Super Gene - Chapter 349: Phoenix-like Creature

Chapter 349: Phoenix-like Creature

Chapter 349: Phoenix-like Creature

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Desperado then realized he was right. It was what Queen made him feel.

Although A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p was no match to Queen and did not bring him the same pressure, the feeling was the same.

How could this person make me feel this way! It is impossible he had learned that elsewhere. Maybe this guy is connected to Queen somehow? Desperado thought to himself skeptically.

When he thought about it, he felt it was impossible. Queen was an orphan raised by Huangfu Xiongcheng. Since A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p said he was not from Ares Martial Hall, how was it possible that he was connected to Queen?

Desperado was trying to confirm this, so he defeated Han Sen with one blow and send Han Sen another invite.

Why did Desperado defeat Han Sen? Because when trying to maintain his fitness level around thirty, he was trapped in the corner by Han Sen. If he did not use his true strength, he would lose.

Ready to fight again, Desperado again chose to keep his fitness around thirty. He was paying attention to Han Sen's every move and was able to determine Han Sen was indeed using Queen's skills.

Trying to fight Han Sen with a fitness level around thirty, Desperado was basically fighting Queen of a weaker version, which allowed Desperado to observe the kiting skills better. Desperado thought it might help him in the future when he sparred with Queen.

With such thoughts, Desperado fought Han Sen repeatedly. However, as long as he kept his fitness level the same as Han Sen, he would always be pushed into a corner. There was simply no way he could win. All he could do was to rely on his fitness.

Desperado was upset about this. He was a fast learner himself, but he was unable to learn the kiting skills no matter what.

There was a simple explanation for that. As long as one knew the rules, one could play Go. However, not everyone could become a master.

Although Desperado was good at mimicking other people's skills, calculation and strategy could not be obtained simply by mimicking. One had to think for oneself.

Han Sen was a beginner himself, and was not even close to Queen's level. However, he could beat Desperado who had never tapped into this field before easily.

The two fought a dozen times, and Desperado won every single time. However, Desperado was not happy at all. He only won because he had better fitness. In terms of technique, he had lost completely.

"I should go. See you next time." Han Sen left Gladiator at mealtime. He felt like he had gained a lot.

In the beginning, Desperado was trying to copy him, but later, Desperado had to use many techniques he had not seen before to cope with kiting skills. Han Sen could not learn everything on the spot, but it was still a great inspiration for him to practice Panorama.

If it was not because he wanted to use gravity trainer after lunch, Han Sen would have fought Desperado some more.

Although Han Sen was still losing on Gladiator, he was committed to practicing on Gladiator. It did not matter whether he could win as long as he was making progress.

After lunch, Han Sen walked to a gravity trainer. Suddenly, he got a message on his comlink which turned out to be from Rainbowman.

Han Sen quickly checked Rainbowman's reply. Rainbowman said he had organized a group to hunt the phoenix-like creature. If Han Sen was interested, he could sign up as well.

Joining the group would cost Han Sen a fortune, and he had to have enough strength to get Rainbowman's approval before joining.

Rainbowman had also told him a time and place to meet.

Han Sen thought it would not hurt to take a look. There was no one he feared in Steel Armor Shelter anyway.

The time was set on the day after tomorrow. According to Rainbowman, he posted the information several months ago, so he could not guarantee the creature would still be there. All he could promise was to find the burnt tree.

Han Sen wrote down the time and place and decided to take a look the day after tomorrow. He would not let go of any lead on a super creature. Entering the gravity trainer again, Han Sen still set the parameters around twenty-five. This time, he made it to the fifth testing item.

I have pa.s.sed five and there are only five more to go, thought Han Sen.

If he could reach twenty-five using just Overload, his fitness could pa.s.s thirty with Heresy Mantra added. With the flame lieutenant and devil sword, he would then be a threat to super creatures.

Of course, the was that he could hit a super creature in its week part.

In addition, I will need a sacred-blood sword, otherwise the devil sword would be useless.

However, Han Sen could not think of anyone who had a sacred-blood sword. Son of Heaven used to have a sacred-blood sword, which he took to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Even if he did not, it was unlikely that Son of Heaven would sell the sword to him.

Han Sen pondered and did not think anyone else in Steel Armor Shelter who had a sacred-blood sword.

If I can't find a sacred-blood sword, that will be problematic. Han Sen suddenly thought of the Z-steel blacksmith. He remembered seeing a weapon with 75% Z-steel at the blacksmith's place. He wondered if that was real. The best Z-steel product in the Alliance only had less than 20% Z-steel.

If that weapon really had such a high portion of Z-steel, Maybe it could even be compared to a sacred-blood weapon. In that case, I wish it could be remodeled into a sword. Han Sen dialed the blacksmith's number and asked about that weapon. He remembered the price was 100 million, which was no longer an issue for Han Sen as long as it was good.

"It is definitely stronger than a sacred-blood weapon. But it could not be remodeled," the blacksmith replied Han Sen definitively.

"Why not?" Han Sen asked, puzzled. It was a metal weapon, it could always be remade.

After a long silence, the blacksmith said, "This is not made with human technology and no one could remake it."