Super Gene - Chapter 3456 - Pressure

Chapter 3456 - Pressure

Chapter 3456 Pressure

Qin Xiu brought everyone pressure, and he was much scarier than Human King. When Qin Xiu brought back his body, there was no killing behavior and or anything soft. That scariness was silent, and it was spreading. It made Huangfu Jing, Lin Feng, and the others feel cold without being cold. Their bodies were quaking incessantly.

Bao’er had not said a word ever since Qin Xiu returned. She looked at Chaos, Han Ling’er, and the others. She drank Qin Xiu’s blood without hesitation.

When she drank the blood, it was like Bao’er’s gold light was gas being ignited. It was burning with fire, and it was burning strong.

Bao’er’s body was in some gold and bright light. She kept growing up. Her five-year-old body was growing up very fast. She went from being a small kid to a teen, and from being a teen to becoming a full-blown young lady. Her pupils and long hair turned gold. She was wrapped up by a gold and crystal set of armor. She rather looked like a Valkyrie, so cold and high-level.

That gold flame looked like it could destroy all the rules and orders of the world. One could not see through it. One could only see a high-cla.s.s, gold shadow standing there.

Bao’er reached out her hand. Chaos, who was currently frozen in s.p.a.ce, was pulled by her. She pushed towards s.p.a.ce Garden, sending Chaos back there.

Qin Xiu did not stop Bao’er from doing that. He merely watched her in total silence.

“I am sorry you had to wait so long, but now we can start fighting.” Bao’er and her gold eyes looked at Qin Xiu. She spoke her words slowly, word by word.

Qin Xiu did not speak. He casually stood aloft in s.p.a.ce. He reached out his hand and raised it as if he was inviting Bao’er to strike.

Bao’er gnashed her teeth. She was not going to play nice. She used her hand like a knife and unleashed a strike at Qin Xiu. With that knife, the sky and the ground seemed to be drawn by the knife. That was Han Sen’s Under the Sky Knife skill.

“That is Han Sen’s Under the Sky Knife skill. You have learned it quite well. Your proficiency with it is remarkably deep, but you are lacking some of its presence since you are only just a girl. A knife skill like this does not suit you.” Qin Xiu reached out the hand. It seemed normal. It did not have any power, but it broke Bao’er’s knife skill. Bao’er failed to cast it. She had to swap her skill.

Bao’er’s knife skill changed. It was now like a fang that could crush everything. She was casting another one of Han Sen’s skills that was called Teeth Knife.

“This knife skills is, admittedly, rather interesting. It is awfully evil too. It does not go well with your power element or mind though.” When Qin Xiu waved his hand, he ended up breaking Bao’er’s skill. Bao’er had only used her attack halfway before it was shattered. She already had to swap skills.

Bao’er quickly cast another 10 skills in sequence, but Qin Xiu managed to break each one of them. No skill she used actually worked against him. Many of them had to be changed out halfway.

“This skill is not bad, but it is simply not strong enough. You could be a lot crueler than this… This skill should be faster… This skill cannot be done too fast. You have to be slow with it…” Qin Xiu casually used one hand to break Bao’er’s skills completely, one by one. He even pointed out every mistake Bao’er made in the casting.

The fight between Qin Xiu and Bao’er was more like a senior teaching a junior than a deathmatch.

Qin Xiu only broke her skills. He did not attack her. He just broke all of her skills. Even though Bao’er had reached Universe-cla.s.s to be on par with Qin Xiu, it still looked as if there was a big difference between the pair. It was like a child competing with an adult.

“What does Qin Xiu want to do?” Light G.o.ddess was confused by his behavior.

Anyone could tell that Qin Xiu was trying to help Bao’er boost her power. With Bao’er’s talents and potential, it was known that if she was to make a mistake, she would never make it again. But Qin Xiu did not kill her. He only broke her attacks and went no further, and that was something that could make Bao’er stronger.

“What a crazy and ignorant guy,” Moment G.o.d coldly said. “He could just end the fight, but he has made his opponent stronger to win.”

Qin Xiu’s confidence was completely different from Human King’s, but this kind of fearless confidence made people feel more hopeless and scared than ever. Myrtle was a bit nervous about it all. He looked in the direction of the evolution wall and quietly said to himself, “Bao’er is just a kid, and she has always been taken care of by Han Sen. Her mind is still not very strong. I am afraid only Han Sen, a man who can fully control his body, can fight Qin Xiu in his current state. Han Sen needs to hurry up. Any longer, and he will be too late.”

Bao’er followed Han Sen all the time. Han Sen never hid anything from Bao’er. Aside from a few geno arts that needed to be started from the very beginning, Bao’er knew them all save for a handful. So, Bao’er could use almost all of the geno arts Han Sen had learned.

The geno arts known by Huangfu Jing and the others could also be used by Bao’er, and she could perform them just as well. Even the geno arts owned by Moment G.o.d and other G.o.d Spirits could be used by Bao’er easily.

In front of Qin Xiu, it did not matter what the skill was. It could be broken with ease. So far, Bao’er could not use a complete skill set. She could not even make Qin Xiu move an inch.

Huangfu Jing, Lin Feng, Tang Zhenliu, Qin Xuan, and the others did not go and join the fight, but they did watch Bao’er fight Qin Xiu. It made them sweat to watch. When Bao’er used their skills to fight Qin Xiu, he broke each performance completely. If Qin Xiu wanted to murder Bao’er, she would have been killed many times over by now.

They never thought their skills could possess such horrible flaws that they would be damaged like that. In the past, they thought it might have been their powers that were not strong enough. Now, they realized it was actually their skills possessing flaws that were the issue. After training with them for so many years, it was by mere luck that they were still alive.

Although Bao’er had millions of skills at her disposal, it was only a matter of time before she ran out. Even though she was really talented, she was feeling quite upset.

Everyone had said she was the only one who could battle Qin Xiu. Now that she was really fighting Qin Xiu, she could really grasp just how terrible of a foe he was.

They were both Universe-cla.s.s beings now, but Qin Xiu before her was like a G.o.d. It did not seem like he was a person who could be defeated.

“Are you going to give up now? You are everyone’s hope, are you not? Your mother, the G.o.d Chaos Party Leader, is waiting for you to beat me. Your friends and family are waiting for you to kill me. Are you going to disappoint them all?” Qin Xiu seemed to see through what Bao’er was thinking. After saying this, he finally made a move.

Qin Xiu unleashed his first strike, but his attack was like he was copying what Bao’er had just done before. All the skills were used in the precise way Bao’er used them.

What depressed Bao’er the most was that when she was using the same skills before, Qin Xiu broke them easily.

Now, when Qin Xiu used them the same way, she used Qin Xiu’s ways to break the skills but could not break them.

Bao’er felt as if her body was suffocating under so much pressure. Being suppressed by Qin Xiu, she started to retreat. But there wasn’t much s.p.a.ce for her to fall back to.