Super Gene - Chapter 3458 - Reverse Time and Space

Chapter 3458 - Reverse Time and Space

Chapter 3458 Reverse Time and s.p.a.ce

“What is Myrtle waiting for?” Tai Yi asked with a frown. “Bao’er cannot beat Qin Xiu. If he does not reboot the universe now, there will be no chance of rebooting it later.”

In the geno hall, Light G.o.ddess and Moment G.o.d, two of the 12 main Annihilation-cla.s.s G.o.d Spirits, were bewildered. They did not know what Myrtle was waiting for either.

“Mister, this is our final chance,” Light G.o.ddess said. “While Bao’er has yet to lose, we can reboot the universe and start anew.”

“Wait a little longer,” Myrtle said to stop her from speaking.

“Mister, what can you possibly be waiting for?” Moment G.o.d asked.

She could tell Myrtle was waiting for something, but she could not think of what he might be waiting for that might defeat Qin Xiu.

If they did not do something while Bao’er was stalling Qin Xiu, and Qin Xiu completely unleashed his power, the universe would not be able to be rebooted. “I am waiting for hope,” Myrtle quietly said. Even though that was what he said, a streak of worry crossed his eyes. Han Sen had not yet broken the wall and emerged. On top of that, Bao’er had lost. It was just as Light G.o.ddess said. If they were to keep waiting and Bao’er lost, Han Sen would still not have hope. There would be no chance of salvation.

His heart hesitated, but Myrtle was still determined to wait. He did not want to reboot the universe just yet. Myrtle knew that rebooting the universe would damage a lot. More importantly, it might not even work on Qin Xiu. Light G.o.ddess wished to say something more, but a gold light suddenly shattered. Bao’er’s battle armor totally cracked. Many purple airs came from the battle armor’s cracks and went into her body. It was like many small, toxic snakes were surrounding Bao’er’s body. It made Bao’er’s face look very pale. She gnashed her teeth. A gold light kept exploding, but she could not break through the purple airs’ restrictions.

“The genes only determine something’s beginnings. They can never determine the end. It is a simple concept, but it is something only a very few grasp. Chaos, do you not think that is the case?” Qin Xiu looked at Chaos, who had broken s.p.a.ce to come.

Chaos looked at Bao’er as she said to Qin Xiu, “You win. We have lost! Whatever we said in the past is wrong. Are you happy now? You should let Bao’er go. She has no personal vendetta with you. If you hate something so much, why don’t you just kill me in its stead? This has nothing to do with Bao’er!”

Qin Xiu did not answer her. He looked to where the geno hall was and coldly said, “I am Human Alpha reincarnate, but reincarnation is just a reincarnation. I am Qin Xiu. I am not Human Alpha. Although because of Human King’s memory I am willing to do something, it does not mean I want to kill Bao’er as Human Alpha might.”

“Does that mean you are willing to let Bao’er go free?” Chaos asked with a hint of glee.

Qin Xiu said, “Letting her go or not does not really matter to her.” “What is that supposed to mean?” Chaos’s face changed.

“It means everything will one day begin again,” Qin Xiu said. “That includes you, me, her, and even my little sister, Wan’er.” He did not look at how Chaos reacted. He went straight for the geno tablet. “Geno tablet, go and get me Wan’er,” Qin Xiu spoke softly said as he stood near the geno tablet.

The geno tablet flashed. A shadow came from the geno tablet. It was the black-haired Wan’er.

Wan’er was resting in a crystal coffin. It looked as if she was fast asleep. Her pretty eyes were closed, and her eyebrows were set in a frown-like placement. She looked as if she was fast asleep, but it also looked like she had a lot of things going on in her mind.

Qin Xiu reached out his hands to touch the crystal coffin. The coffin shattered. Wan’er’s body fell into Qin Xiu’s arms.

“Wan’er, everything will be over soon enough. You are still the nice and beautiful Wan’er. All of this is just a dream.” After Qin Xiu spoke, his body burst with a purple light. It shone alongside the geno tablet’s light. It was like a sun s.h.i.+ning on a sky full of everything.

Purple light was s.h.i.+ning on the geno universe and the universe of kingdoms. The whole world had become purple. The purple light seemed to possess a weird piercing power. Even the geno hall in s.p.a.ce had a purple light. It became a purple hall and another G.o.d temple.

The purple light was in a jade stone wall. It made the jade stone wall and metal become crystallized. It was like a purple crystal. The world had become a weird, purple, ghost world. It was beautiful and weird, and it also gave people a chill.

“What is going on? My power…” Someone shouted and screamed. They noticed their power was leaking. It came out from their bodies.

Even the Break World creatures were acting in such a way. The stronger they were, the faster their power left them. It created a purple stream. It was gathering up in the s.p.a.ce tablet.

Even the geno hall and the G.o.d temple G.o.d Spirits were like this. s.p.a.ce Garden’s humans and creatures could not stop their powers from leaking

Bao’er leaked out most of the purple light. It was like seawater in the air. It was going for the geno tablet.

The real streams, rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, glaciers, suns, moons, and planets were releasing their power. Everything was realizing its power. All the power went to the geno tablet. The universe was screaming.

“What is Qin Xiu doing? He seems to be wielding reboot powers. At the same time, this isn’t…” Light G.o.ddess could sense her G.o.d power start to fade away. She was in shock. Myrtle let out a wry smile. “He really wants to completely reboot the universe. He wants to bring the universe right back to the point Qin Wan’er was born and before the time he even received his Blood-Pulse.”

“That is impossible! Not even a real G.o.d Spirit can reverse time and s.p.a.ce for real.” Moment G.o.d was a time element, top-cla.s.s elite. She knew the ability to reverse time and s.p.a.ce was just a myth. Not even a G.o.dly kind could do it.

In theory, there was a time axis. G.o.d Spirits seemed to be able to go back in time, but that wasn’t really the ability to reverse time and s.p.a.ce. It was because time and s.p.a.ce could not be reversed. Whatever happened, happened. Unless one wiped out what happened, things could not be taken back.

If one was able to go back to the past, what one saw and experienced would just be a trace of time. It would not be a real reversal of time. Myrtle looked at Bao’er and said, “It is not entirely impossible to reverse time and s.p.a.ce. The rebooting power itself has the authority necessary for erasing time and s.p.a.ce, but this authority can only affect the universe itself. The creatures in the universe will be changed by this effect. They cannot go back to their original mode in the universe. Unless there was someone powerful enough to wipe out everything that happened to every single creature and put the universe back at a certain point, and with the universe’s reboot power, you could theoretically reverse time and s.p.a.ce.”

“But that is impossible! Reversing time and s.p.a.ce for everything in the universe? That would mean everything that has a relation to something would also have to be reversed. That is far too much he needs to wipe.” After Moment G.o.d spoke of this, she looked terrible.

“Qin Xiu helped Bao’er evolve to ultimate mode solely so he could use her power. It was not just Bao’er, either. It’s also our power…” After Moment G.o.d said that, she looked terrible.