Super Gene - Chapter 348: Feels Like Queen

Chapter 348: Feels Like Queen

Chapter 348: Feels Like Queen

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Han Sen arrived at Professor Yan's lab and completed the test. Afterwards, he watched Jing Jiya's test.

The tests Jing Jiya was doing was completely different from the one Han Sen did. Jing Jiya was using very special devices, and it should have been Han Sen in his place.

Han Sen watched for a while and felt interested. He asked a researcher he had become familiar with, "Brother, what is the device that Jing Jiya is using? It looks quite impressive."

Qin Zhiming smiled and said, "It is called cell activator, something we have developed specifically for this study. It vitalizes the body cells and keeps it active, so that all functions of the body could be enhanced. This way, we could determine one's maximum fitness."

Watching Jing Jiya shaking naked all over in the liquid tank, Han Sen thought to himself, I wonder if the device is conducive to my progress in Overload. But if I were to do a test like this, all my secrets would be exposed.

Throwing a look at Jing Jiya who was twitching, Han Sen thought, sorry brother, I promise I'll teach you something more.

When Han Sen was about to leave, Qin Zhiming suddenly smiled at Han Sen and said, "would you like to give it a shot?"

"Not really." Han Sen shook his head.

Qin Zhiming gave Han Sen a bottle of solution and a small gadget that looks like a watch. "This is the testing solution. It would not affect your body and is only used to test your body cells. Drink this before you go to sleep and do the test when you get up, then you will find out how much potential your body cells have. After getting that data, we could determine to what extent is your body cells could be activated."

"How do I use this?" Han Sen asked Qin Zhiming, pointing to the gadget. Although he did not want to be the subject of the trial, he was curious about his potentials.

Qin Zhiming told Han Sen how to use the gadget and Han Sen took the solution and gadget to the holographic training hall.

He had not logged in Gladiator for a while. Checking his friend list, Han Sen found that both Queen and QHZ were off-line, and Desperado whom he added long time ago he was online. Since adding him, Desperado had never send him a message or invite.

Han Sen did not understand why Desperado would add him in the first place.

He was very impressed by Desperado, who had very high fitness level. Han Sen was matched with him randomly by the system several times and lost within a few movements every time.

Sparring with such a master, Han Sen could barely learn anything because he lost too fast. Closing the friend list, Han Sen suddenly received an invite from Desperado when he was about to be matched randomly.

Han Sen hesitated and clicked yes. He did not care if Desperado simply wanted to kick his a.s.s, because hards.h.i.+p was what made one improve.

Han Sen accepted the invite and entered Gladiator. Seeing Desperado was still empty-handed, Han Sen chose not to use any weapon as well.

"Friend, which branch in Ares Martial Hall are you from?" After the countdown ended, Desperado did not attack but sent Han Sen a message.

Han Sen was dazed and answered, "I am not in Ares Martial Hall."

Desperado was surprised. There were plenty of students from Ares Martial Hall in Gladiator. Since Han Sen was able to mimic thirteen slashes and diversion, Desperado thought he might be someone from Ares Martial Hall, which turned out not to be the case.

"Are you interested in joining us?" Desperado asked. He was interested in this person who could keep QHZ interested in fighting him.

"I'm sorry, but I am still in military school," replied Han Sen casually.

Desperado was dazed. If he was in military school, he could only be a researcher or teacher, because of the military school students should be unevolved.

"Which school?" asked Desperado.

"I cannot say," said Han Sen, unwilling to leak any personal information.

Desperado did not ask and gestured the Han Sen to start.

Han Sen threw a punch, and Desperado copied his move.

Han Sen was surprised and then understood what Desperado was trying to do. Desperado was mimicking Han Sen's techniques and limiting his own fitness level to around thirty.

Han Sen felt amused. He was a copycat himself, while a master like Desperado would choose to copy him. He wondered what Desperado was up to.

Maybe a master always has some quirks. Han Sen did not care, since he had learned these techniques from others anyways.

Han Sen continued to attack, practicing what he had learned.

The various techniques that Han Sen had learned were mostly from QHZ, who had strong abilities in all aspects. Many techniques of QHZ seemed to be the advanced version of Panorama. Han Sen had fought QHZ frequently and had learned a lot from him.

Of course, Desperado did not copy Han Sen to learn anything. What he was trying to do was to push Han Sen to use his strongest skills.

I will crush all the lesser techniques you use and push you to use what you truly got. Therefore, I could determine how strong you actually are. Desperado was confidence in doing that.

Although he did not have a distinct personal characteristic like Queen did, he had an eclectic style, and was famous for that in Ares Martial Hall.

Very soon, Desperado started to feel confused. Han Sen seemed to have unlimited techniques up his sleeve, many of which seem to similar to those taught in Ares Martial Hall. Desperado did not believe that Han Sen was not from the same organization as he did.

In addition, Desperado felt uncomfortable when fighting Han Sen, which was familiar feeling to him, but he could not think of when he had felt it.

Desperado dodged another punch and found himself at the corner of the stage, almost hitting the wall.

"Queen!" Desperado suddenly remembered what that feeling was. A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p used the same techniques Queen did!