiaoqiao and Han Sen did.

Seeing that Su Xiaoqiao and Han Sen were following them, Mr. Yu was even more certain that he was in the right direction. He thought as long as he could find that creature, he could probably kill it with a single blow since he had maxed out on his sacred geno points.

Therefore, Mr. Yu's team were running fast, and Su Xiaoqiao and Han Sen lost them as they were in no rush.

"Are we too far from them? We can barely see them," said Su Xiaoqiao worriedly.

"No, this is perfect." Han Sen did not care and continued on his way.

Occasionally, they could spot some dead creatures on the way, which should have been killed by Mr. Yu's team. Mr. Yu checked those bodies and found they were mostly killed with one strike, so it should have been Mr. Yu himself.

"Mr. Yu is quite impulsive. If he runs into that creature, it should be fun to watch," Han Sen talked to himself.

After traveling for two days, Han Sen suddenly stopped and stared afar.

"What is it?" Su Xiaoqiao also looked ahead but saw nothing.

"Their group must be in trouble now. Not sure if they have run into the creature you're talking about. Let's hurry up and see what happens." Han Sen quickly urged the three-eyed beast to run forward.

After running for a few miles, Su Xiaoqiao saw a group of people fighting a creature from afar.

It was barely fighting, but more like slaughtering by the creature. A humongous golden fire bird swept its wings across the group of people. Those touched by the wings were all burning.

Once caught the golden flames, no matter how they tried, they could not put out the fire. Very soon, they were all turned into charcoal.

Mr. Yu was the fastest on his mount. The rest of the group was all carbonized by the birds.

Even Mr. Yu was not able to escape. He only bought himself some time before the bird ran after him like a golden light.

Feeling the heat behind him, Mr. Yu wanted to fight for his life. He jumped from his mount and wield his weapon toward the creature's head.

Although this weapon was not a sacred-blood beast soul, it was a strong weapon and he made a great strike. However, the creature did not even dodge, but let the weapon hit itself.

What happened next shocked Han Sen. The knife went through the bird's head as if it had cut real flames. The creature was not hurt at all.

The creature's body pa.s.sed Mr. Yu who was then turned into a ball of flame. All he could do was to scream before being burned into charcoal.

"Super creature… It is definitely a super creature…" Han Sen was both shocked and pleased. He was happy that he found a super creature eventually. However, this one seemed to be even stronger than the turtle.

After everybody was burned into charcoal by the bird, it tweeted and flew toward the top of a high mountain.

Although the mountain was located in the desert, it was magnificent. The top of the mountain was still covered in snow. Han Sen wondered why a fire bird would choose such a place to rest.

After the bird had left, Su Xiaoqiao and Han Sen approached the dead bodies of the group of people. Watching the looks of the dead, they both felt a chill.

Like the tree, their bodies were still intact, but turned into charcoal. It was horrific and sickening to look at.