Super Gene - Chapter 3457 - Ended

Chapter 3457 - Ended

Chapter 3457 Ended

“What is Qin Xiu doing? Does he not want to kill Bao’er?” Moon G.o.d was confused as she looked at Tai Yi.

Anyone was able to tell that if Qin Xiu wanted to kill Bao’er, it would not be difficult. Bao’er was strong, but her experience and ability to control things was far inferior to Qin Xiu.

Tai Yi shook his head and said, “No. You do not understand Human Alpha or Qin Xiu. If he behaves like this, it means he wants to kill Bao’er.”

“What sense does that make?” Moon G.o.d asked. “He can torture and kill. That should not be difficult for him. After helping Bao’er grow up, why would he also want to kill her? I cannot see that being viable.”

Tai Yi was frozen. He looked at Qin Xiu strangely and said, “Human Alpha and old leader, and the other old leader, had a conflict with each other. Regarding what exactly happened, I do not know. There is one thing I know for sure, which is the fact that he harbors much hatred. That is especially true toward Bao’er. In my past life, Human Alpha was the child of the old leader and the other old leader. His life was given by them. Bao’er’s heritage, however, is very complicated. With Qin Xiu’s personality being what it is, if he wants to kill Bao’er, he would at the very least like to give Bao’er a chance. He wanted the old leader and the old hall leader to know that even if Bao’er did as they wished, evolving into the best she could be, she was still going to lose to Qin Xiu. He does not want to just win easily. He wants to exact vengeance on everyone. He wants to break the hearts of the old leader and the old hall leader.” “Is he really that confident about it?” Moon G.o.d asked with a frown. “Does he think he can beat a perfectly shaped Bao’er? After all, Bao’er is the product of the old leader and old hall leader. If she really made it to the max, there is a chance that Qin Xiu might not win.”

“If he did not have this confidence and pride, he would not be the real Qin Xiu,” Tai Yi said with a sigh.

Moon G.o.d’s face looked to be riddled with concern. She understood Qin Xiu more than Tai Yi, and Tai Yi’s judgment was almost correct.

Chaos knew Qin Xiu was going to kill Bao’er this time. This was Bao’er’s last chance.

“Bao’er, you must win!” No matter how much Chaos tried to calm down, she was still a bit in shock.

Qin Xiu made an arrogant gesture. He had deliberately behaved this way to make her feel a lot of pressure. It was like before the real deathmatch was to begin, Bao’er had already failed.

Qin Xiu was still suppressing Bao’er. He was going to squeeze out every inch of potential Bao’er had.

Bao’er’s body was wreathed in gold fire. Qin Xiu’s suppression of her made things very dim. It was concentrated in the gold armor, and it made the gold armor more like concentrated crystal. The gold light was floating around, looking like it was going to explode at any second.

“Still not enough? In that case, let us try again.” Qin Xiu’s punch was like a purple sun that was s.h.i.+ning. He punched toward Bao’er’s belly. In the past, Qin Xiu’s attacks were meant to just suppress and not deal damage. This time, it hit Bao’er’s body. The purple sun’s punching power struck Bao’er’s armor. It created cracks across the surface of Bao’er’s gold armor that looked like a spider web.

A suppressive gold flame burst out of the gold armor cracks. The fire suddenly wrapped up Bao’er’s body.

In the explosion of gold light, Bao’er’s body became stronger. The fire turned into a gourd shadow that s.h.i.+elded Bao’er’s body.

The shadow of the gourd was like a small universe that had lots of light shadows spinning. They gave people a mysterious and weird sort of feeling.

“Bao’er has finally reached the max of her potential. She has created her own universe.” Chaos was shocked and happy.

She was happy about Bao’er reaching her and the old hall leader’s expectations. Now that Bao’er had been pushed to this level, it meant she would have to properly engage in a deathmatch with Qin Xiu. It was guaranteed that Qin Xiu would not hold back this time.

“Such a perfect body. I just do not know if she has what it takes to defeat Qin Xiu.” Tai Yi looked at the gourd light shadow of Bao’er’s body and sighed. Myrtle was watching this fight very seriously. He knew this was a fight in which there was going to be a winner determined.

Qin Xiu watched Bao’er’s flames start to dim. His eyes were on fire as he shouted, “Come! Use your strongest powers to fight me! Let’s see if you can fulfill the wishes of your parents and kill me!”

The gold light in Bao’er’s eyes was like s.h.i.+ning gla.s.s. s.p.a.ce around became virtual because of her existence. Everything was becoming virtual and unreal.

Bao’er was staring at Qin Xiu. She put her hands together, making countless gold flames gather around her hands. She slowly turned into a gold gourd.

The gourd was one big and one small ball combined. Inside the two-ball shape was a separate universe of its own. Countless stars spun around inside there. All those beautiful energies exploded. It was like a whole universe was being made inside it. When Bao’er’s two-universe gourd was generated to the max, her eyes froze. The gourd spat out a beautiful golden light. It suddenly landed on Qin Xiu.

The power was incredibly scary. Many elites watching it from afar felt the light beam’s power. Upon feeling it, their hearts jumped. They almost coughed up blood.

They could not imagine what it must have been like to block that light.

Everything in front of that light was absorbed and dissolved. s.p.a.ce had a vacuum zone.

It was unknown if the light beam was just too fast or if Qin Xiu was not planning on avoiding it, but Qin Xiu’s purple air arose. It was like a universal river was surrounding him. It was the same Universe-cla.s.s power that Bao’er had.

Pang! The gold and the purple, those two universe powers, collided against each other. The systems around melted. Countless planets suddenly vanished. It was like they had just disappeared. In fact, it was not just the planets. Everything between Bao’er and Qin Xiu vanished. It created an absolute vacuum zone.

Fortunately, they were just one system away from each other. If they were a universe away from each other, the whole universe would have been destroyed by them.

All of the spirits and creatures were shocked. Bao’er and Qin Xiu’s fight had reached a level in which they could destroy planets. If they kept on fighting, the universe was sure to be broken.

Under the force of the scary power striking, Bao’er was unable to control her power or retreat for a while. Qin Xiu’s body remained stoic and unmoving. Nothing had changed.

Qin Xiu opened his mouth and calmly said, “It is just as they thought, but so what if you become perfect?” He walked toward Bao’er.

Bao’er gnashed her teeth and exploded with power. She attacked Qin Xiu.

Purple power rose on Qin Xiu’s body. One punch after another, he managed to break Bao’er’s gourd universe power. It made Bao’er’s body fall back with blood dripping out from her lips.

Chaos’s face was looking grey. She knew it was already over. Bao’er had evolved to the strongest possible being she could be, but she was still unable to defeat Qin Xiu. In that universe, there was no one else who could defeat Qin Xiu.

“It is over,” Tai Yi sighed too.