Super Gene - Chapter 352: A Sword for Your Life

Chapter 352: A Sword for Your Life

Chapter 352: A Sword for Your Life

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"Han Sen!" Su Xiaoqiao suddenly became pale. If Mr. Yu were to attack Han Sen, there was no way Han Sen could beat an evolver.

Han Sen sat still on the three-eyed beast. He had already sold the tornado wolf, and Meowth was not the best ride, which was why Han Sen had been riding three-eyed beast on this trip.

Mr. Yu's was holding a beast soul sword, which looked like a sacred-blood beast soul.

Han Sen squinted his eyes at Mr. Yu's sword, which was exactly what he needed at this point.

Mr. Yu rushed to Han Sen, cutting his silver sword at Han Sen's neck like a lightning bolt.

Those with Mr. Yu did not move. It seemed they were enjoying the show. Mr. Yu was an evolver, so there was no one who could threaten him in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Shortly, everyone opened their eyes wide. As the sword was about to cut Han Sen snack, Han Sen suddenly reached out a hand and clipped the sword with two fingers.

Everyone thought Han Sen was crazy. No one should be able to clip an incoming sword with two fingers, especially when it was an evolver who was holding the sword.

Mr. Yu's uses more force their usual, trying to kill Han Sen directly.

The moment the sort touched Han Sen's fingers, it seemed that Han Sen's entire body became weightless. He attached himself to the sword and moved along with the sword wherever it went as if he was a fallen leaf.

Feeling shocked, Mr. Yu's took the sword back and threw a punch at Han Sen who had approached him with the sword.

Han Sen hit Mr. Yu's fist, jumped up and landed behind Mr. Yu, his skeleton's dagger on Mr. Yu's neck.

"It seems that an evolver like you is no big deal," said Han Sen lightly.

Although Mr. Yu's had the best geno point count, he was terrible at martial arts. He was probably from a rich family, but he was sc.u.m himself, which was different from Yuan and Qing.

Mr. Yu's was dazed, and others were dumbstruck. No one could foresee that an evolver was easily beaten by Han Sen.

"Do you want to live or die?" Han Sen moved the dagger forward slightly with a smile. The sharp blade immediately cut the skin of Mr. Yu's neck, a drop of blood gliding down the dagger.

"What should I do for you if I want to live?" Mr. Yu became pale, and none in his group dared to move.

"I am a fair person and could offer you an opportunity to correct yourself. However, if I let you go just like this, I'm afraid you will not learn your lesson. So, a sword for your life--the one you're holding right now," said Han Sen.

"No way! My dad is the CEO of Dongchang. If you lay a hand on me, my dad will kill your entire family," yelled Mr. Yu fiercely.

Han Sen almost burst out laughing.

"All right. When you go to h.e.l.l, remember to appear in your dad's dream and tell him that it was Han Sen who killed you." Han Sen pushed the skeleton dagger deeper into Mr. Yu's skin.

"No… You can have it…" Mr. Yu exclaimed, almost scared to death.

"This is your last chance. When I count to three, if the sword is not in my hand, you can keep it with you in h.e.l.l." Han Sen started to count, "One… Two…"

Mr. Yu's did not even dare to bargain and quickly transferred the beast soul sword to Han Sen.

"Do not claim to be an evolver next time, so that you will not lose face for all evolvers." Han Sen took back the sword and the skeleton's daggers and returned to the back of his mutant three eyed beast.

Once Mr. Yu gained his freedom again, he quickly summoned a beast soul knife and led his followers to attack Han Sen.

"Go back," said Han Sen casually. He had foreseen this outcome and quickly rushed to the group of people.

Mr. Yu did not want to recognize the fact that he was weaker than Han Sen. I should not have lost. Thought Mr. Yu.

In addition, Mr. Yu's had a lot of good men on his team, so he believed he must be able to kill Han Sen this time and avenge himself.

However, when Han Sen was in the middle of them, Mr. Yu started to regret, because he found that the group were not a help, but a burden. Han Sen walked casually among them, and for some reason, they could more easily hurt their teammates than Han Sen. Every time Han Sen brandished the skeleton's daggers, an injury would be made.

Momentarily, six persons were hurt in the group.

Su Xiaoqiao was dumbfound. The way Han Sen was doing it made him wonder who the evolver was.

Mr. Yu was terrified. He could not describe the feeling he had. Obviously, Han Sen was the one who was besieged. However, it felt like Han Sen was actually behind the siege. Mr. Yu did not even have any chance to attack Han Sen. Every time he tried to make a move, he would be blocked by one of his own people.

Someone who had not really practiced martial arts could not tell how incredible kiting skills were. In the eyes of Han Sen, people like this could not give him any pressure no matter how many they were.

"Get lost," Mr. Yu exclaimed when he found there was no chance to attack Han Sen.

Han Sen did not chase after the rest of the group. When they had left, a blue lightning bolt left Han Sen's hand.

A mutant ghost b.u.t.terfly boomerang flew toward Mr. Yu who was throwing himself at Han Sen.

Mr. Yu tried to cut the boomerang in half, but when his weapon was about to touch the boomerang, it quickly made a weird turn and disappeared in front of his eyes. Bypa.s.sing Mr. Yu's knife, the boomerang hit his chest hard.


Blue flames exploded on Mr. Yu's chest, making him fall from his mount and roll around on the ground.